Reincarnation Proved

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Aroop Vachali : Thank you all for the comments, shares and likes I have gone through most of the comments below, I couldn't find much logical objections on the above. (did I miss some valuable comments?). Just because someone said a story on hypnotic stage doesn't mean proof, but apart from being hypnoticed they are atleast 4 more vivid channels of proof which all ends up in the same point. I have briefly explained those in my blog. 1) Dr. Brian hypnotised more than 3000 people and revealed their past lives many of which were proved 2) Dr. Ian Stevenson proved the same on more than 7000 children without hypnotising, but studying children who remembered their past 3) There are many people who remembered their past and found their previous house and parents. One example is Bhutan King's grand son who kept on saying that he has studied in Nalanda University (an ancient Univesity in India), and finaly 3yr old boy visited the Univesity on 2nd of Jan 2017 and he said someone has ruined the Uni, also showed the place where he used to meditate, class room , dining room etc. ...more on my blog

Carrie Van Sant : when my father was on his last 3 days of life he mentioned on day 3 that " we all have to come back until we get it right" day 2 he said "the clocks must be broken" i asked him why ? he said "becuase the sun didn't set all night". he then, the last day of his life repeated the very same words and scinerio word for word. in that space there was no such thing as time and darkness didnt exsist. i know that those 3 days before he passed he was in transition to the next life. he was never one to speak this way ever. what a graceful exit he had and i know he went to a holy,sacred land where he would be blessed.

Lisa Gale : Life after Life is 100% real.

Panama Player : My grandmather visited me when she died. I was a college student in New York City, far away from my home country. One day I came back from classes. I think it was a Friday. I was tired and decided to take a nap. I dreamed of my grandmother sitting on the side of my bed and telling me to organize my room. I want to emphasize that this dream was really vivid, maybe themost vivid dream I ever had. It was so compelling that when I woke up I started organizing my room and even went to get the vacuum cleaner that they lent to students. After half an hour or 40 minutes my cellphone rang. I was my dad. He told me, I'm sorry son but your gradmother just died. I had no reason to be thinking about my grandmother before the dream and as a matter of fact I was not thinking about her. I was concentrated on my life as a student, friends, classes and so on and so forth. It took me four years to tell this story to anybody.

Shewolf460 : I think there is a god but not the way we worship or have created

WildCat Sal : I've been aware of this without being taught. I just know...

ॐ Jordan Gould : "God is the energy that connects all of us together". What a brilliant way of putting it.

Elle Randazzo : The only truth is that NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON. It's complete arrogance to say one knows

monique 45 : Dear God, I don't want to experience being a rock. I don't want to not be able to move, to go to the store to get Cheetos. I respect the rock, but I don't want to be a rock. :)

Shraddha Parab : This was told by Hindus long years ago

Space Divine Peace : We do not Die. In fact the word Die is the wrong word, the right word is ; "pass away; transform;move on, ..."

Falcon Feathers : In 1976, at 28, I had a life altering experience with anaphylactic shock, allergy to oyster sauce in Chinese food. I love shrimp, salmon and other fish, and never had trouble. Lips tingled, went numb, icy cold, couldn't breath...and nothing. Next I was on the ceiling looking down calmly observing...what was like a video. No concern. Saw a young lady on a bed, waist length reddish blond hair. Did NOT know that was "me".I watched the man (doctor) say in her left ear...but also heard it in my left ear. Your heart has stopped, but I know I have time to explain. I am going to put a needle of adrenaline directly into your heart. When I inject, your heart will start beating so heavily, it will lift you off the table. Don't be will save your life. I'm doing it now. Next, vibrating, dizzy...and back on the table below. My heart WAS beating lifting me off the table. My lungs opened and I inhaled with a scream.The doctor smiled and put his hand on my head and whispered...welcome back, Nola. Over 40 years ago, that life-changing experience will never be forgotten. When someone asks if I believe I HAVE a soul, I smile gently, shake my head NO...and whisper...I believe I AM A SOUL. My body is like being in a car, and simply open the door, and step out and nothing has changed.

