The Way We Get Power Is About to Change Forever

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Aidan S : The second I saw this video. I thought, I wonder what Elon Musk did this time.

The one true Morty : But batteries use chemicals and natural elements too. We will run out of them eventually

gramar sheriff : I bet the oil companies are shaking in their boots right now

The FPV Life : Not if the Republicans n Trumptards are controlled by the Fossil fuel industry. Such pigeon heads.

lyntwo : Graphene based capacitors for power storage.

Hexure : There is another challenge that no one is seeing here. Fossil fuels are an industry. The people profiting millions off this aren't going to give up without a fight. There is eventually going to be a boss battle, and only those with the attention of the community will be able to play. Save us Elon Musk! Your our only hope.

ProneToInfection : Everybody's talking about how dangerous batteries are, but no one seems to offer even a single solution. So you guys think we should stick with oil? Or don't you think if more time and effort was spent on batteries they would improve drastically and some of their issues could be resolved? Or should we look towards hydrogen? Nuclear? Or what's your guys' solution, cause right now everybody sounds like oil lovers

James Tomich : The extraction of the rare earths and minerals needed and their pollution during refining is not talked about at all. YOU ARE TOOLS AND FOOLED!!!

Nick Meyer : Push water up when you have too much energy. Then let it flow through turbines when you need energy on demand. A battery is simply stored energy. It doesn't need to be lithium based. Use energy to offset gravity. Then let gravity do it's magic and utilize the rushing water when you need it. Simple.

Maxon Mendel : Aren't batteries bad for the environment?


Don B : Curtailment ? Producing too much clean energy ? Are you serious ? Any person with an iq over 50 knows the reason is oil monopolies

Green Mountain : Yes lets cover the earth in toxic, corrosive batteries. That's the green answer. I mean they are made by fairies up in the clouds and it produces no problems. And when your done, pixies eat the batteries and fart rainbows. Yay.

Mohammed : Saudi Arabis is gonna go bankrupt.

shrekvt : Problem is that the earth doesn't have enough lithium and other rare earth materials needed to make all batteries to do this.

alkoristar : Where are you going to dispose old batteries?

billdale1 : Thank you, Bloomberg... you create such positive, dynamic content that it would qualify you as "fake news" in Donald Trump's eyes, simply because you actually tell it like it is. Keep it up, please!

Fabio Vellozo : And They didn't even considered the Graphene supercapacitors that is in development in China. That would be a major leap in cost reduction. On top of that, today you don't need to have batteries to conserve energy. Many places use elevation and pumps to use the excess energy to pump water to huge elevated reservoirs, so when we need the energy, it can produce hydroelectric power on demand. Many ways to get to Rome. Human innovation cannot be underestimated.

Anton Helsgaun : There isn't enough lithium in the world

Rotciv Lhuillier : I can't agree with your video. Here is why: Lithium batteries on a big scale pollute a lot! Plus you didn't consider storing hydrogen in your video which is practical to store energy more longer term. This video was well made but biased towards batteries which I do not agree with!

xwiggles08 : But I thought Trump said Coal was the future?

Adelino Denzel : Now the end of Oil dependent Economies is near. ....They will come from King Kong to Monkey. .

Satyajeet Panchal : I am really impressed with Bloomberg news sooner than you think. 😉😉😉😉 Awesome video Bloomberg guys. Keep it up.

Mike Arredondo : I have been buying iPhone since 07 y the fk are they charging me more and more with every generation

benn61 : sooo. fossil fuel isnt natural ,_,

lotusjag04 garage : Are you trying to make Texas give up are massive trucks and big cars

minners71 : And where are these batteries made? In factories that pump out more pollution than the ones that we already have.

Jaspar CJ : Red T energy is creating batteries perfect for this.

jasbcor : Batteries introduce new problems too. The scale of lithium mining would have to increase some 50x over and then after 10 years or so, all of those batteries need to be recycled, disposed of, or replaced, that creates a huge environmental concern and management problem.

DikoMan : Sadly, no word about what are we going to do with the used batteries at the end of their life.

