The Legend of Korra: A Beautiful Mess

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Razbuten : So, this one is a little different than my video on Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was a little harder for me to just focus on one element of the show, so I focused more on the series as a whole and the various elements I liked or didn't like. I also mention at the end of this video that I am going to work on a video that is essentially what my rewrite of Book 2 would look like, so if that interests you, let me know. I am going to make it no matter what, but if there is enough interest in me doing it, I will make it sooner. Anyway, have a good one, and I hope you enjoy it!

Olga Garcia : I blame mostly nick for korra not being as good as ATLA, the didn’t give bryke enough writers, episodes and support compared to ATLA and they also removed korra from tv to get more traffic on their website, that’s shady af

Turkey Tom : I’m The Avatar And You Gotta DEAL WITH IT

Jack : When Korra lost her bending Me: Wow, this is so deep. Korra who was born with the power of both fire,water and earth bending and barely took Tenzin's teaching to heart loses her powers. Can Korra overcome her weakness of only having the element to bend air, can she still be the underdog? Holy shit I'm really interested now. Aang: JESUS TOUCH Me: Ah...

hello my name is : Zuko's hair had a better character arc than most of those in Legend of Korra

Jaysee : I think Korras Enemies were that interesting, because their Intentions weren't simply "evil" as the Firelords have been. Equality, Balance, Freedom and Order can all be good things, so in a way Korra not only struggles in finding her Place in the world, but also because her Enemies goals are not inherently bad. This is what made the correlations between Korra and the antagonists such an important part of the series. And it also transports a message that is pretty rare in these Kind of shows, that nothing really is good or evil, but the way how to achieve their goals can make people do bad things.

itsgreenblackman : Azami and Korra's relationship was shoehorned in. There was little to no evidence of a romance between the two and it felt so forced.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Don't disrespect my main man Sokka. He helped too. Also Momo. Momo was critical to the narrative.

Stephen LaFave : I honestly believe Nickelodeon caused the legend of Korra to not be as great as it could've been. The fact that the creators weren't sure if they'd get the chance to do more seasons after the first season so it set them up to have to have new main conflicts each season with a new villain. Which led to a structure of what I could see as a theme and moral of the series. Personally the over arching theme for me is that there is no set evil, every good intention can be disastrous and every people are capable of great evil. Regardless though I loved this series and am sad that it had to end the way it did because of Nickelodeon having its hand on it.

TheOneBadAssGamer : when you said conflicted all i could think about was the Boulder so......... The boulder is conflicted about fighting a little girl. yes i typed that and said it in his voice. I had to get it out of my system.

Melissa D : 3:20 that moment when you remember appa had a character arc and realize he had more development than most of Korra’s supporting cast.

ventusluca : They ruined the spirit world IMO. In The Last Airbender it was this really mysterious world with all these alien beings like Koh, who didn't really feel either bad or good, but had their own neutral interests. This mysterious world looked like a really tranquil world, managing a semi-unsettling look while not feeling unsettling at all. They've exchanged that for a world that's effected by your emotions, full with pink flying butterflyrabbits that turn into killer monsters when you don't feel happy all the time, and you can force this change through some weird waterbending move. If that isn't a huge jarring 180 on a previously established world than I don't know what is. I also really dislike how they changed what the Avatar is. First it was "The incarnation of the spirit of the planet." And now they changed it to some weird carpet-like spirit that fused with a human that fights with another carpet-like spirit in a battle of peace and chaos. It's also stupid how in The Last Airbender lightning bending was this extremely hard to achieve move and only the best of the best firebenders could do it, and they just made lightning benders these low pay factory workers working at a powerplant in The Legend of Korra... Not to mention that they excluded Suki and all of the other Kyoshi warriors from The Legend of Korra, or how they never explained who the mother of Zuko's child is, or never really gave any attention to what happened to Sokka (he died obviously, but about everything we know about him is that he was on the council of the united republic and became chief of the Southern Water tribe.) Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed The Legend of Korra, but I just really dislike how they kind of went back onto things they previously said or did and changed them.

streetside121 : Her and Asami's relationship felt forced af It's like Asami's only use in the show to be the non bender to complete team Avatar, love interest and an intelligent rich girl that if the group just happens to need some magical device or sum shit to help them defeat a villian they can go to her. She a scape goat. I feel like no real thought went into her character at all.

