V6 engine working paper model

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Aliaksei Zholner : To everyone who asked about plans: there are no plan of this model for the moment, because plan creation takes too much time, I believe even longer than to build the model itself. Maybe I'll create plans someday in the future

Wookiee : It seemed like a good idea on paper. ... I'll show myself out.

Ralkall : Some people have the calmness and focus to build such a cool little paper models... while I run out of patience trying to open a box of cereal.

DIY Garage : Need to put this on an engine dyno, see what kind of numbers it makes!!

Your Best Friend : Please make a tutorial or something

Ahmed Farag : awesome work .. would you mind to share the pattern

Bora Rossi : Still sound better than V6 F1 cars..  XD

Dirty Potter : vtec kicked in 1:02

Nick Moore : Sweet, it even has a little roughness in the idle!

MrGalaxy : Sounds like a Helicopter

DawkinsFan : I dunno why but this video triggered my aspergers.

boricualink : Yeah but how do we smoke drugs out of it?

Ionut Gombos : try to make a car and mount the engine on it

Jay W. Hat : Cool. It would be better though if they cylinders powered the crankshaft rather than the crankshaft powering the cylinders!

29 valen 29 : hola nose si sabes español pero te está por pedir si me pasas los planos para crear el mío

Stunt Vist : Will you consider making a paper 2JZ engine?

T Tanizawa : Most kids threw airplanes at the teacher in class. Then some kid built a paper hemi and took out the substitute's shins.

djgiga : Dude you could build the best paper airplane ever!

Durahan82 : Are you going to try making a Inline 6 engine soon ?

James Owen : that oil pan wont hold a damn thing withj those holes in it.

FritzIdler : Our energy problems are solved. Hook that guy's mouth up to my gas tank.

ATL Designs : Chevy's new engine for the 2016 Camaro's

AxU : Make a tutorial video, please!

Rory McCabe : now build the rest of the car

foday S : Do a "how to" video.

xuimod : That's the next version of the Ford Ecoboost.

Greencoast : Instructions are needed.

Neko Taks : that's actually a pretty interesting single cam (almost literally) setup. I can tell there's an intake side to it, but is there an exhaust side to it as well? I'm curious as to how the used air gets expelled from the motor. maybe it leaks past the piston through the cylinder and into the crankcase. . .jk

Dominic Iacino : sounds like its got a bit of a misfire bro

eXoISupra : +LPN05 +TheSLAPTrain1 +BlackPanthaa  JUST AWESOME!!!

Blunteeezy : phenomenal

Pepijn Arts : are you Thelegend27 ?

Everything There Is : Hobbies!

GeorgeVatsos : Impressive

viKing1428 : After the countless times my dad explained to me how engines, it took a paper model for me to finally understand. Well done, that is very awesome.

Ultraman Nexus : Lmao. Engine,Engine Failure Box now!

Lemonte : probably more reliable than mclaren honda.

Vladimír Biroš : Plsssssssssssss tutorial

vida sobre rodas : tutorial?

Blue Jelly : 凄い!作り方知りたい!

Всеволод Кугушев : чувак ты крут !

Evaldas Kunickas : I once made a paperplane, trew it out the window, it hit world trade centre

Diji : I'm working on making one, I'll provide a step by step guide and tutorial if Aliaksei is ok with it.

yasin kalam : Who the heck will dislike this video

A guy named Ghost : What are you using for conrods?

Daniel Hendricks : 1:00

Mamamonkey : LOL. What an amazing waste of time.

rene marinero : Mis respetos a tan genial tutorial nice !!

Summoner Arthur : best and faster than a prius

Kek5kopF : dont mess with that dude, he'll build a gun out of paper and shoot you