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Alx Beats : Nice piece of work btw.

Fluffy Bear : DUDE WOW

9Viik : This video is very addictive. I've been watching all day! Finally, I would like to inform you that I am going to do the PT-BR version of the video okay ?, and obviously I will put the credits and the link of your channel where others can recognize your work, here in Brazil the meme is also good :3 sorry for my bad english english hu3 :c

Ooo : Everyone please rise for the national anthem...

Makrin 777 : 👌👌👌

ZertyTV : I've listened to this over 15 times already. Please help, I'm still listening to it atm that I post this.

Kidoxx : 👈😎👈 Hey this is cool

Beste Eker : I Broke the replay button

Proudkinleykat ;3 : The human race has finally done something meaningful.

uxgxh phan : This cured my depression

Seto Mulyadi : Masterpiece

VladGames BG : Twenty one spaghetti 🍝

I love my little pony!!!! Twilight Rocks! : Amazing!!!!!

ZuzzaBuzza : Mufasa was right, never go here...


LOL // ThatLogic : spagøt

Axwell Again : 10 hours please

MyVEVO Troll : "Wonder" SUBSCRIBED

TyjoandJish : This shows up when you search up stressed out 😂

SKRRRT GANG! 24 : This will totally win a grammy. LOl

Stamatis Zygas : The editing!

Kaylee Everist : *where can I buy this*

Fl0 Joe : Eventually my grandkids will ask “what music did you listen to as a kid?” and I will show them this and say no more

Rasberry lps :3 : The song of 2013 even if it was a long time ago.. lol Jk NEW SONG OF 2018 BOIIIII

olivia valentine : *dø yøu want tø tøucha my spaghet?*

Karl Sookdeo : This reaches out and touches my SPAGHET.

Van Vlogs : The 1k dislikes are the ones who touched his spaghet

kaden conley : Nobody asked for it... but we all needed it

JamesV23 : I can’t stop coming back to this video.

Yum Cola : i love this

Faэll ツ : *_WTF_* 😂😂😂😂😂

Android 18 : _Vim pela 9viik_

JULIA UNICÓRNIA : Quem veio pela 9Viik??

xEthanx xStraightx : so what's the original song?

Good sestrishka : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😹

LOL // ThatLogic : *sømebødy toucha my spaghet*

Jeffy Jeffy : Play at .50 speed

Cry Baby : #VimpelaViik

FreeStyle : Шикарно))))

Ghost Wolf Gaming : Spghet out by 21 spaghet

Donut_maker 10 : This is actually really catchy 😂 Thxs for 300 likes!!! 🔥

Whatisthepoint : Quality content

NinjaBrine55 : I like this better than the original song

Niko Stein : cringey

ToffleDarkLord : Better than the real version

Jayson Mcwhite : Somebody give thisa uploader a medal.

Lauren Baldwin : This isn't a meme it's a piece of art.

CupHead •DG• : this should win a grammy

Mario Vlogs 1122 : Lol so creative

AwesomeYoutuberFangirl : This is beautiful