Historic Win By Judith Keppel - Who Wants To Be A Millionare?

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Beta Shadow : I... would’ve lost on the first question. I thought it was “As sick as a dog” but that answer is not even one of the choices. Figures, it is the UK version.

w i c k ë d : why am I worried everytime she answers I know she freaking won LOL

Josh Roulane : Damn, back then they was giving 1st grade questions. Now a days on the show they asking you to find the square root of a banana.

IeuanTime : This is the kind of lady I would want to have a conversation with. Very softly spoken and kind. She deserved that one million pound.

beechface1 : This is how all Americans imagine people from the UK speaking.

Sam : i cant stop staring at her lips, anyone else???????

Cathy Smith : I would watch the show more, if it were played this way in the USA. I absolutely HATE the way the player will ramble and talk and explain, on and on and on. I love that the UK version, she just answers the question, no dragging it out forever.

Cpr1234 : Question 1: Answered in 14.00 seconds Question 2: Answered in 16.00 seconds Question 3: Answered in 16.00 seconds Question 4: Answered in 18.10 seconds Question 5: Answered in 14.50 seconds Question 6: Answered in 24.07 seconds Question 7: Answered in 27.66 seconds Question 8: Answered in 27.63 seconds Question 9: Answered in 1 minute 12.00 seconds Question 10: Answered in 35.47 seconds Question 11: Answered in 1 minute 26.72 seconds Question 12: Answered in 1 minute 53.84 seconds Question 13: Answered in 1 minute 14.85 seconds Question 14: Answered in 1 minute 13.06 seconds Question 15: Answered in 1 minute 50.44 seconds

Skippy271 : If this video taught me anything, it’s to choose C

vincent marandola : Brilliant

Ying An Chen : for those who keep saying the questions easy as hell, why don't you all go and play

Crystal Gibson : She is so modest and humble.

manning0 : Take nothing away from her. I knee some of the harder mid questions but lost on the others. She wasn't even hesitant! Clever woman indeed!

RedPugie : To be fair, her questions were quite easy.

Saima Ansari : If she is giving answers so quick , it doesn't mean that questions are easy........ appreciate her talent or just go and show that you can play like her , answering questions in just minutes !!! Instead of criticising her 😒

Doctor Beanis : I didnt realize us Americans ate pigeon babies....smart lady for sure!

Milo Openg : Why did the host keep kissing Judith? Was that legal? Isn’t it a harassment?

scar89 : She looks very nice and intelligent. I'm glad, she made it. :)

Koteł : 3:33 *cough*

Skylohs : Lost on the 8k. Thought it was Russia

NothingToo Spiffy : Most polite woman in history

James Wagstaff : When Chris Tarrant kisses her and she shows him her wedding ring 😅

Isha Magar : I was surprised when question was asked about Nepal 😅

Cosmic Deejay : For question 12 that Shakespeare one sure was easy. It's called "The Winter's Tale" and the bear is the only answer that has anything to do with winter.

Uncle Leo uncle leo : So decisive, brave, confident and briliant! i like that

The Lion's Mane : Where in America do we eat pigeons?

Rich CCR : A lot of undiscovered geniuses on here.

James Dong : interesting thought: for the last few questions, the key of the background music raises by a semitone each time

Nika DG : 2018?✋😂

Philly Cheese Take : Her daughter has a stunning body.

Harr123 : Another noticeable thing was that the confetti which is released after a million pound win failed to fall due to a technical fault

Alex Reilly : Why is there so many recent comments 😂

Olly Davis : Ohhhh so this explains why Theresa may became a tory

Squanto Koontz : I appreciate her and all, and she wouldn't have known, but the answer to almost all of the questions was "C".

KingsleyIII : I've never heard "as sick as a parrot." I'm not British though, so maybe that's why. In the United States we say "sick as a dog", so I was surprised "dog" wasn't an answer.

Aguene Iranno : She has the exact same glance as Dakota johnson

robm78 : Are these serious questions??????? lol jesus....Lots of people would of won the million with these questions

Message for Editing : you can tell she doesnt even need that money

thatgirllNancyy : This shit was fixed. That million pound question was easy as pie. She and her entire family are related to the royals in question and have been since 1688.....look it up. This whole episode stank and someone mentioned it in another comment so I did a bit of research thinking the guy was trolling and he wasn't. #cheat

Alexis ‘ : Most of these questions were so easy lmao

MaxSantos : Uninvited kisses? In 2018 he would have been convicted for sexual harassment!

Felix Torp : Can we get 69 likes om this comment😉😉

Tree Fiddy : As sick as a parrot? I would’ve lost the first question.. lol. It’s sick as a dog in the US

Amit Singh : The man who is host or whatever u said why he is in hurry. Today I know dat nobody can host better dan legend Amitabh Bachchan. Kon banega crorepati India

marzenamartin : and no coughing....... in your face charles ingram!!!!!!

Alan Brown : You know what she's kind of fit for and older woman :P

Zoopy : The lady on 12:32 is exactly the same as the lady on Major Fraud Charles Millionaire Cheating... omg

Vanessa Darnei : That kiss tho!he might have a crush on her lol

Duke Devlin : 7:53 well its not B because Holland isnt a country

darthdude sith : she doesn't seem to need the money tbh