Morela Vought : I'm an atheist, however, I'm absolutely sure we are not here just once. There so many things that I don't understand about myself; why do I love the oceans, seas, etc. Plus, I have a deep respect and ''fear'' at the same time, and never happened that I had an accident regarding water whatsoever during 28 years alive. Since I was a child and even now, I dream most of the time with these old, huge ships. I had this dream repeatedly, where my ''actual'' family and I, drowned and we were inside this immense ship, with large wooden floors. I'm pretty sure I died that way before. I don't know, call me crazy if you want.

J. Adkins : Like it or not, believe it or not, reincarnation is true.

Donna Cabot : Death is the easy part. It's the living that can be hard.

Thomas White : maybe this is why more transgender people are around more now days. more people have begun being reincarnated as the opposite sex?

Intuivite Shaman : Buddha teaches us if you keep coming back you have not learned a lesson when you do reach the stage of enlightenment it is never to be born

Yazzy C : Stop fighting whose faith is correct. It's not about one's faith. There are things above and beyond us, so each of that should rather bring us together than to separate us mankind. This is ridiculous and sad.

MyUniverseDNA : Our physical body is just a meat suit!!! Very distinct technology for the soul to be used!!!

Varm Krieg : I have this weird connection with ancient egypt and jews , i ever had multiple creepy dreams connected to judaism and i often listen to hebrew and find it easy to sing some traditional old song , does that have to do something with reincarnation ?

funkmasterjee : Reincarnation was widely believed in by Christians prior to it's expunging at the Council of Nicea in 325 ; In June 325 the council opened and continued for two months, with Constantine attending. The bishops modified an existing creed to fit their purposes. The creed, with some changes made at a later fourth century council, is still given today in many churches. The Nicene Creed, as it came to be called, takes elaborate care by repeating several redundancies to identify the Son with the Father rather than with the creation: "We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, maker of all things visible and invisible; and in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the only-begotten of his Father, of the substance of the Father, God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father. By whom all things were made ... Who ... was incarnate and was made human ..." Only two bishops, along with Arius, refused to sign the creed. Constantine banished them from the empire, while the other bishops went on to celebrate their unity in a great feast at the imperial palace. The creed is much more than an affirmation of Jesus' divinity. It is also an affirmation of our separation from God and Christ. It takes great pains to describe Jesus as God in order to deny that he is part of God's creation. He is "begotten, not made," therefore totally separate from us, the created beings. As scholar George Leonard Prestige writes, the Nicene Creed's description of Jesus tells us "that the Son of God bears no resemblance to the ... creatures." The description of Jesus as the only Son of God is carried forward in the Apostles' Creed, which is used in many Protestant churches today. It reads: "I believe in God, the Father Almighty... I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord." But even that language - calling Jesus God's only Son - denies that we can ever attain the sonship that Jesus did. Christians may be interested to know that many scholars analyzing the Bible now believe that Jesus never claimed to be the only Son of God. This was a later development based on a misinterpretation of the gospel of John. There is further evidence to suggest that Jesus believed all people could achieve the goal of becoming Sons of God. But the churches, by retaining these creeds, remain in bondage to Constantine and his three hundred bishops. Some of the bishops who attended the council were uncomfortable with the council's definition of the Son and thought they might have gone too far. But the emperor, in a letter sent to the bishops who were not in attendance at Nicea, required that they accept "this truly Divine injunction." Constantine said that since the council's decision had been "determined in the holy assemblies of the bishops," the Church officials must regard it as "indicative of the Divine will." The Roman god Constantine had spoken. Clearly, he had concluded that the orthodox position was more conducive to a strong and unified Church than the Arian position and that it therefore must be upheld. Constantine also took the opportunity to inaugurate the first systematic government persecution of dissident Christians. He issued an edict against "heretics," calling them "haters and enemies of truth and life, in league with destruction." Even though he had begun his reign with an edict of religious toleration, he now forbade the heretics (mostly Arians) to assemble in any public or private place, including private homes, and ordered that they be deprived of "every gathering point for [their] superstitious meetings," including "all the houses of prayer." These were to be given to the orthodox Church. There heretical teachers were forced to flee, and many of their students were coerced back into the orthodox fold. The emperor also ordered a search for their books, which were to be confiscated and destroyed. Hiding the works of Arius carried a severe penalty - the death sentence. Nicea, nevertheless, marked the beginning of the end of the concepts of both preexistence, reincarnation, and salvation through union with God in Christian doctrine. It took another two hundred years for the ideas to be expunged. But Constantine had given the Church the tools with which to do it when he molded Christianity in his own image and made Jesus the only Son of God. From now on, the Church would become representative of a capricious and autocratic God - a God who was not unlike Constantine and other Roman emperors. Tertullian, a stanch anti-Origenian and a father of the Church, had this to say about those who believed in reincarnation and not the resurrection of the dead: "What a panorama of spectacle on that day [the Resurrection]! What sight should I turn to first to laugh and applaud? ... Wise philosophers, blushing before their students as they burn together, the followers to whom they taught that the world is no concern of God's, whom they assured that either they had no souls at all or that what souls they had would never return to their former bodies? .... These are things of greater delight, I believe, than a circus, both kinds of theater, and any stadium." Tertullian was a great influence in having so-called "heretics" put to death.

