Cell Games Across the Multiverse - (TFS) / (DBZA)

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Andrew Hoover : Then they’re not Pocket Monsters. They’re... BELT MONSTERS *BALL MONSTERS* no no no... they’re *C A P S U L E M O N S T E R S*

Jair Benjamin : 8:48 WAS THAT F**KING FRIEZA XD!

Bianca Lulu : 7:23 Ash: You’re pretty strong, but Pikachu and I have fought more battles than I can count! >:3 Cell: Not a high number I’m sure

Khalil Mason : "Bug man." "Homeless man." Their respect for each other is the same.

Zortec : Can't jump force have story like this??

Obscene Blood Fart : Perfect Cell: Make it your last meal, because afterwards you're dead! Kenshiro: *No u*

Alex Mercer : At least cell has a good attitude. Gets water gunned, it's rather muggy so thanks. Gets flamethrowered, well now I'm dry. Glass half full kinda guy.

Littlewhitebutterflies : When you purposely hold your tournament on sunday so you don't have to fight saitama

rishi dharan : Light yagami writes "cell gets killed by gohan"

Egyptian Scooba Doo : 9:54 Cell: “How about you Caillou?” Dude had me dying when he said that

100,000 meme stones will erase half of humanity : Cell: make that your last meal, because after that you're already dead. Kenshiro: no u

DragonOmnicron X : 3:15 Cell: Okay but why though Me: Cause he had to.

SpongeboyMeBob : 12:18 *after beating up rage form Ryu in 0.5 seconds* "WHAT JUST HAPPENED"

William Lowry : "I'm being very polite here. I'm being very polite, letting you have this conversation right now. I'm very pissed at you."

___K J___ : 🤓-"Bug man" 👽-"Homeless Man" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

King_ Meliodas : Cell:What is a pokemon Ash:there pocket monsters Cell:are they in your pocket Ash:well no there on my belt Cell:then there pocket monsters there Belt monsters and you duel with them so there GOD DAMN Duel Monsters

Noel Adams : "Zero to pissed in a moment. My goodness! You have talent..."

Skeletron Dragon : Cell and Ryu screaming 10 seconds later Cell WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

Michael Alvarez : Kinda love how Cell was all for killing time with Duel Monsters, but Yami's continued attempts to screw the rules made him quit! xD

Over AntiMano : Cell: A Dragon? That's pretty metal :) Brock: Actually Charizard is neither steel or dragon pokemon Cell: :( I died

Tenzin Norbu : The best anime crossover :)

Ether : 5:25 dayum Yu-Gi-Oh you got served by cell lol.

KeniDragoon : Ash: "Come on pikachu lets go find a pokemon center." Both blackend out from humiliation. 😂😂😂

NicoTheKelpo Nico : 12:35 Sonic: You big bad beetle borg. Beetle Borg reference

LightningZekrom : A being who can destroy the planet with ease is approached to play a children's card game: "F**k. I'm down. How do you play?" 🤣🤣

Quadrixx__ : So anyone else shit their pants when Cell had the emeralds and that music from Sonic CD played?

Hayden Oliver : I was thinking of punching you. Cell:well..........as long it isn’t keeping you from your chemotherapy

Blackmagic 32 : Bruce Lee: Bug man Cell: Homeless man Me:🤣🤣🤣 Edit: my bad kenshiro

Anime tokyo Ghoul lover Hi senpai : We're here we're queer get used to it!

chara zor-el : ...Did you... Did you just use a magical notebook given to you by a death god?

Pabrosof Gousparl : “What are even Pokémon” “It’s a pocket monster” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jason OA : I like how cell screamed with ryu and I could tell he had no idea why he was creaming

Emilee Phoon : What is this every one shows up to fight cell

Todd Chavez : Man, Light could have actually killed cell. All he would have needed to write was, "death via the explosion of every cell in his body." Though if that were followed by a release of energy the planet would have been destoryed so he'd have to be clever.

xdYaB01 Nguyen : Lol I laughed when cell was looking at Mewtoo and said “Is that f****ng Frieza!” -Cell

Reison Lee : This Should be Jump Force story mode

black squidward : He called one punch man caillou💀💀💀💀

Fritz Gallo : *grumbles under his breathe* "I'll show you what my middle finger can do"

Eric Lee - Homestead PS (1511) : how'd dis man get his clothes back? 3:45

prmr619 : My favorite is still cell's reaction to kenshiro. "Ok But why though?"😁😁

Alvaro Maharg : 13:08 ok he is just using his multiplication technique

Kay T : I remember watching Hunter X Hunter and thinking “damn Meruem is just a bootleg Cell” 😂😂😂 the shot they threw at that killed me

Joel Polnareff : Jojo didn't make it SADNESS

FRISHR : This is better than Jump Force

Moist Daddy : Jump force looks great

Matt Lyon : Holy shit this is the funniest thing ive seen in ages!!!

Alley Boy Steve : Okay the Pokémon bit got me.

Desmond Gentle : I thought Knuckles would be too busy "frying and buying" to participate in a tournament.

John Newman : Ryu: THE DARKADO! ITS COMING OUT! *Initiates seizure*