Official Video Killard House Special School Choir Hallelujah

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Cohutta House : Glad you're back on YouTube Kaylee

Mike Nike : Beautiful singing. You are a very special young lady. You made me smile today.

Sayf Chaudhry : How is it possible?? Your voice is soooo beautiful and I can’t stop listening to this song it’s unbelievable 😍😍😍😍😍

Charles Reed : your voice just about melted this old Texas boy's heart. I've never heard a more beautiful voice in all my life. keep up the good work, and don't let the small things get you down. I'm sure you'll go far in life.

Mike Nike : Thanks for lifting my spirits when I needed it.

SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ : Kaylee I been listening all summer!

Johnathan Haase : Beautiful singer. I just love her!

Bobby Bartley : Wow Kaylee such a beautiful voice. I wish you would sing (You Raise me up.)

Rob Roberts : I wish you and everyone was able to be on BGT. Please think about that or AGT next year. The world deserves to hear you all together. If I am feeling down, this song picks me up. Thank you.

Henry Aros Romo : When I seen this last year around Christmas time I kept listening to it over and over and there's very little songs I do that too they got to be as great as this one God bless

Thomas Gallagher : Absolutely beautiful, I've listened to it a dozen times and still cannot stop listening your amazing girl 😄👍🏻🙏🏻🎤🎼💖💖💖💖💖

Michael Marcus : Very beautiful song. Very proud of you all as this song enters the heart at it's spot. Thank you all...

danco1968 : WOW!!! amazing.

Shabib Rawi : Get her to 100k subs and 100k likes

richhagenchicago : A very nice and touching rendition. Not only is the lead singer talented, but the camera work was amazing for a school production and the accompaniment and sound engineering as well. A really amazing production overall. When I first saw this I did not realize that anyone in it suffered from any disabilities, I only learned that by looking up the school. Anyone who participated in making this production should be very proud. A true credit to the Killard House School and all of the work that is done there. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the World.

cobrasvenomouspoison : All these beautiful children belong to the one and only, God, the Lord, our Savior. God bless them. Amen. 🙏🏼❤️

Zach Fulkerson : As a father with an autistic daughter I just want to thank you for doing what you do your an inspiration to my daughter and it means the world to me that she has such a great example of over coming her fears and doing what she's passionate about.

battlestar92 : hmm not many followers i expected more please dont stop hearing your voice brings joy back into my heart love to hear you sing you raise me up

paranoidx9 : Your voice is amazing Kaylee!

maespip : SUPER!! I myself have Asperger.

will campbell : I like ur voice

Patrick H Miller : She Makes Cry !!!

eizra1 : This is so wonderful!

Scott Comer : Christmas Again! Time to listen to this song and be awe struck all over again. An annual delight.

Victor Charlie : Very nice!

JEFFREY DONALDSON : You brought me to my knees, Kaylee. Thank you.

Me Two : Kaylee you make me smile every time u sing. God has given u an amazing gift.

Johnny wheeler : you mack me cry win you sang Kaylee, like at 262

Lisha garcia : Kaylee I would love to hear you sing Raise me up, I know you can do it

Keith Buddy Ambassador For Best Buddies NH : Suffers from autism and ahdh? Not sure who is running the kaylee rogers channel. But I have mild aspergers and adhd. I'm not suffering. I don't think or believe kaylee, is suffering either. She was giving a gift. Having autism is a gift. Makes us unique.

neilcraw : I end my night with this song.. Absolutely beautiful. Kaylee keep on singing...

David Minor : Awesome rendition!

Emilio A : Your voice is literally beautiful... Stay blessed! May God, the Lord of all creation, bless you and keep you!

Hall Oween : Oh my goodness. Kaylee, sweetheart, your voice is purely the voice of an angel. Please keep singing because You have an unbelievable voice.

Matthew Molina : Good job Kaylee

subliminalrekordz : Beautiful, amazing kaylee your an angel

和之卞 : 250在中国不吉利,我得再加一个赞哦。

幼儿 : 哈利路亚 阿门

bclery : Thank You Kaylee & Killard School Choir! Your excellent performance of "Hallelujah" brings peace & joy to millions of people, as well as a few tears.

Mr.Pizza : who owns this channel? is it miss rogers? or is this someone just putting up a channel ?