Reincarnation Proved

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Aroop Vachali : Thank you all for the comments, shares and likes I have gone through most of the comments below, I couldn't find much logical objections on the above. (did I miss some valuable comments?). Just because someone said a story on hypnotic stage doesn't mean proof, but apart from being hypnoticed they are atleast 4 more vivid channels of proof which all ends up in the same point. I have briefly explained those in my blog. 1) Dr. Brian hypnotised more than 3000 people and revealed their past lives many of which were proved 2) Dr. Ian Stevenson proved the same on more than 7000 children without hypnotising, but studying children who remembered their past 3) There are many people who remembered their past and found their previous house and parents. One example is Bhutan King's grand son who kept on saying that he has studied in Nalanda University (an ancient Univesity in India), and finaly 3yr old boy visited the Univesity on 2nd of Jan 2017 and he said someone has ruined the Uni, also showed the place where he used to meditate, class room , dining room etc. ...more on my blog

monique 45 : Dear God, I don't want to experience being a rock. I don't want to not be able to move, to go to the store to get Cheetos. I respect the rock, but I don't want to be a rock. :)

Lisa Gale : Life after Life is 100% real.

Shewolf460 : I think there is a god but not the way we worship or have created

WildCat Sal : I've been aware of this without being taught. I just know...

ॐ Jordan Gould : "God is the energy that connects all of us together". What a brilliant way of putting it.

Elle Randazzo : The only truth is that NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON. It's complete arrogance to say one knows

Denise Monroy : i would love to be hypnotized because i myself have a HUGE phobia drowning. i cant even watch somone in an ocean because i start taking deep breaths . have no idea where this came from. also i have an obsession with the 1800's early 1900's love antiques and victorian style clothing. ive always felt i am someone else than who I am now. i look in the mirror and cant recognize myself. very weird. i do not do drugs and i am not crazy lol just saying

Thomas White : maybe this is why more transgender people are around more now days. more people have begun being reincarnated as the opposite sex?

Varm Krieg : I have this weird connection with ancient egypt and jews , i ever had multiple creepy dreams connected to judaism and i often listen to hebrew and find it easy to sing some traditional old song , does that have to do something with reincarnation ?

Space Divine Peace : We do not Die. In fact the word Die is the wrong word, the right word is ; "pass away; transform;move on, ..."

metalsoda : I think in your next life you become a bit smarter (depending on how you lived your previous life) that`s why we have the technology we have today or we would still be living in the stone age.

Tom Dick : We never die. God is everything, God is un-describable , God is in each one of us if we walk in the light we are all divine. This is where religion for want of a better word has gone wrong. So to say Jesus is God as decided for political reasons by the roman catholic church means that they have completely misunderstood the message of Jesus . The proof IS in the pudding, they have completely misunderstood Jesus's message and refuse to understand that people can have a direct relationship with God like Jesus did without the church. They cant handle that as they want the money to keep on rolling in, something else why they don't qualify as Christians.

MyUniverseDNA : Our physical body is just a meat suit!!! Very distinct technology for the soul to be used!!!

Morela Vought : I'm an atheist, however, I'm absolutely sure we are not here just once. There so many things that I don't understand about myself; why do I love the oceans, seas, etc. Plus, I have a deep respect and ''fear'' at the same time, and never happened that I had an accident regarding water whatsoever during 28 years alive. Since I was a child and even now, I dream most of the time with these old, huge ships. I had this dream repeatedly, where my ''actual'' family and I, drowned and we were inside this immense ship, with large wooden floors. I'm pretty sure I died that way before. I don't know, call me crazy if you want.

Deena Naidu : I remember some of my previous lives. Not many do, many young children do and parents ignore it as rubbish. Life is an spiritual evolutionary process. All life forms are on a journey starting from the lowest form of life to that of humans. At the human stage we are reincarnated over and over again until we realise our divinity. There are five natures of humans, the highest is Divine, the lowest is demonic, below the Divine level is cosmic and below that is the animalistic. In the middle is the ordinary human stage. Reincarnation is true and made for a great purpose to evolve.

Karin Larsen : I was born Christian, & came to understand / accept reincarnation when I was around 25. I'm 60 now. I asked God to take the idea from me, but instead I found much Biblical support for the concept. The only thing that truly matters, is have I accepted the gift of salvation, and the cleansing of my sins by Jesus Christ? Basically, I see that if we do that, we are living our only life. Those who have not, are 'dead in their sins'. 'Narrow is the gate' to salvation, the 'eye of the camel'. Believers go straight to Heaven, and the presence of God. Non-believers make another loop in a life that will hopefully bring them to our Lord. "Potter and His clay". The sacrament is the Body / blood of Christ. Once you've truly 'taken' it, you are born again. It's the only birth that counts. God is merciful, He will keep shaping us until we are prepared for His Holy presence. Trust Him

Filmfromsilv : I don't consider myself as a christian but I don't believe in reincarnation. shit's scary and idk why so many people crave this horrible idea. I mean, do yall really want to be recycled? and do the same thing over again? there's more chance your "next life" would be worse? I don't want to be back in this world as another living form. Hell no, I'm just gonna live fully as myself and die then I'm gonna stay dead.

Ruhlmann : So what does the woman eating mean? There is no explanation as to what that is.

Wijeweera Perera : I like this type of vdeos. Thank you

Linda Adkins : Like it or not, believe it or not, reincarnation is true.

Millie Vanilli : These concepts sound very peaceful and beautiful, however, my question is, why can there be so much in humanity to one another on this earth, wars etc when we are suppose to be from this most beautiful source before being born into consciousness?

Yazzy C : Stop fighting whose faith is correct. It's not about one's faith. There are things above and beyond us, so each of that should rather bring us together than to separate us mankind. This is ridiculous and sad.