LeiosOS : I am actually really sad to see all the negative criticism Korra is getting recently. I like it much more than the original show, but I understand most people disagree. In my mind, almost all of the successes in the last airbender fell flat due to slow pacing. By the last book, I really wanted it to end. Korra, on the other hand, did a wonderful job of prompting just the right questions to keep me going. "How could Korra Airbend?" "What is the nature of bending?" "Is the avatar necessary?" All of these questions got really satisfying answers. More than that, Korra's character development was phenomenal. Aang was always Aang -- some dumb kid forced to save the world. Korra changed from a dumb kid to a diplomat. That was an exciting story to watch. I don't know what people were expecting. The Last Airbender was good, but not great. To me, Korra was great, but people still wanted more.

Matt Murray : In some aspects I like Korra better than Avatar. I like how the whole series asked “what is the purpose of the avatar in time of peace” then it undercuts this question by having constant different conflicts arise that the question because “if conflict is a constant recurrence, then what is the purpose of the avatar?” Those two question are constant throughout the series and I like how Korra explores the role of the avatar. I also like how much harder this question is based on how none of the villains are simply evil for the sake of evil.

The Infinite Draw : The core difference between Korra and Aang is that Aang was wanted, needed and for the most part respected. But Korra was treated like dirt by nearly everyone. Aang never wanted to be the Avatar but he was supported and needed. Korra wanted to help the world but was constantly rebuffed and torn down. She didn’t let this stop her though. She persevered even after being nearly destroyed both physically and mentally.

GrantKP : Airbender: great character arcs Korra: nice action scenes

AlphaMunky : Three years onwards, I’ve learned to appreciate Korra. People wanted last air bender grade stuff, I’m glad we got something different. I loved Korras character development, the villains (minus unalaq), characters and world. I love the last air bender and legend of Korra, it’s possible to like both...

Rylan Browne : I think that a lot of people didn't like Korra because it was basically the complete opposite of TLA. You mentioned that Aang learns from his allies while Korra learns from her enemies. There was a single enemy in TLA that was literally just an evil dude, never really changing, Korra had 4-5 major enemies that either changed in the end, making them more human (Doesn't mean TLA was worse or better, just different), and while everyone wanted Aang to be the avatar the save the world, he ran away. Nobody wants Korra to be the Avatar, but she runs towards it. It was incredibly different and even though I thoroughly enjoyed both series, Korra was ultimately rushed more so, trying to pack everything in. I agree with everything you said and I really wish they put more time into Korra, giving it more explanation because it has really good character slates, they just needed a little more. Korra's arcs were still amazing, and so were her villains, the show definitely getting better as it went on. Thanks for the video, it was beautifully made!

Uniquenameosaurus : ahsonofabitchcopiedmytitle

Dinar : I wish Bryke and Aaron had a chance to come together to remake Korra. I’d like to see what it would become with better planning, writing and less censorship from Nick. I love the show as much as I love the last airbender so it upsets me it couldn’t reach its potential.

WILFORD CLUX : Thank you for making this video! You did a great job on explaining everything. This is also one of the better Legend of Korra reviews I have watched as you weren't "slating" it (if that's the right word) like many people do. Instead, you also showed the things that were good about this second series. I agree with you on most points you made. There's also a few I hadn't noticed myself before! I'd wish there would've been more Team Avatar moments, because the friendship moments were really missing sometimes. There were some of these parts in season 1, but then in season 2, Bolin got his own story and stuff, and Team Avatar felt apart for a long time. It's not bad to have a new story and main villain for each season, but more of a covering story through the whole series would've been nice. At least we had Korra's character development. I also think the seasons should've been longer, esspecially because of what I just mentioned. There would've been more time for all kinds of things (like other character's development). I wonder what stuff you didn't like about Book 2. I loved the story of it but the way the creators worked it out was a bit bad sometimes. I didn't enjoy Bolin's story too much. As to the rush of stories and character developments, I think Nickelodeon should be blamed most rather than the creators. I don't know the whole story, but from what I've heard, Nick was unclear about the amount of seasons and episodes that were supposed to be made. They also shouldn't have put it off TV. In my country, Nick aired Seasons 1-3 but they never dubbed nor aired Season 4 in my language. I still love The Legend of Korra, because it dealt with more complicated young-adult stuff than the first series did. I like how the creators were aware of their original audience which had gotten older. You don't see that in much series. Most series keep focused on the same age audience or they even get focused on a younger getting audience while the series goes on (Winx Club for example, if you watched that). I mean, WHY? Another thing I really liked was that we got to know more about the world of Avatar, e.g. the whole Raava and Vaatu thing and the origin of the Avatar. Last, I'd like to say people shouldn't compare TLoK and ATLA with each other too much. TLoK is much more watchable when you don't do that. Putting all bad things of the second series together, I can still say the creators did their best very well and I would've been disappointed if we hadn't had this reboot at all. #AvatarForever Thanks again for this video! :)

StarCaster : My reactions during this was “Oh” “Oh true” “Ahhh damn” “Yup” “Lol yeah” “Ah the beatles” I liked the idea of korra, i just didnt like how it was executed. It did look good! The fights, the animation was better, and the colour etc, but - it was for sure, the character development that felt like something was missing and bringing up the time limit made sense. And when it did end, i felt sad lol despite everyones objection, because it was over.

eg13000 : notice how all the things he disliked about Legend of Korra was in season 2 and all the things he liked about Legend of Korra was in season 3.

