Lindsay Dunn- Interview (Lable'd Show- April 2019)

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Hey guys! This is a look into my life and I hope you can learn a little but about me :)I was a part of a show the other night, and this is an interview from it! It was raining the day of filming so sorry for my appearance hahaha! Ill be posting my performances of an unreleased song and PAIN on YouTube soon!


ayewassupitskay lee : Legit, I just love her voice and I'm obsessed with Pain, and staring me down, and glass, those are like my favorite songs πŸ’œπŸ˜‚

Zandra Salvador : Release more songs!! And I'll turn it to playlist!

TheFourth One : Don’t forget about the roo! His name was Michael Tamits. Keep up the good work Ms. Dunn.

Luz Contreras : I love your songs, which is why I cover them so much, since I'm in high school I can really relate to them. I've been wanting to start songwriting for about 2 years and since we're a little close in age I feel like you're an inspiration for me to pursue songwriting.❀❀

JackyVivid : fame is waiting for you girl!