5 SLOW Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They Are Fast

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Vehicle Virals : Making these videos are so much fun! Wish I had enough free time to upload more frequently. Let me know which other car could of been in this video? I absolutely love the comment section! Make sure to follow me on social media for updates, links below Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vehiclevirals/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/VehicleVirals?s=08

Bladed Angel : Before even watching the video, I'm gonna say BRZ/FRS/86, one of them will be in the video.

Jigs Arquiza : The Delorean just needs to get to 88 mph and everyone else is history.

L O : Just add some stickers and that baby will go 0-60 in 2 seconds

Subonic DTA : 2000's v6 mustang... 210 hp... and slowed down by the amount of pedestrians you hit going 0-60

GlassBomb : The Hyundai Veloster N might change some opinions about the Veloster when it comes out. Has 275 HP, which is quite a bit for such a small car.

Random User : 130 mph top speed in a delorean sounds really optimistic

Thirsty Tuber : Love how you listen to your subscribers 💙

Ryan Powell : The one I think should be on the list is the BMW i8. It is not slow (0-60 4.2 sec) but it has a msrp of $150,000 and for $7000 more you could get a Mercedes AMG GTR which does 0-60 in 3.2 seconds or for $5000 less you could have a Porsche 911 gt3 which does 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. Like I said it’s not slow... until you compare it to what you could get for the same money.

Mohamed salah : Brz looks good even though it is slow 🐌🐌🐌

erickisdaman : Too many people bring up the i8 as being slow for the price. Make another video about 5 cars beings slow for the price!

TheMasterOfEverything : How About Top 10 Cars Non Car People Think Are Fast?

The Kid : Fun fact: BRZ means fast in Serbian... Edit: Don't belive me? Google it!

typhoonfire8 : BMW I8 it looks like it could smoke Mclarens but my 370z can keep up if not gap it

Incognito : I think the non turbo supra and the pre 2016 v6 muscle cars deserve to be on the list because they were all slouches too

DaNiDD0213 : Brz + turbo kit it’s the best bang for the buck imo, it’s true is slow from factory but it’s an amazing platform full of aftermarket parts. If you buy a brz you definitely have to turbo it. At least every single owner I know does it. Again it’s slow from factory but a turbo changes the game

Lambochaser : When I see the Brz/Frs/GT86 I never think fast, I think fun and nimble. Same with the Miata. The low end sports car look is what I love. I don't think anyone should try and compare it to the more expensive sports cars with power. That's like comparing a low end samsung Galaxy phone to the more expensive flag ships. And at this point in my comment, I have no idea what the hell I'm saying. Lmao 😂

Smockers : The 2019 Veloster N will have around 275hp so itll be a massive improvement

SpiCE M3MZ M8 : You should make a video about cars that you should avoid buying because of price,mpg,safety,comfort or performance

DIAMLER : The Karma is so damn good looking lol way better then tesla imo. To bad neither of them are very reliable, especially the Karma.

Winston Seejattan : Love the BRZ

Bob O. : Cadillac ELR, looks like a mini Bat-mobile, but...

Aleksi Vuorio : i do not own a BRZ/FRS/GThachiroku but i still think that its not all about the top speed or acceleration... and i think the 4 cylinder with 200 horspower is fast enough for a fun car that you can whip around the corners and have alot of fun driving at a touge or a track!

Koach K : Plymouth Prowler

Yuv.S Estd.98 : This might be old but karma, really met "KARMA". Also Thank you again.

simonhartley2772 : I like your videos. I live in the U.K and just to help you out a little Peugeot is pronounced Purge-jo 😉

Connor Dill : Not to hate but the Karama is mostly a luxury electric car it has the sport mode to make it seam faster than the actual speed it’s the opposite of the Bently effect witch is a car that look slow but car kick a mustang’s tail it’s more of a Rolls Royce

All For One : This is the next channel that will blow up

Raymond Sumpter : The non turbo Isuzu Impulse.

MidWest MX : Great video buddy. Smashed it! And you were right on ever single car. Great job once again. Keep em coming 👍

sk8ingthemystery : what about standard chargers/challngers?

Sandy Peralta : Great selection bro. I will choose the Subaru against the Mazda..but the Subaru needs 100 hp more for sure..

Lama Gamiing : Koenigsegg agera rs should be on the list

Dexter Wallace : The thing about the brz is the ECU. It is downtuned by the factory to have a dip in torque progression in the midrange of its rpm. The fact that it only makes 205hp is not why people think it's slow. (Which it isn't really that slow. It's just not a Lamborghini or nothing) does no one remember when having a car with 200hp was seem as a lot of power? Look at Porsche and mazda. They never have that much power but no one ever calls them slow.

jableK ツツ : BRZ is good for tuning i love RocketBunny BRZ

The Truth : BMW i8 but it’s not slow but for its looks it is. It can keep up with an M4 , V8 Audi R8, most BMW M cars before 2012 can’t keep up with the I8. But for its looks it looks like a Ferrari 488 Competition but it’s not.

Jlove : Maserati granturismo should’ve been on the list

Kristian Carranza : The newest generation celica

SpiCE M3MZ M8 : How about the i8 or the i3

Chevy_Builds ! : The BRZ isn’t made for drag. It’s made for handling tho lol

Lori Hensley : I’m a BRZ owner

TobyPlayz : BRZ and GT86 not about the power, but for balance and smooth cornering

Franklin Lopez : Its a sadan stupid im talking abaut the lancer by de way

Bob squash : The Vulcan should be one of these

Dad Son : Could you make a video for “5 Cheapest cars for the winter” I need something cheap for the winter that’ll work well in high snow Probably going to get a Jeep Cherokee or something Or Toyota 4-Runner

thunderstormn : 1:50 thanks for mension mustang everyone's forget amazing cars like that one sometimes

Life of Po : Faster than my 04 xl7

Taylor Freudenthaler : Hyundai Tiburon

Marc 09 : hey hey hey that was my idea lol 🤗

Vera Lucia Silva : In my country (Brazil) the veloster was advertised 140 hp (it's ok for our standards) in reality, it had 116 hp and it didn't have any of the advertised features (like surround sound and side airbags) and Many costumers complained about that (so much so that one time it landed in court and Hyundai was forced to give a model with all advertized features)