5 SLOW Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They Are Fast

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Bladed Angel : Before even watching the video, I'm gonna say BRZ/FRS/86, one of them will be in the video.

Rangatang Gaming : Nobody even thinks the Veloster is fast

Lil Meep : tbh only subaru suprised me.

G.Zoltan : The BRZ is slow. It's a fact. Whoever is offended by it is missing the whole point of the car, it's about cornering and track performance, just like a Miata.

Jigs Arquiza : The Delorean just needs to get to 88 mph and everyone else is history.

DaNiDD0213 : Brz + turbo kit it’s the best bang for the buck imo, it’s true is slow from factory but it’s an amazing platform full of aftermarket parts. If you buy a brz you definitely have to turbo it. At least every single owner I know does it. Again it’s slow from factory but a turbo changes the game

James Smith : These comments... All this talk of "300hp is not fast" (weight allowing) is utter bollocks. The vast majority of cars on the road don't do 0-60 in less than 8 seconds, never mind sub 6. You pull 10 random names out of a hat and have those people bring their cars to a drag strip. I would take the bet all day none of them would have a car to beat something with 300hp.

Connor Dill : Not to hate but the Karama is mostly a luxury electric car it has the sport mode to make it seam faster than the actual speed it’s the opposite of the Bently effect witch is a car that look slow but car kick a mustang’s tail it’s more of a Rolls Royce

heiligen lee : ford Mustang 2.3

L O : Just add some stickers and that baby will go 0-60 in 2 seconds

Tony : I drove a wonderful 1977 Fiat 124 Spider with only 87 hp( California emissions) and for a car that size that is all the power you need to be safe and have a great time. I still own it 39 years later and it still runs fantastic. 148,000 miles with only a couple of minor issues ( drove it in 18 inches of water one fine spring day impressing a girl) . Cars today are far to powerful for most of the idiots on the road to control them, especially whilst talking on a cell phone.

TobyPlayz : BRZ and GT86 not about the power, but for balance and smooth cornering

Okabe Rintarou : Fisker doing 5-6 seconds to 60 is decent. Doing 120-130 MPH top speed is lame, I mean come on, my old 2004 Volvo V40 with a 115 horsepower 1.9 Turbo Diesel lump will do 121MPH. A "sports sedan" with a similar top speed to a 14 y/o diesel Volvo is just pathetic

Erick Cisneros : I don’t think the DeLorean looks fast AT ALL...... TheY should have painted a few, maybe..

Canadian Plane Spotter : As a Lancer ES owner (not even a 2.4L GTS), I can say that the naturally aspirated 2.0L I-4 is the equivalent of a sewing machine. 150HP and 150 torque leaves plenty to be desired :P

VengefulSage : i always thought brz's were fast cars. then i sat in one AND test drove it. it was like grandma going to the store O.o

Jaime7188 : I had a 2015 Veloster turbo. Only spent $2k in mods, and it was dynoed at 232 horsepower at the wheels and 307 ftlb of torque. It ran the 1/4 mile in 14.2 @ 98.9 mph at altitude. It definitely was not slow.

Kyntteri : The Lancer GT can't now even beat the new *Corolla* with 2.0l motor and MT in 0-60 time. With CVT it loses to Mitsubishi by 0.3 seconds. Auch.

Subonic DTA : 2000's v6 mustang... 210 hp... and slowed down by the amount of pedestrians you hit going 0-60

DODGE SRT : Though the 86 and BRZ do make great first cars for a car fan tbh.

Vera Lucia Silva : In my country (Brazil) the veloster was advertised 140 hp (it's ok for our standards) in reality, it had 116 hp and it didn't have any of the advertised features (like surround sound and side airbags) and Many costumers complained about that (so much so that one time it landed in court and Hyundai was forced to give a model with all advertized features)

Jacob r : These are spongebob time card cars. One eternity later just hit 60 mph.

ND : BRZs are dope, but stupid slow. They need an OEM turbo version

GlassBomb : The Hyundai Veloster N might change some opinions about the Veloster when it comes out. Has 275 HP, which is quite a bit for such a small car.

Lori Hensley : I’m a BRZ owner

Adil Music : I think the DMC its look like nissan juke. Hah

Jade Rockman : Mustang isn't fast

palebeachbum : All these cars might technically be slow for what they are and how they look, but they're still fun, distinctive cars that are gonna turn heads and make you smile when you look out your window and see it in your driveway. Your pronunciation of French car manufacturers made this video.

Illyrian King : Hyundai Tiburon is also another example. It looks fast but it’s not. It’s V6 makes 172 BHP

Rangatang Gaming : I new either the 86, BRZ and FRS would be in this video

jgazda0122 : wheres nissan sentra sr 2012 on this list

Bill Bill : ECO-boost F-150 is faster than these cars

Random User : 130 mph top speed in a delorean sounds really optimistic

Alex Tziras : Hey!!! DELORIAN IS NOT SLOW CAR BUT A. FAST CAR. Don't think my favourite car is slower than a Citroen saxo BUT is not!!! You now that car is faster than Nissan GTR!!! Don't think about this car SERIOUSLY...

Urghh! D Music : Slow Than 🐌

Luis Rios : A car that looks fast but isn’t is BMW i8

Raymond Sumpter : The non turbo Isuzu Impulse.

Mohamed salah : Brz looks good even though it is slow 🐌🐌🐌

RustyDJ 1017 : I being wasting my whole time tring to buy a brz but this vid helped me *VEHICAL* *VIRALS* 👍

Yash : These all cars are supercars in INDIA lol!!!

Dayne Derbyshire : well damb your riping basicaly all cars that look good but arent feraris like if a toyota carola looked like a zenvo sti you would rip on that too

Arctic Fox : What do you guys think about the Subaru wrx

PrudentiusInvader : BRZ is missing a turbo or something

Mateusz M : Honda CRX (the newer, hybryd one)!!!

oskarsbmx : Anyone else drunk in middle of the night watching this to see if their car is on the list?

Arief Pranadi Setio : Aaron

Thirsty Tuber : Love how you listen to your subscribers 💙

Frank Burdo : The Fisker karma what a let down. That thing looks so fast I can't believe it's such a dog.

Arief Pranadi Setio : Flynn