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Alef : GameCube intro - Stressed Out:

Karl Sookdeo : This reaches out and touches my SPAGHET.

Dj Pyromania : Wish we could turn back time to the good old days when nobody *touched my spaghet*

Wolf Snow : i bet you this will get 1 billion views one day like the original

seguite tutti MR.YTPooper : Wow

Jaysen Garcia : I don't care if this meme is dead or not.I still love it

CrunchGirl 97 : Omfg this is a freaking masterpiece!!

ZABBAS : Twenty One Spaghet?

Carnotaurus and Ember McLain Productions : Deleted version of Stressed Out

Yoshiwan : Spaghet- funny Uganda knuckles- not funny

Nasirs RBLX And More! : *Why Isn't This On iTunes?!*

ZertyTV : I've listened to this over 15 times already. Please help, I'm still listening to it atm that I post this.

Tophat Crab : Somebody toucha my spaghet and now im stressed out.

SUGAR SKULL : It kinda sounds like stranger things sound track

Religion : *Yes.*

thicc hunny : How to cure depression

Josip :D : Masterpiece👌👌👌👌

RaVe : almost forgot to listen to this today


Wiktor Marczak : Two Two Eight Spaghets

Brody Rice : Best thing ever

Man of Matt : This meme was about to die... and I thought it was stale... this video turned that around

TheKiller999 TK9 : This need a BassBoost

NinSCake /2/ : Som bodie toch mie spegett

Doge Minedoge : годнота нахуй


Alef : Thank you all for 3 million!

Sam Given : 0:41 who spotted the cat in the background

Koen van Amerongen : Meanwhile the suckers in a parallel universe have to put up with flying cars while lacking this meme

Freg : This is unequivocally where this meme reached its zenith. We're looking at a peak meme right here, truly the apex of what this particular memetic concept is capable of achieving. It transcends the meme itself. This is Art, with a capital 'a' and I am in equally capitalized Awe. At this moment, I am euphoric, and not only because of the irony in Kek's bountiful blessings. But because I'm entertained by this video's exceptional quality to an extent that I fear I will only have the pleasure to experience a few times in my lifetime, perhaps only on this solitary occasion. I would weep if I had any tears to waste, but I'm bone dry out of pure respect for the towering creative mind that devised this brilliant work. This video speaks to every aspect of the human condition. Suffering takes the form of handled noodles, noodles symbolizing the most basic of needs, a dietary staple with a storied past. Who can miss such an obvious allusion in today's modern world, where constantly our most ancient and simple drives are twisted relentlessly by society and its twin tools of culture and institution; handled noodles, indeed. Forgiveness, the very human spirit itself, is shown beautifully in the form of victim and perpetrator casually sharing a moment to drink bagged juice, trespasses are forgotten as two sapient creatures endowed with the capacity to relate with one another do so in so starkly emblematic a fashion. For really, what is this bagged juice if not a metaphor for the figurative sweetness of compassion? Concealed within a thin reflective defensive layer that needs only to be pierced by the sharp straw of kindness, the sugary nectar is free for the taking. The important thing that this masterpiece of a music video drives home becomes obvious, suffering can be avoided and forgiveness gained through solidarity with your fellow creatures of the earth. I have torn back the mask of reality and looked upon the face of perfection. I found it wanting for nothing. It seem's I couldn't contain myself any longer, as now my lacrimation begins.

whithe wolf : This is epic

M1CROWAV3 : *I wish I found some spaghet no one's ever touch* *I wish I had a better somebody that touched spaghet* *I wish I found some spaget in an order that is new* *I wish I didn't have to rhyme every time I touched* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wish we could turn back time to don't touch spaghet


Annoying Dog : Better than original


Liew Barney : This spaget x stressed out meme really butters my crossiant

Tiny nooodlezzz : The voice acter for that character is probably really proud Edit: OKAY I GET IT HES DEAD I KNEW THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

dat boi : Twenty One Spagetts is my favorite band


CzarNodziej : *Twenty one spaghets*

Damien Mundt : Two Two Eight Spaggehts.... I'm done....

Muscle Hank : im holding back tears, this video is so emotional

Joshua Vasquez : Omg make a 10 or 1 hour version of this or do the whole video song

CRIS WTF 34 : This sounds really good actually :D

Perfect Penguin Productions : This should be called "Somebody STRESSED OUT my Spaghet"

Purple Pancakes : This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

LOL // ThatLogic : *sømebødy toucha my spaghet*

Xtviuch MV : this need to get spaghetify

Altai Freelance : Spaghet....

Bentley Family : That's it. I. I give up. This is catchy to be honest.