Amber Beam : “Less is more but I could keep watching episodes of the Avatar universe. Forever.” That’s perfectly put. We know that more would spoil it but it could be beautiful

ArcAnimal102 : I know im definitely not alone when I say I wish to see an Avatar series about one of the previous avatars and their journey, I mean at 12:07 I see so many cool looks and think to myself, "I wonder what they were like and how their time as avatar shaped the world?" I feel it would be cool to have another series on Avatar but not have to worry who comes after Korra, but rather who else came before her and Aang. Seeing as how we've had an Air Bender and a Water Bender we could focus on a fire bender, or an earth bender, maybe someone from pretty far back.

Curlew : I want "... sokka helps too" framed

JustinInExile : Also also, why are so many strong female cartoon characters either bisexual, asexual or homosexual these days? Korra, Asami, Bubblegum, Marceline, Batwoman, New She-Ra, Steven Universe gems technically. It just seems a bit odd that in order to be strong female you must not be totally straight or maybe it just the shows that I watch and hear about :D

Lia Angyal : two things that made it obvious to me that 'the legend of korra' was a bad show, 1) I could not care less about the story, I wasn't watching it because I was interested, I only followed for the sake of watching itself, finding myself waiting for it to end already 2) In the rare occasions the show or a character popped into my mind (because it almost never happened, since I just couldn't care), it was always for the anger or disappointment over things they executed poorly or simply did completely wrong

Luis Leonardo : I think the biggest struggle Korra suffered, as a production, was lack of planning. Legend of Korra was meant to be only one season long, which is why at the end of Book 1 all the loose ends seemed to have been tied up, even if a bit rushed. With the demand for a second season they had to start just making it up as they went, and that ultimately affected everything that followed.

MrMeSoLonely : The last air bender and Korra are the only shows that made me cry in my 20 years of life. TLAB's last episode because I knew that it's the end of Aang's journey and season 3 of Korra because I think it was kinda relatable for me at that age (18) where I felt useless in my life and I watched my friends and family being useful to others and growing in their lives. I still love them both because of the impact they had on me and my life and I'm sure I'm gonna watch them again and again. Loved the video man.

R Steven : I cried. Good job.

Paully808 : Reading through the comments and as usual with any video essay ever discussing TLAB and TLOK, it's all "Omg, TLAB was the most perfect thing ever with absolutely no faults. it's like God himself handed it down as a finished masterpiece and because of that TLOK is shit, or at the very least meh" when in reality, TLOK succeeded in a lot of aspects that TLAB was sorely lacking in. But because TLAB is so well revered, much like the Star Wars trilogy, anything that comes after, no matter how good, even if it improves on the previous trilogy's work, will never be good enough and will always be talked down about about because there's no time like the first time.

mitchhamilton64 : ....damn you stranger. making me care about a show i hate. over the years i have had strong negative comments in regards to this show but its a show i honestly wish i didnt hate so much. and its not just because it isnt the atla, i just cant like it. the animation is just stunning, the music is phenomenal, the actors are incredible. all of these should come together to create a masterpiece but instead it was a disappointment, whether it was the restraints of nickelodeon or just mike and bryan not being great writers in regards to a show they havent spent years perfecting, idk but korra really falls short. korra is at the center of my hatred. she does go through a lot but she also is just insufferable. 3 seasons in and she still doesnt learn to think before she acts, causing her to attack 3 men wearing the same uniforms, one with a badge, and the same bikes after a kid she just met. it coouldnt be more obvious that theyre lawmen there for a reason and she just attacks right away. and every arc is essentially the same. korra has to learn to not always be so hotheaded. and the asami relationship. look, im not an expert about human sexuality or anything but i feel like it was way too simple for korra and asami. i get that korra likes asami but we never get that feeling from asami herself. i wish there was something ANYTHING that showed that they both mutually felt romantic feelings towards each other instead of just what it was.i get that they were friends but other than, nothing.and no, im not close minded but have seen this several times. i had a friend who legit didnt think they were lovers at the end but in fact just friends until he read it online. i watched 4 guys react to this series and at the end debated whether or not they were together and pretty much concluded they werent. its not subtle its just badly written.

