Why the World's Fastest Elevator Exists
Why the Worlds Fastest Elevator Exists

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Roman Baranovichi : He still managed to find a way to have planes in the video Half as Airworthy confirmed

Zey mon : Me: "How is he going to sneak planes into a video about elevators?" Also me, 36 seconds later: 🤦🏻‍♂️

Jetlite : "Excuse me, how to get to floor 76?" "First take the express to floor 60 then take the local line to floor 76"

Newmono : Actually, the world's fastest elevator is in Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Mullkaw : 4:41 "Tourists are known for their limited intellectual ability"

bechir : "An observation deck so u can pay to look down on the plebs" i wanna do that when i become rich..

Lachlan Keddie : "People, who mostly come from the ground..." *Mostly*

Adam Horsfield : At 4:59, it says Shanghai is in Japan lol

Shaii/ шай : Woah, that’s almost as fast as a Toyota Corolla

MrPowerGamerBR : Nice SimTower reference at 1:34 :)

X43oPEGASUSo : This channel is really going up!

Joey M : Because elevators exist, so one has to be the fastest

Alpha Redeye : This is so complicated it makes me want to take the stairs

Mr. Friendship : _WHY THE WORLD'S FASTEST ELEVATOR EXISTS..._ *Willy Wonka's Glass Elevator:* Hold my beer

Space noodles : 0:36 oh. I was wondering where was the link to airplanes. Is it just a meme on this channel at this point, and he does it on purpose?

G G : Why the world's fastest elevator exists: Because elevators exist

Zveebo : 10/10 for the SimTower reference, Sam! LOVED that game!

Sam Bethmann : *Gets three world records for one building* Architects: I see this as an absolute win!

Chris World : Did you know that the first elevator was also the fastest For it’s time

Jetlite : *Vertical Transportation System* or _lift_

Splatoon is the worst game of all time. : 3:10 HAI actually knows that DieselDucy exists, and I've been watching him ever since a decade ago.

Brendan A. MacWade : The first sky lobby system in 1 and 2 WTC was amazing. I only enjoyed 9 months in 1 WTC before it was destroyed, but sky lobbies was one reason it was so cool.

Patsonical : To transport people quickly... I'm guessing

ThomasTurner69 : Brits: It's a lift *slurping tea intensifies*

Cory Dekanek : Nothing like having a good ole fashioned rooster measuring contest.

Zuzu : Poor stairs. I can hear it crying in agony in this video

AA A : "Mostly because, according to my engineering degree, That's not a structurally sound building" LMAO! Literally laughed out loud

DFW Aviation : The real question is: which 747 are you stacking, the 747-400 or 747-8?

Julian de Rooij : Make a video about why the UK uses .co.uk instead of just .uk like the rest of the world (.us, .nl, .de)

Mike Fuquay : "Why the World's Fastest Elevator Exists" = Because they're jealous of airplanes.

Fraxer Plays : 4:58 Japan (Shanghai) there's something off

EyesOfByes : 4:35 That was the funniest description I've heard in my life about helpless tourists 🤣🤣

Julian de Rooij : Make a video about why the UK has different brands (Walkers instead of Lays, LYNX instead of AXE, Astra instead of Opel, etc.)

Voicelet : To answer the title: because when things have velocity, it's only natural for one to be the fastest out of its same kind.

Simon Kaiser : I absolutely ADORE the SimTower allusion!!!

Ryan Jean : Hooray for Sim Tower! Along with Sim Ant, one of my favorite under-appreciated games!

Silent Anime : That "definitely not" SimTower assets though

Metroberg Elevators : I came from DieselDucy's channel. So, even you guys know about elevator enthusiasts! Keep up the great work on your videos.

ThomasTurner69 : These are planes attached to buildings

Vapidity : "Why the World's Fastest Elevator Exists" Answer - Because Elevators exist... the Fastest Elevator will always exist as long as Elevators exist.

Griff : I dont see an issue with having a complete elevator building, who needs floor space 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

JG YE : Kid: Mommy, I thought we were going to a theme park! Parents: We are.

Justin Voss : Wow, I never thought people living at the higher floors would want fast access to their abodes. This is the most r/savedyouaclick I've seen and I'm done. Good bye to all this half assed content. Jesus, this is so much less than 'half as interesting' good God....speaking of limited intellectual ability

KK 177 : Why does this remind me of Theme Hotel?

Juan : World's fastest elevator: exists. Nobody: Half as interesting: why?

Lane Smith : Honestly think the original WTC should have been mentioned since the towers were some of the first buildings to use the sky lobby system.

Ricky Hobbs : Great video. I always wondered why they staggered elevators. Thanks for the coupon, I just signed up to curiosity stream.

Virtual Budda : 747's : half as interesting : Toyota corrolas : real life lore

ActionJackson 15 : Did he say wiz flavored😂