Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel Guitar | JUSTIN JOHNSON SOLO SLIDE GUITAR

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VIDEO DETAILS: •Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Electric Guitar Built by Big D Guitars: http://www.bigdguitars.com •TranZformer GT Guitar Pedal by API Audio: http://www.apiaudio.com •This video features Mogami Cables: http://www.mogamicable.com •Guitar Strap by Levy's Leathers Ltd: http://www.levysleathers.com •GUITAR TUNING: Open E Tuning: E-B-E-G#-B-E ►Subscribe to Justin Johnson’s YouTube channel for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/JustinJohnsonLive ►Justin Johnson Music & Official Store: http://justinjohnsonlive.com/store.html ►Justin Johnson Signature Guitar Slides available at http://www.justinjohnsonlive.com/store.html ► Follow on: https://www.facebook.com/JustinJohnsonLive https://www.instagram.com/justinjohnsonlive https://www.twitter.com/justinjohnson11 ►CD Baby: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/JustinJohnson4 ►iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/justin-johnson/1330799955


Volt : looks like a borderlands character

ozmid40scouple : Man if Jack Daniels don't pick this up for a commercial for their product they are INSANE!

Donato Garcia Jr. : Why do I feel like I'm playing red dead redemption?

death or glory : This music smell freedom to me

Oldschool Cyborg : if cool was a person it would be him

inquisitor 717 : I bet it smells nice too.

Tadeáš Hladký : That beginning sounds realy familiar. Is there somewhere any song like that beginnig? Anyway I realy love your job out there

ΤΣΑΚΣ ΣΠΑΡΡΟΟΥ : I was expecting someone with a bit more facial hair.

Cameron Taylor : Imagine if this dude had a beard. Would be complete.

Rylan York : Can you make me one😂I don't even know how play guitar and I'm not old enough to drink either

Zoran Ramzo Kamenycky : I was long time thinking it is Clapton, Page, Hendrix, Keith Richards and similar artists who have most awesome guitars in the world ! They might have most expensive guitars but their guitars dont come even near to pure raw awesomeness of JJ˙s guitars ! I mean, this guitar is made from barrel of JD, hardly there can be more quality wood than is wood of those barrels, plus this guitar have imprint of whiskey in it, who know how long best quality whiskey was in this barrel before was made into guitar, there is energy, smell, vibration of whiskey in this guitar and this guitar is not just pure blues guitar, this guitar is blues and JJ is pure embodiment of blues ! Even for his guitar words are not enough, what then to speak of JJ himself, I dont care if JJ will be or not as famous as other well known guitar gods, for me his playing is most awesome what I ever heard, it heal your soul, it calm your restlesness, it makes you feel life is beautiful full of energy and mystery and it is right there we just need to be able to feel and see it and JJ help me to realise how amazing truly is life and how powerful spirit we truly have, and JJ`s spirit can be so much felt through power of his music, this is maybe little bit over the top, but even my discovery of Page, Hendrix and Clapton cannot surpass discovery of JJ and his music, it is something most beautiful that happened to me in beautiful world of music, fairy tales become alive with his help, his playing is pure grace for me it is He who is true guitar god !! But look and feel this incredible guitar and incredible man that plays it, this amazing sound, ..words cannot even touch that, they are so shallow in such futile attempt ...!!

phillip Bowls : Should be the official tone of jack

Vít Svatoš : I smell a potential Borderlands 3 soundtrack. :-D

Abuyin ibn Djadir : Looks like you're gonna make the main theme for the next Borderlands game.

K Z : Holy shit I want that guitar.

Grady Song : My ears just drank up all the whiskey and now its sticky and wet.

Pablo Chanchoche : nice boots friend

Stoner Kid : Went from Gucci to wrangler after Hearing this 🐎

Graham Mylett : Damn this guy's good! and that guitar looks and sounds awesome

Man That You Fear : I think Rob Zombie would have liked

am chillen : Richtig hartes Brett, übel geil der Kerl👍

Kaylin bradley : He’s like the country version of slash

1:87/ HO Scale Modeling. : Listen to two videos. Subscribed . Damn,that guitars smooth !

Blank Steve : Nice boots chief.

Elias Ulises : Uno de los últimos blues-Man que existirán

Your Problems Aren't Mine! : Well I have officially found the very reason I should learn to play the guitar and the slide guitar!.. You sir are gold finger!. I haven't enjoyed music in awhile till today. Thanks for sharing and please never put the guitar down because you are amazing!.

Bryce Delorme : Thank you Justin Johnson for inspiring me to play slide on guitar

Gabe Morton : Natural testosterone booster.

SpeedDemon _1 : that guitar looks awesome

KARDO : I can't stop listening to this piece. I am mesmerized 💓 Hope to get at this level one day ✨💪

MAD IN HELL : Круто 😀, красава.

Danny Reyna : Feels like Im in a boat hunting for gators somewhere in a Louisiana swamp. Love the sound of slide guitar there's nothing like it in the world especially coming from Justin Johnson playing.

Kertezi : This blues lick is so tasty. Along with guitar oh my god

Ranyere fonseca : Please, make a guitar lesson of this video. I need to play it to fell me a God of guitar

Jim Haberly : @Justin Johnson - You totally blow me away. You're my new favorite guitarist. Love everything you play. You change the world my friend. Cheers!

kerem çetin : Your guitar is best

jd tattoo : Genial, magnifico, perfecto y preciosa fender telecaster , es maravilloso el diseño y decoracion de jacks daniels con aspecto antiguo. Magnifico

Jack Quincey : this is the best! can i use this song in a movie i'm making?

Роман Мурзагалиев : Souds like v8 5,7 engine

Matthew Davis : Idk which was nicer the guitar, the music, or those damn boots

sssckuco sssckuco : Jack Daniels people u might have found the cheapest JD add ever and it’s freaking amazing This guy little camera details on bottle no talking job done right there I wanna see that add common!!! 😜


Batman And Robin : Hey Justin! I am coming to you from Spicewood, Texas. I have been watching your blues videos for a long time, and recently you have inspired me to pick up the guitar and try to learn the blues. I have been trying to figure out your finger picking technique, and it would mean the world to me if you could make a video on youtube about your technique or something along those lines. Thanks so much. Hope you have a great summer.  Sincerely,  Finn Gallagher.

Dereck Angelo Glaraga : What song did you just play I liked it

Cerag Music : Respect from Turkey

Kapps Gamer : Ícone! Love you!

Steve : sweet sweet blues

tae smellsbad : so it's a jack daniel's ad?

Pumpkin head : Justin you are the best blues i have ever heard and your song when that full moon rises inspired me to play guitar... I want you to know my grandpa was the best bluegrass picker i ever heard and since hes been gone i didnt realize how much of him was in me then i stumbled across you and your music has been pulling him out in me .. So again justin thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep doing what you do.. Love everything you play. You are one true blues god.