V6 engine working paper model

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Aliaksei Zholner : To everyone who asked about plans: there are no plan of this model for the moment, because plan creation takes too much time, I believe even longer than to build the model itself. Maybe I'll create plans someday in the future

Wookiee : It seemed like a good idea on paper. ... I'll show myself out.

Ralkall : Some people have the calmness and focus to build such a cool little paper models... while I run out of patience trying to open a box of cereal.

Konrad Toney : This is fucking awesome dude. Car Throttle on Facebook brought me here.

Your Best Friend : Please make a tutorial or something

Frank Garrett : still more power than your vtec

Ahmed Farag : awesome work .. would you mind to share the pattern

DawkinsFan : I dunno why but this video triggered my aspergers.

MrGalaxy : Sounds like a Helicopter

Ionut Gombos : try to make a car and mount the engine on it

Jay W. Hat : Cool. It would be better though if they cylinders powered the crankshaft rather than the crankshaft powering the cylinders!

Nexomanjaro 29 : hola nose si sabes español pero te está por pedir si me pasas los planos para crear el mío

Stunt Vist : Will you consider making a paper 2JZ engine?

djgiga : Dude you could build the best paper airplane ever!

T Tanizawa : Most kids threw airplanes at the teacher in class. Then some kid built a paper hemi and took out the substitute's shins.

Durahan82 : Are you going to try making a Inline 6 engine soon ?

Benedocta : Pffff... This engine doesn't even have a valve train... /s 1:02 WAIT WHAT? This shit is awesome man!

James Owen : that oil pan wont hold a damn thing withj those holes in it.

FritzIdler : Our energy problems are solved. Hook that guy's mouth up to my gas tank.

ATL Designs : Chevy's new engine for the 2016 Camaro's

AxU : Make a tutorial video, please!

foday S : Do a "how to" video.

xuimod : That's the next version of the Ford Ecoboost.

Greencoast : Instructions are needed.

eXoISupra : +LPN05 +TheSLAPTrain1 +BlackPanthaa  JUST AWESOME!!!

Blunteeezy : phenomenal

Pepijn Arts : are you Thelegend27 ?

Everything There Is : Hobbies!

GV : Impressive

viKing1428 : After the countless times my dad explained to me how engines, it took a paper model for me to finally understand. Well done, that is very awesome.

Lemonte : probably more reliable than mclaren honda.

vida sobre rodas : tutorial?

Blue Jelly : 凄い!作り方知りたい!

Dominic Iacino : sounds like its got a bit of a misfire bro

Evaldas Kunickas : I once made a paperplane, trew it out the window, it hit world trade centre

Daniel Hendricks : 1:00

Mamamonkey : LOL. What an amazing waste of time.

rene marinero : Mis respetos a tan genial tutorial nice !!

Summoner Arthur : best and faster than a prius

Kek5kopF : dont mess with that dude, he'll build a gun out of paper and shoot you

LucchiniSW : I bet that still makes more torque than a Civic.

Perseus Portaliono Assissiono i Dotaaria : The view count, prime example what happens when 9gag features your video. :D

Gabe Sewell : Fun fact; this will still beat your standard Prius in a drag race.

Antonius Britannia : Not impressed.  Should have been a Hemi, and it is N/A, but no supercharger?  Total waste. J/k. It is an amazing model!

QuattroRMT : 0:44 i was scared at the first time when i heared this xD

IamDrSpock : This is fantastic! Quite the talent you have!

ömer soykıran : sounds like a shelby, AWESOME!!

kodaspaws : Speachless.....

Dylan .S : Incredible, congratulations to you! It took you how long to build? ?

Manuel Pecellin Cantillo : Engineer's god