Malisa1990 : Throughout the whole video I didn't find it convincing that you liked it,you sound so apologetic and like you are lying to yourself that some parts are good just so you can deceive yourself that it is better than it really is. You brushed over pretty quickly the largest and most obvious flaws ignoring the plethora of the "smaller" ones and quickly shifted the narrative of the video to the things that make the show good. At least to me,the video was not really a good criticism of the show but more like trying to justify the time and emotional response that you have for it just because of it's predecessor.I know that feeling because I used to do that all the time with some tv shows.With each new season I would say to myself "well it's not that bad,it could be worse" and I would say that to myself with each new season until it just breaks down and I there were signs of it's decline all along but I just didn't wont to admit myself that. But with Avatar The Last Airbender,i had a complete opposite opinion,it started pretty mediocre until the second half of the first season and from then it just became better and better with each subsequent season,even when you just think they can't top this in quality they break down everything and blast you with something even better. Korra never did that,every season was worse and by the last episode I knew that there is no justification and that everything that i thought was bad in the first season was just preparing me for the utter bullshit that the show became at it's end.

zadose : LoK was never going to end with a lesbian relationship.... Mako was intended to be Korra's love interest, and the show was supposed to be a mini series.... why... just why a miniseries? And why not 20 episodes per season instead of 12? IT's so stupid.... Lok could've been amazing.... but Nick dicking around, and LoK losing a great writer from Atla..... LoK was never meant to be anything but mediocre.

Marc Alcatraz : Although i agree that Zuko's arc is the all-time best in storytelling history, Jaime's in Game of Thrones might end up being better, but not by much as they have very similar growth.

Jae Murphy : MOMOs arc was pure genius

Nathan Bonbrake : Gotta be honest here while LoK will never top Last Airbenders cast. The villains in LoK are amazing (season 1 and 3 mostly)

Plotbunnyhunter : "Korra is still the closest to Avatar we've got." Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood :3

Sage's Rain : Very well said!

Milomondo : Korra was a big dissapointment either way: the unconnected plots, forced finale, the underdeveloped characters, the constant focus on romance, but after Aang's story we couldn't stop ourselves from watching and hoping... maybe it was also our mistake.

Irina : Idk why this is such an unpopular opinion but I love Korra more than Avatar and I've seen both multiple times eyyy

Lalluska : I'm so glad that at least someone's giving Korra credit for the things it did right. Let's be honest, The Last Airbender had its shortcomings as well, almost the entire first season is sort of "eh" when it comes to pacing and overall tone (tho one could argue that the lighter tone of the first season makes the pay-off later in the series as it gets darker even better). It's been really bothering me to see Korra get so much shit. I'll admit it's partly because of personal reasons. Korra's journey to find herself was far more relatable to me than Aang's journey to defeat an ultimate big bad Ozai. Watching Aang always felt more like I was just sitting by watching him go. The conflict was always too big for me to relate to. Korra has the big baddies too, but while that's the case, I think with the antagonists changing every season, it doesn't feel like the conflict is just about the the antagonists. And I really like how you pointed out that Korra's sole existence causes some of the biggest conflicts in the show because that's what made it more personal for me. Because it hit close to home. And yeah, the fact that the gang is all more adult helps too, since I ended up watching The Last Airbender when I was already an adult. I think the gang seeing each other less and doing less together also reflects that. Since in adulthood you can no longer meet your friends as often as you'd wish, what with all the responsibilities and work you now have to do. Yet despite not seeing as often, if you've got the right friends, they'll still be your best friends.

Darth Ruin : Korra just a mess

Burger the Bear : I think "They didn't have enough time" is such a cop-out. I've seen other pieces of media who tell amazing stories in 12 episodes, in 1 episode, even. They're just so terrible at telling story and they actively ruined everything they built in ATLA.

Kunal Oad : 3:20-That moment you realize that momo had more development than all of lengend of korra’s cast

luke Hodge : I think the bending in the last air bender is better because its based on actual martial arts, a different form for each type of bending, which didn't fully carry over to Korra, which made bending in Korra feel less like a cultural art and something closer to traditional superpowers.

Mayo : men, thanks, I cried watching the video, I kinda feel the same way you do about the show, the strange thing about it is that even with all the flaws legend of korra was veeeeery relatable to me, it made me understand more about myself, thanks for the video <3

Braden E : This video is beautiful. This is how a critique of a show should be made: mature, well-thought out, and rational. Totally unlike Lily Orchard’s toxic, hateful rant. I really appreciate the effort you put into this review 😊