CANDY KEN - I'M ON A BIRD BOY (Prod. Tyler O'Neil)
Riding Bird Scooter on the highway in Los Angeles

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FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: SPOTIFY ME: DRONE OPPERATOR Augie Syracuse PROD. Tyler O'Neil SHOT BY CALVIN EDWARDS LYRICS: HOOK: I’m on a bird boy It’s going fast boy 69 all the time Scurr I Don’t fuck with lime VERSE1: This Catalina boy This ain’t Katrina boy This ain’t no Lyft boy This is a bird boy I be going fast when I’m driving on my bird U being looking hella lame uber pooling is for nerds I don’t fuck with limes I don’t fuck with you Sitting in a car what I am not about to do Bitch I don’t wait on Uber’s Bitch i be fucking Pornstar BRIDGE: They see me rollin - They hating This bird gonna get 5 star rating I scan and ride it away I scan and ride it allday VERSE2: I be I be i be fucking limes I go downhill like 20 miles U better watch out when I’m rolling down the streets People starring like I’m pulling out ma tits People starring cause I’m double double birding I see ur girlfriend she be lerking I am pretty cause I’m birding While I ride u see me flirting from the cops I will be curving Cause the law is quiet uncertain I leave my bird da fuck I want I ride my bird all day long Cracks in the streets make me worry When I am birding I’m riding in a hurry No Shirt on bird banana hamick Bring ur best friend Lets make a sandwich We riding fast we on a bird My girl is giving u upskirt


Sweet Lilac : I’m just imagining driving down the highway and seeing him riding his scooter😂😂

Ксения Стручкова : А вот и ахуенчик подъехал 💥✨

Дима : Лучший

Parveen : 0:19 looks like someone has a full diaper

Livy Chivs : Dopeee video candy Ken actually got it stuck in my head I’m on a bird boyyyyyy 69 skkkrkrrr. Love u gang gangggggg tommorow gonna be even better 🦄🌸🦄🎀🦄💖🌸

Tee Rose : the poor limes

Lucas Trindrade : I love the pink hat, #JoanneVibes comes for everyone.

Chanpu : Have you considered evolving your style? To prevent the character from becoming stale?🤔


jetto_ _ : BiRD BoY

captnclam : Loved it... will listen with sound next time.

biirdnana : Oh no baby what is you doing

S : Nowdays, You can Make songs when u onley mumel, i dont hear a thing What he is saying in This song.... Next Eminem, But a pink one? 😫

CandyBarbie : Почему такой классный? Прям идеальный 💕😍

Jenny Rose : I love it 💕🦄

cycloptiks : :53 you left the kickstand down

maha77 : This was entertaining, that Bird was going faster than LA freeway traffic

TOMOE : 0:17 божееее😂😂😂

Mauro Junior : 🌸🦄🇧🇷🌸

Deyson Senpai :

Tee Rose : so good

Heyits_meow : I’m really confused at what I just watched

Gabe Lopez : daddy!

Manga Girl : Z Lutrach im BORG hängt a Bild vo dia ^^ an da WALL OF FAME :D Wohnsch du eigentlich no z Voralberg ?

Юлия Козина : Я знаю куды вы все смотрите))

Kayla Lageson : No lime

you bullet : 💗👅

Cecilia Pitchford : This is horrible

Fia Muller : Кенди, Ван лав💓🖤❤️

TIdiane Diop Gonzalez : yaaaaaaaaaasss candy baby :** <3

0000 SICK : клип порнушный, но монтаж и сама музыка мне очень понравилась

Кристина Malina : Лучший

Deveon’s World : 2:07 you’re welcome

скавокер : 1:48 jesus?

Juan Manuel Collova : 🦄🦄🦄🦄

Sonya Tig : Обожаю💓

Flynn Swagmire : 🤕🐩

Robbie ontherails : 💰

Kjell Elvis : Ok?

gocrazygostupid : krank hast dich echt entwickelt

bowie1953 : 💩💩💩

tallyhellionskinbyrd : boooooooooooooooooooo