Diamond Soul Hypnosis : im actually a certified QHHT hypnotist who has facilitated past lives sessions. in addition, ive called forward what people call their higher self. many are shocked when I tell them that they are not past lives. They are spirits of people who were once in a physical body, like we are, currently. They are earthbound and either choose not to fully go into the spirit world or they are not aware of what to do. many dont realize they have died (not really because we never die). all messages coming through hypnosis, through mediums, and channels. the reason why this information is being given to us, in physical form, is to continue the confusion of life so they are not discovered, because if we knew we were being influenced by them, then we would resist their influence. the truth is they are tampering with our free will, by doing their will through us. all entities being channeled or influencing us are 6th dimensional souls and below. they are not one with GOD for god would not take away our free will.

Low Yin Pheng : Satan works in the thought arena . He can create a mental picture in your mind of something which do not exist

Debra woodrick : could just be a demon.

Anna Cabella : Please remember these are non-Christians, even Oprah. Do not be deceived or you will fall in the pit with them.

Parma Singh : Very interesting , I thing deja vu is a sign of reincarnation ??? but why would God want send people back to earth when this is not the loving playground it used to be , one of the biggest problems on earth is Capitalism it has brought so much greed and hunger , look at the main countries that pushed the idea forward for mankind you will find they had the most blood on their hands even till this day theses countries have and still are war mongers

Wanda Bogue : i always dreamed i was indian and got shot in the back of my legs running grom a soilder

Johnny B : Although this is not empirical evidence of reincarnation, it matches hundreds of thousands of similar anecdotes that support the concept. Anecdotes such as these are considered completely acceptable in a Court of Law and although absolute fact cannot be determined, anecdotes do provide a sound basis to accept it as fact. If any so-called skeptic disagree with my statement(s), they should first consider that all of what forms the basis of the electronic devices that we use is based on theories as is our use of most of our technology . It does NOT provide any evidence of the existence of a god, however, but does suggest that an individual's beliefs provides some of what forms the scenarios being described. There is most definitely something behind this and it should become a major part of mainstream Science considering the profound implication it has for our Mental and Emotional health.

Julie Garcia : God says it is appointed unto man once to die, then judgment. we are not reincarnated. Hebrews 9:27. read the Bible!

The111Queen : THIS, wisdom makes soooo much more sense to me than almost anything that I have ever heard in organized religion. I believe in these teachings for myself as they resonate with my soul.

Steven Wijaya : The reincarnation has been teached so detail by Buddha 2600 years ago.... please people... there is already an answer to it. Ask Buddhist monk to learn about it....

vintage rose : Christians do believe in reincarnation but only if God decides to bring you back...people have died and came back to life

Bwana Ndlovu : For so called "EDUCATED" people these are the worlds BIGGEST FOOLS! This is NOT reincarnation. It simply is FAMILIAR DEMONIC SPIRITS communicating KNOWN facts. These DEMONS have been around forever and knows people's historic facts and appears and whispers these facts back to these people. WAKE UP satan is DECEIVING YOU!!!! There is only ONE TRUE GOD and YOU are NOT it!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE comes to God the Father except through Jesus Christ.

Sherrill CuCu : I remember all of my past lives! I love doing readings and past life regressions.

Mary Furnish : There are many gods, he said.

Marcello Fernandes : Reincarnation is not in the Bible, never has been and never will be. Jesus has resurrected not reincarnated. Reincarnation does not exist people! The fallen angels of Lucifer know how much you guys are dying to see your loved ones and talk to them again and they are the ones who turn themselves into what you think is your mother, father or sons and daughters. You guys are talking to demons and being deceived. Those are powers of darkness people! GET OUT OF BABYLON, WAKE UP PEOPLE! Jesus is coming back soon! Jesus is the only one who can save us, not the Pope, not your dead loved ones. Shame on you doctor Weiss for being from the bloodline of Jesus and believe in this things. Do not forget about King Saul of the Bible who has sinned for talking to dead people. Oprah, you of all people, should know that those kind of shows go against of what you once believed in. Don't trust in the power of money or fame! Go back to your first love that was the pure religious that you once left behind! God bless you all!

Darshana Welikala : No surprise Ladies and Gentlemen, Buddhism clearly explains this with hundreds of real examples. That was 2600 years ago. Reality is reality.

Zena Galley : Oprah looks scared 😳. And so she should, her being a Devil worshipper , her soul is coming back here , because she works for the Devil .. don't trust these evil elite .. they work for the devil...

Anthony Riche : Wow, this is so interesting. This video popped up on my feed at a time when I was really questioning things. Then you led with Alba's video which happens to be my favorite one- and I have watched over 30 of them. Then you showed Brian Weiss whom I had the pleasure to meet and assist while working at the Learning Annex. Thanks for making this video. I feel like it was right on time for me :)

theoriginalonegirlrevolution : I can remember lifetimes over 11000+ years.

Sina Hendrian : In my opinion reincarnation does not exist. What is scientifically proven,though, is that our DNA is able to store memories over countless generations and carries for example traumatic events which also affect future generations.


Jaxxon : Reincarnation is in the Bible but Christians like to ignore it.

Katherine Marsh : I am very well read my name happens to be Katherine too with a K :) Souls are real

Della Marie : This is the basis of Scientology.

TammySchmit : I definitely believe in past life experiences. I do not feel there is another answer. We have proven energy cannot be destroyed. I do not feel this does disproves anyone's religious beliefs. I just believe religious beliefs die with the body and mind because that is how they are realized and practiced.

Rae Thompson : I totally believe.

tdmm drknr : Thank you for uploading this video..