V6 engine working paper model

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konrad zamożny : how you calculate swept volume?

Durahan82 : Are you going to try making a Inline 6 engine soon ?

Aliaksei Zholner : To everyone who asked about plans: there are no plan of this model for the moment, because plan creation takes too much time, I believe even longer than to build the model itself. Maybe I'll create plans someday in the future

Tony Music : Dad pulls up to a red light, Car next to him revs the engine and yells "race?" Dad responds "Hispanic!"

rene marinero : Mis respetos a tan genial tutorial nice !!

white floss : it's guys like this that inspire me to go for it

FadedShadows : Genius

Daniel O'Keefe : How did you make the pivot points for the flaps in the air distribution? 😩 tried a few methods so far but struggling!

Rithik Khatumria : how to make it please tell

Compaxius Camiones : A cruise ship with an pielstick engine

Phantom Tech : Can I buy one please?

Jiří Žáček : hi could you please make a tutorial how to make an piston?

aniket shirke : that was insane

DJAZAlwayz : 11:21 p.m. and my mind is blown !! that is nuckin futs !!

Blue Jelly : 凄い!作り方知りたい!

creativeobsin : That is truly awesome!

Delicious DeBlair : THAT IS SO COOL!

Pepijn Arts : are you Thelegend27 ?

Tomáš Kučera : Awesome, great idea ;-)

blue-goldBR : You could make a video explaining how to make one of these or link the molds

life of mike : I want to by one how much

Fardin TECH ltd : can you give your facebook I'd or something

Josh : Dude I come from Reddit...this is fucking awesome

Fardin TECH ltd : now I am trying to make a 4 cylinder engine which will have air distribution

YTisMEH ThisisBS : This is insane. Fucking awesome job!

Senuol Icak : very creative !!

ilovemyself 21 : That awesome

Reddit Throwaway Account : Hello Reddit <3

レムりんってめっちゃ可愛くね? : berryNice!

Wolf Powered Vids : Man I wish I knew how to build it...

Tim Bot : absolutely amazing

501gramm : ставишь такой двигатель в автомобиль с воздушным компрессором и катаешься на воздухе)

AxU : Make a tutorial video, please!

blameitallonezra : You know ...that 12 cyl is next? It's just two str8 6s paired....best of luck! Beautiful work.

Marcelo Marques Costa : I want to buy one please!

Dirty Potter : vtec kicked in 1:02

Ralkall : Some people have the calmness and focus to build such a cool little paper models... while I run out of patience trying to open a box of cereal.

kumar daniel : very nice....

Ziggy_Z : do you have instructions or template for this amazing engine?

GV : Impressive

zhbvenkhoReload : fake and gay

liviu dochia : how can I make myself one, can you help me with some samples please?

Blade Blaziken : This is the best cardboard engine I've ever saw

Пашок Пашок : клапана стучат

Fardin TECH ltd : sorry the plans of the crankshaft

Natan Semolini : Faz o tutorial

Bora Rossi : Still sound better than V6 F1 cars..  XD

DawkinsFan : I dunno why but this video triggered my aspergers.

Fardin TECH ltd : and the pieces which go up and down

Prof. Luis Herrera : Man +Aliaksei Zholner you are tha motherfucking master!