Steven Wijaya : The reincarnation has been teached so detail by Buddha 2600 years ago.... please people... there is already an answer to it. Ask Buddhist monk to learn about it....

Raul daSilva : I began to research this phenomenon in 1967 and am always amused when people attempt to relate it to some kind of religion.   It's an ontological fact and unrelated to religions.  I's also universal.  It does not matter that Dr. Weiss is agnostic.

Denise Monroy : i would love to be hypnotized because i myself have a HUGE phobia drowning. i cant even watch somone in an ocean because i start taking deep breaths . have no idea where this came from. also i have an obsession with the 1800's early 1900's love antiques and victorian style clothing. ive always felt i am someone else than who I am now. i look in the mirror and cant recognize myself. very weird. i do not do drugs and i am not crazy lol just saying

Tom Dick : We never die. God is everything, God is un-describable , God is in each one of us if we walk in the light we are all divine. This is where religion for want of a better word has gone wrong. So to say Jesus is God as decided for political reasons by the roman catholic church means that they have completely misunderstood the message of Jesus . The proof IS in the pudding, they have completely misunderstood Jesus's message and refuse to understand that people can have a direct relationship with God like Jesus did without the church. They cant handle that as they want the money to keep on rolling in, something else why they don't qualify as Christians.

Wijeweera Perera : I like this type of vdeos. Thank you

Wanda Bogue : i always dreamed i was indian and got shot in the back of my legs running grom a soilder

Sonia C : If you like this you should research Delores Canon she is amazing and has changed my life

metalsoda : I think in your next life you become a bit smarter (depending on how you lived your previous life) that`s why we have the technology we have today or we would still be living in the stone age.

Deena Naidu : I remember some of my previous lives. Not many do, many young children do and parents ignore it as rubbish. Life is an spiritual evolutionary process. All life forms are on a journey starting from the lowest form of life to that of humans. At the human stage we are reincarnated over and over again until we realise our divinity. There are five natures of humans, the highest is Divine, the lowest is demonic, below the Divine level is cosmic and below that is the animalistic. In the middle is the ordinary human stage. Reincarnation is true and made for a great purpose to evolve.

Darshana Welikala : No surprise Ladies and Gentlemen, Buddhism clearly explains this with hundreds of real examples. That was 2600 years ago. Reality is reality.

Julie Nichols : Everything this guy is saying is TRUTH

Karin Larsen : I was born Christian, & came to understand / accept reincarnation when I was around 25. I'm 60 now. I asked God to take the idea from me, but instead I found much Biblical support for the concept. The only thing that truly matters, is have I accepted the gift of salvation, and the cleansing of my sins by Jesus Christ? Basically, I see that if we do that, we are living our only life. Those who have not, are 'dead in their sins'. 'Narrow is the gate' to salvation, the 'eye of the camel'. Believers go straight to Heaven, and the presence of God. Non-believers make another loop in a life that will hopefully bring them to our Lord. "Potter and His clay". The sacrament is the Body / blood of Christ. Once you've truly 'taken' it, you are born again. It's the only birth that counts. God is merciful, He will keep shaping us until we are prepared for His Holy presence. Trust Him

Leonardo Dicaprio : Ive always had this very strong feeling I was in the civil war for a long time

MoneyManFernando : I want to be able to pick my next lifetime now.

