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Boss Fights in Video Games

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I got really drunk last night and when I woke up this entire video was on a floppy disk on the floor in my room. My Twitter: Outro song:


Andross : The Guardian Ape scene was hilarious great job, especially the Acceptance with "I deserve this" :D

Rob L : You’ve come a long way from your humble beginnings Tom. Keep it up dude, it’s amazing how fast your channel is taking off

RobinOW : My favorite boss fights are ones that pit the player against a character with similar skills and abilities (sometimes with an advantage up their sleeve) to really test your skills. Bosses like Agent 3, Masked Lumen, Shadow Link, etc are some of my favorites

Jorman Castillo : Bro love your videos keep it going 💪🏽 and fav boss fight would be last fight with Sephiroth in FF 7

Malus : One I always gravitate toward is Vergil in Devil May Cry 3.

Musica : Artrosis Of The Abyss, hands down. Highly unpredictable, telegraphs minimally and is absurdly fast and aggressive.

Lucas Newell : oh my god this is great I'm loving this sudden growth of your channel. Your humor still stays as funny as it was from your first video about bioshock. That said my fave boss fight honestly is pretty much any boss in TWEWY. Everything was so unique and every boss "gimmick" only added depth and was consistent with the lore. If I had to choose a favorite it would probably be the boss fight against Mitsuki Konishi because she's a bitch and beating her finally after all she said and did felt like no other.

TheSinexdeath : Record Needle Scratch from Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse and the final boss from Bravely Default.

Gealdine Ramsey : You're SO funny hahaha loved it.

Sam waters : Check out monster hunter world, whole game of boss fights. P. S. Much love and keep up the quality work......... And I have so been drankin'.

Nicholas Laspina : Jesus Christ dude. So well done. The old man fight at the end of MGS4 is one of my favorites, but getting to fight Metal Gear Ray INSIDE Metal Gear Rex was pretty fucking stellar...I wish I could've used Ray though. That would've made it the best boss battle in memory. Also The End. Now I see how hard it is to not mention MGS.

Michael B : you're actually pretty funny dude, keep uploadin

Marc3300 : Final boss of katana zero Just play it

A.K- Play : Love ya videos dude good work!

dreaming sky's : So the first boss battle was a dragon that makes sense in almost every JRPG is a boss dragon!

Eoin Hayes : It's gotta be the moon in Portal 2. That's a boss, right?

Michael Towns : This was very veeerrrryy well put together yo.

Atrail Z : Don't forget P1xxy's smoothie =P

Rukunetsu : Forbidden Memories eh? You got yourself a Sub.

Araknair : About 2 minutes in and I've already died thrice, so glad you uploaded today. My favorite bosses are Skill Checks, Change in Gameplay and Narrative Set Pieces in that order. I gotta try that drinking game now, and any boss with multiple phases incorporating all 3 themes while having a large scale and small scale fight makes me fucking MOTIVATED.

MultiTarded : Oooh, this channel uploaded. Nice.

Elecspark : ALL THE BOSSES IN SHINOBI 3 and the Heretic in Halo 2 because of the beautifully crafted cutscene prepositioned.

SerialSnowmanKiller : I actually didn't learn the importance of parrying during the boss fight with Gyoubu… I beat him without getting good at it.  I beat Lady Butterfly before Gyoubu… without getting good at parrying... after dying to her more times than I've died to every boss in every Dark Souls game combined... I only 'got' parrying during my fight with Genichiro… and I did that later in the game than I was supposed to, since I took a side trip to Senpou temple before I realized that you could climb into Ashina Castle. Yeah, I had a rough time on my first playthrough.

Batsu X : Subscribed, the test won me.

Linette Björk Holmström : Hahahaha, yup, l enjoyed this! Sorry, lm too much of a casual gamer to actually give any examples of boss fights l enjoyed. But l have realized going through the borderlands titles that l hate raak´s and it felt pretty nice killing their freaking living lair, so thats, that l guess :) And where are my smoothies!?

elze lara : The boss from mgs3! Emotional, epic, music was great! And the boss was really hard...Place was awsome,too. Yeah!