Ojalá Az : It sounds great, but who can tell me, how much CO2 does it cost to produce these batteries? Where do the raw materials come from? Is another third-world country going to suffer exploitation and corruption from our trend? How many years do these batteries last? Are they recyclable and how much does it cost us to recycle them.. in my opinion, the world's biggest pollutants are those nasty pharmaceutical factories and manufacturing plants all around the world, construction and mining sites (...and "luxury" cruise ships which have no filter for their diesel engines... )

Aslam Khan : I feel pity for gulf countries. Ok now it's over do some work rather selling oil.

Jan Pohořelický : Nice but to power europe with solar energy you couldn't grow any plants... it would take up to much space. Nucler power is the best way so far. Yes there is nuclear waste but it's small amout compared to huge waste that is created when you dump solar panel... and think how much land you need for it to have equivalent power.

Daniel Terestenyi : Paid for by Elon Musk.

Deon Van der Westhuizen : Now consider the future of Africa, we have plenty of sunshine, but the people steal the solar panels for scrap as soon as they gets installed. Batteries do not fare any better.

Divergent Droid : I don't like it. Conventional battery technology is toxic and unsafe. What we need is DIY or cheap batteries made from abundant natural resources.

Eileen the Crow : One of the biggest obstacles to "clean" energy (an oxymoron) is that subsidies keep investing in current or old technology instead of letting the market evolve to the point that regular people will invest on their own to decentralize power generation. The market would work fine if the government would stop trying to force things. Yes I'm also in favor of getting rid of oil and other forms of energy that get subsidized.

Ryan Ringa : Do you know how much the process of making batteries pollutes the earth lol mining oar for batteries is one of the most polluting things on earth. As well as when they get old you can't recycle them.

cdg : why dont we use dams as batteries.

Kshitiz Rai : i think this video is under-estimating how difficult it is to make batteries.

Draggos Dinca : triggered . they are not bateries !!!!! dose are acumulators , bateries are one use onley .

JON GILLETTE : The electric car is not really a green source. The batteries are a problem for recycling or getting rid of. More batteries? No. There is a better way.

17R3W : I'm not sure batteries 🔋would be the best answer. There are any number of things you could don't store power, including just pumping water up hill (and then releasing it when you need the power back).

Being Reality : Here in Florida the majority of Floridians has"the majority of Floridians has ignored" key players of solar power which basically let all Florida power companies and politicians control Florida solar energy so that little or no solar exists in Florida.

Patrick London : I think your dreaming. We don't need millions of batteries polluting the world. A better idea might be solar panels placed all around the world. And the world sharing power. Or professor James McCanneys idea of his great wing generators. I'm sure the oil companies have been hiding other energy producing machines.

Violet Veins : HEY! Think about it, fossil fuel are just ancient batteries in liquid form, they let you convert saved up energy, we just need new batteries not more energy produced. Another form of battery would be wiring the excess power to china so they could wire us power during the our night. Water towers are good non toxic batteries, so are scuba tanks if connected to a air pump and electric generator. So we either need to learn how to share or how to store things. Chemical batteries are terrible because they exploit the earth's non-renewables resources. At least "flow batteries offer some commercial feasibility. The ONLY obstacle to "unlimited free electricity" (and your political freedom from corporations) is in battery technology (wind, solar, tether satellites tech, geothermal etc.) Let the age of BATTERY AGE BEGIN!

ZAcrackedgamer,GG 12 : why isnt anyone talking about thorium its more efficent than nuclear probaby because you cant make weapons out of it

Normund : 20 years...pff Id say 5.

Paul : 80% drop in 10 years doesn't necessarily mean 80% drop in next 10 years, costs in technology are usually an approximate curve, meaning the steepest cost drop has already happened, just food for thought.

Makuro Tamashi : And to build giga factories, space for windmill, you need earth. If the next decade gonna be like that, where did the plants go? Human cant simply live with energy. The way you think that there is no cons in that project is absurd. You still need land to build. And more than 50% is gone already. Energy purely from nature? You dont even think the consequences from it.