Official Video Killard House Special School Choir Hallelujah

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Bakers Five Acres : Glad you're back on YouTube Kaylee

SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ : Kaylee I been listening all summer!

Zach Fulkerson : As a father with an autistic daughter I just want to thank you for doing what you do your an inspiration to my daughter and it means the world to me that she has such a great example of over coming her fears and doing what she's passionate about.

Sayf Chaudhry : How is it possible?? Your voice is soooo beautiful and I can’t stop listening to this song it’s unbelievable 😍😍😍😍😍

Charles Reed : your voice just about melted this old Texas boy's heart. I've never heard a more beautiful voice in all my life. keep up the good work, and don't let the small things get you down. I'm sure you'll go far in life.

Bobby Bartley : Wow Kaylee such a beautiful voice. I wish you would sing (You Raise me up.)

Baaby 1999 : Q BELLA voz tienes!!😍 👏👏Eres hermosa pequeña ❤️🇦🇷🇦🇷

Johnathan Haase : Beautiful singer. I just love her!

Hawk UAV Media : WOW!!! Way to go Kaylee! This is the best version I’ve ever heard and your voice is AMAZING! Keep it up and follow your dreams! I feel you have a bright future ahead!

Cheryl George : Beautiful. No words. Just beautiful.

Richard's Workshop : A very nice and touching rendition. Not only is the lead singer talented, but the camera work was amazing for a school production and the accompaniment and sound engineering as well. A really amazing production overall. When I first saw this I did not realize that anyone in it suffered from any disabilities, I only learned that by looking up the school. Anyone who participated in making this production should be very proud. A true credit to the Killard House School and all of the work that is done there. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the World.

paranoidx9 : Your voice is amazing Kaylee!

cobrasvenomouspoison : All these beautiful children belong to the one and only, God, the Lord, our Savior. God bless them. Amen. 🙏🏼❤️

Henry Aros Romo : When I seen this last year around Christmas time I kept listening to it over and over and there's very little songs I do that too they got to be as great as this one God bless

eizra1 : This is so wonderful!

maespip : SUPER!! I myself have Asperger.

Meredith Grey : Whoever disliked this video doesn’t understand great music! This is so very beautiful!! 😇 Thank you Kaylee for sharing your beautiful talent with the world!! 😁🙏

Dan Cohen danco1968 : WOW!!! amazing.

Thomas Gallagher : Absolutely beautiful, I've listened to it a dozen times and still cannot stop listening your amazing girl 😄👍🏻🙏🏻🎤🎼💖💖💖💖💖

Mark Thomas : I believe that Kaylee and kids like her are going to be the ones they give the privilege of singing in heaven! Wow, this is so moving. Merry Christmas.

Rob Roberts : I wish you and everyone was able to be on BGT. Please think about that or AGT next year. The world deserves to hear you all together. If I am feeling down, this song picks me up. Thank you.

Stoopid Ali : I really wanna be ur friend❤️ily so much

Patrick H Miller : She Makes Cry !!!

Michael Marcus : Very beautiful song. Very proud of you all as this song enters the heart at it's spot. Thank you all...

battlestar92 : hmm not many followers i expected more please dont stop hearing your voice brings joy back into my heart love to hear you sing you raise me up

Hall Oween : Oh my goodness. Kaylee, sweetheart, your voice is purely the voice of an angel. Please keep singing because You have an unbelievable voice.

Laila Moyer : I love you and your voice

will campbell : I like ur voice

Luedog : an angel, simply beautiful

JEFFREY DONALDSON : You brought me to my knees, Kaylee. Thank you.

Scott Comer : Christmas Again! Time to listen to this song and be awe struck all over again. An annual delight.

Victor Charlie : Very nice!

Dianne Naworensky : This song is done so beautifully. I come to listen not just at Christmas. ✌🏻❤

Kimberly Benien : God continue to bless Your children; continue to bless everyone and each one working with Your precious children. Thank you for sharing. I feel led over and over for years to continue to come back to hear the beautiful message that the Killard House proclaims.

Wendy Quenneville : Thank you, Kaylee, for a beautiful performance. I'm going to go and teach myself how to play this song, and use those word when I sing for the folks in Nursing Homes. I'm a bit like you myself, having a hard time with crowds. I just want to escape from them all. Singing has given me such confidence. Now I get invited to sing for programs in the Lake County, Florida area. Praise God, music has touched you in the same way as it has for me. God bless you, dear.

Phil Durden : Kaylee - your voice has developed and matured an astounding amount in the two years since this original school choir "Hallelujah" video - but I still find this one hauntingly beautiful to listen to. I hope you are still proud of it! The strength and depth of your voice are mesmerizing and indescribably moving. You DO have the power to change the world - with God's help you've already touched, enriched and blessed the lives of so many people. Keep up your amazing determination and continue to show the world that you CAN achieve your dreams no matter what challenges you face. You're a true inspiration - thank you! 😊

halfbreed808 : Your voice brought tears to this big man's eyes. Beautifully done. Mahalo nui loa.

Aaron's Got Talent, & More! : Just subscribed! Great job Kaylee. Our son is 9 with ASD and sings beautifully too. Anyone interested to see click on his channel to the left. Thanks.

joshua smith : I've already subscribed to this channel. Pardon me, I have to hunt down the demon who disliked this video. Kaylee Rogers sing, sing, and sing.

John Rice : You are an incredible talent. Such a beautiful voice. Thank you so very much. The world is s far brighter, happier place with you and your wonderful choir in it.

SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ : Hi Kaylee 👋 today Dec 2, 2018 I have tweeted your brilliant rendition of *_"Hallelujah"_* Luv Father Christmas

erick smith : Keep praising God ..and a lot of walls will fall in your path.... God Bless you.... Good is good

Marie Jose : You are amazing. Am a mom of An autistic son and autistic myself. You have An angel voicd

K P : Always gonna be my favorite. Lil baby angel. =(^·^)=

David Minor : Awesome rendition!

QueensJack : ''Me'' thinks I am seeing a future addition to Celtic Women, nice job Kaylee, Kudos from a 2nd generation American with roots in Limerick, Ireland..

arnav kachhia : See that kid "cry?" at 0:34

Noah Seelye : Kaylee you are amazing

Dirtsen : I whish i can push the like button more then once! Merry X-mas!!!

Julia S : You are amazing 🙏😍