Filmfromsilv : I don't consider myself as a christian but I don't believe in reincarnation. shit's scary and idk why so many people crave this horrible idea. I mean, do yall really want to be recycled? and do the same thing over again? there's more chance your "next life" would be worse? I don't want to be back in this world as another living form. Hell no, I'm just gonna live fully as myself and die then I'm gonna stay dead.

Alison Farmer : I seen my grandmother in the dress she was to be buried in! The night she passed away. Standing at the foot of my bed. Her body was still in the hospital.

MrSchmolko : i hate work. must have worked myself to death last time...

Johnny B : Although this is not empirical evidence of reincarnation, it matches hundreds of thousands of similar anecdotes that support the concept. Anecdotes such as these are considered completely acceptable in a Court of Law and although absolute fact cannot be determined, anecdotes do provide a sound basis to accept it as fact. If any so-called skeptic disagree with my statement(s), they should first consider that all of what forms the basis of the electronic devices that we use is based on theories as is our use of most of our technology . It does NOT provide any evidence of the existence of a god, however, but does suggest that an individual's beliefs provides some of what forms the scenarios being described. There is most definitely something behind this and it should become a major part of mainstream Science considering the profound implication it has for our Mental and Emotional health.

Millie Vanilli : These concepts sound very peaceful and beautiful, however, my question is, why can there be so much in humanity to one another on this earth, wars etc when we are suppose to be from this most beautiful source before being born into consciousness?

houdinididit : I was an atheist for over 25 years. Recently, I encountered a child who is an incredibly gifted psychic. To start things off in a light manner, he told me exactly what I had written on paper 2 times and it was instantaneous. (He knew I needed “proof.”) I asked questions and he answered with details that he couldn’t have known. He then began to tell me that my deceased mother (who I never thought about) was always near me and that she could help if I simply asked her. She also relayed detailed information no one knew. It was REAL and changed my life. I also learned that the astral plane is akin to a place where we go after we give up our bodies. Time is not the same in that realm. Earth is a place where we come back to keep getting lessons until we evolve. Karma is real, a universal consciousness (god) is real, reincarnation is real. Many great teachers of spirituality (especially Jesus) have been DISTORTED. It’s your heart that matters. (There are many paths to develop a pure heart.) It’s not what rules of any religion teach you. Peace to you all. 🙏

Ruhlmann : So what does the woman eating mean? There is no explanation as to what that is.

The111Queen : THIS, wisdom makes soooo much more sense to me than almost anything that I have ever heard in organized religion. I believe in these teachings for myself as they resonate with my soul.

Parma Singh : Very interesting , I thing deja vu is a sign of reincarnation ??? but why would God want send people back to earth when this is not the loving playground it used to be , one of the biggest problems on earth is Capitalism it has brought so much greed and hunger , look at the main countries that pushed the idea forward for mankind you will find they had the most blood on their hands even till this day theses countries have and still are war mongers

Krudemon : God as we know and books about God were all created by man. If God wanted us to know him and his teachings he would not go to one man or a handfull of men and tell them to write it down and pass on the word he would just tell everyone. Man has used God to control pepole. Do you think for one second God would creat something and then tell someone too go out and kill pepole that does not follow the teaching that man has put forth because god told him (isis).

Anthony Riche : Wow, this is so interesting. This video popped up on my feed at a time when I was really questioning things. Then you led with Alba's video which happens to be my favorite one- and I have watched over 30 of them. Then you showed Brian Weiss whom I had the pleasure to meet and assist while working at the Learning Annex. Thanks for making this video. I feel like it was right on time for me :)

Stan Mrak : The work of Dr. Michael Newton completely verifies this.

Cat Lover : I have seen many “true” reincarnation stories and the most believable are from children 1-5 who then seem to just have the memories completely disappear after that age.

Tavoi Aiono : Stop looking outside of you and focus internally. We live on a prison planet, which means we reincarnate each time we die and repeat everything again and again in different bodies. The only way out it to stop believing in Gods, Jesus religion and let go of material things and become spiritual.

drakocarrion : Claims are not proof. Maybe if you understood that you wouldn't sound so dumb right now claiming this video proves anything. Least of all that your fictional deity is real.