Grippy Nips : i like your three categories of good boss fights, thinking back i can lump pretty much every boss i liked or really remember to one of those three. i always find myself enjoying and remembering the "change in gameplay" bosses the most, like the dancer from darksouls 3 being in 3/4 time signature attack pattern.

R Somebody : My favorite boss fight has to be the final level in Mario galaxy (which is mostly because that was the wii was the only console I had until the switch) and I really loved how to put all of the skills learned into that one level leading to that amazing boss fight with bowser Also don’t forget me when your famous (Followed by using the infinity gauntlet to dust you subs)

Classy Reviews : Ok, I haven't even seen the rest of the video but I need to comment on how happy I was seeing you bring up Forbidden Memories! I played that game so much as a kid I scratched the disk til it was unreadable xD That game is so goddamn hard >< Ok, back to the video. Edit: Awesome video as always, your editing is getting super good and the comedy is always just right ^^ Some of my favourite bosses have to be Shido from Persona 5, Lance from Pokémon Silver, Ripto from Spyro 2 and most bosses from Shadow of the Colossus.

Mathew McConaughey : Lingering Will from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix is an S-tier boss battle

Tackson Caswell : Best boss fight for me is still Sigma from Megaman X1 Just because its challenging but the game gives you the ability to restock your sub tanks so you never feel truly defeated unless you hit 0 lives. Another great one is Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime.

Matt Glover : Xord for Xenoblade Chronicles, hands down, forcing you to use all the secondary effects of your attacks to build up for team attack after team attack just to scratch at his health. His spine chilling voice and sheer disregard for the value of life. The mystery surrounding the occasional melancholic mutterings and his last stand, genuinely an amazing boss through and through

Dead man : My favorite boss fight is...probably ultra necrozma from ultra moon, or that red lizard guy from Sonic adventure 2.

Stevie Pilgrim : Vulfpeck in the outro eh? We got a man of class here. Stellar video as always.

Gunnar Clovis : Good stuff! Glad to see you're outputting ❤️

Jack O' Regan : Use firecrackers against G-Dawg to scare the horse and same for the Guardian Ape. How many times do I have to tell you, animal cruelty is always the answer

Kyx Lasite : The Ninetails boss from Okami is really cool. It emphasized the use of the drawing mechanics in the first half, and it broke the fourth wall by using the same mechanics against you if you were to slow. Then the battle changed to focus on the fighting mechanics. My main problem with it is that the fight gets easier as you progress, leading to a less climatic end. The Yami boss is probably better from a design point because of how it keeps changing to make you use all of the different skills learned in the game. But the Ninetails fight had more narrative build up and impact, so that's probably why I remember it better.

AltimateGuyz 101 : My first boss fight in video game is Bowser from Super Mario Bros. (I'm not that old) My favourite boss fight in video game is Ganondolf from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. The reason is the build up that leading to the boss fight.

Andrew Hannesson-Keil : You're one of my fav youtubers these days man, thanks for making vids :D

Chris : Absolute Conquer from The Last Remnant, Ethereal Queen from Star Ocean 3, Red from Pokemon Silver. There are too many good ones to mention!

Tony Nietzel : First and your hella underrated!

Ange Bele : Fighting Jinpachi in tekken 5 was annoying and gaoh in samurai shodown ...

OG villager : My favorite boss fight is Dialga at the end of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, partly because nostalgia, mostly because the music, "challenge", and story were executed/wrapped up well.

Jeremy Roesel : Kirby Star Allies, the final boss battle. So far, it has been the best final boss battle on Switch, even better than Ganon on Breath of the Wild.

Sam waters : Most original boss fight was splinter cell conviction. Where the end boss is your friend you've just completed the entire Co op campaign with.

Player’s Narrative : Doing a fantastic job Tom ! You’ve come a long way ,you earned it

tigerkill420 : Came here from marks channel. Watched all your videos. The comedy is very good as are your essays. My favorite boss's would probably be some of the bosses from world of warcraft. I like using strategy and team work to take down big bad guys. Wish I could have thought of something else but I literally thought about this comment for 10 minutes before I posted, and I couldn't come up with anything better. Subbed (I haven't even subbed to Mark btw)

matar matposter : Sans undertale

Jick07 : You're a dunkey fan, I see :)