The Way We Get Power Is About to Change Forever

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Aidan S : The second I saw this video. I thought, I wonder what Elon Musk did this time.

TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity : Lithium Ion Batteries SUCK and Lithium is like Gold or Bitcoin, limited supply, price goes up, fuckin teslas will just get sooo expensive they need fuel cell replacements and tank of hydrogen in the trunk.... we need hydrogen bro hydrogen is what we should just invest in... do it now .... fuckin invest government money and do something Useful with the government for a change!

pokejag 04 : Are you trying to make Texas give up are massive trucks and big cars

Duy Linh Chu Ha : The only way for electricity to replace fossil fuel in everyday life is a battery breakthrough. There's been many attempts at energy storage but none as efficient and uncomplicated as fossil fuel. Batteries no matter how cheap needs extraction, storage, refinement and production in which the process might be as damaging as fossil fuel which go through the same process without production. Not to mention Lithium is as finite as oil and will run out eventually. The only way to break out is a breakthrough in battery or energy storage that allow lesser usage of lithium or complete replacement, lightweight, compact, efficient and most importantly mass production capable. We should be hopeful and cautious about our situation. If this could be achieved perhaps nuclear energy will be accepted once more.

Ignatz71 : Ever notice how the misinformed are also the most vocal?

jimmypetelol : Great video. Would like to know more on the effect of battery's raw materials; and their prices; considering they are finite resources (nickel, copper, aluminum, etc)

ForeverFlame88 : Fantastic! Half-powered by creation! Woohoo! Father God's Creation. The Earth is not your mother... has "she" ever baked you cookies?

Peter Robann Sobrepena : Drink your gasoline if you're addicted to it. As if you don't cry when gas prices hike.

Jacob Knudsen : A new world where energy backed by batteries is cheap and abundant???  This propaganda is horrible...Unless consumers are willing to have rolling blackouts during time of high demand and low solar/wind production we still need our full demand capacity in dispatchable generation (i.e. natural gas, hydro etc.).  That means we have to build needed capacity three times (intermittent renewable, battery storage and on-demand generation) and will have billion of dollar in generation sitting idle that someone has to pay for.  This does not sound cheap.

de-jane niles : Hopefully we're not going to be here in 2021-30

Jimbob84141 : Just strap a turbine on trump's mouth and we can all live of the power for millions of years. :)

Jason Pratt : Texas' wind electricity generation was more like 16% of total, not 25%. Greenies always trying to pump up the statistics.

dank tank : China and India are banning gas car sales over the next 15 years. That should push the needle where it needs to be, while American companies are paying law makers to stick to the old ways. China will be #1 economic power in 20 years.

Jason Rey Araña : It feels good watching this video.

Ryan B : me in 20 years "Back in MY day I inhaled toxic exhaust fumes LIKE A MAN"

solar guy : I have a better idea, but to say it will take away from myself

zezizarjaars : I still hope trucks will drive on swappeble batteries, so the batteries are double used as well, just like roofs, especially in industrial area's.

Greg S. : What if we had nearly infinite, cheap, energy? We'd use it....and it would turn into heat.

Ben Stainton : Obviously there are issues with batteries but the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion, especially considering new technologies on the horizon. Justin Hall-Tipping’s TED talk is a good example.

TheFreedom486 : Fossil fuel adversely affected climate, how does battery production affect our environment (by saving climate)? I know these batteries require special metals that needs to be mined. How does that production hurt our environment? Are these batteries bio-degradable?

Ondra Žižka : There are way better ways to store energy than batteries. Water bodies, molten salts, lifted heavy objects...

Gordon Hensley : Why not use that power to wind giant springs and then release the energy in the springs to turn dynamos?

Eric Meyer : As an Environmentalist I really can't support renewables+batteries. It's much too mining intensive and land intensive, Nuclear energy has a much smaller footprint.

4merCIA : They could set up huge solar fields in space between the Sun and the Earth and then being the energy by microwaves to the Earth to a receiving station it would be an endless supply of free energy that would last forever

Daniel Gregory : It's illegal to power a home with solar in Florida, and Nevada. The list will continue to grow as Oil money buys state legislatures to vote in their favor. So long as this obstacle of moneyed influences corrupting politics is allowed, Solar powered homes will become increasingly illegal. Don't sit at home and take it. Fight it!

CNC : This was a good vid that would be awesome but all the facts aren't right the lithium batteries won't get to solid or gas form for awhile like over 50 years. There's probably going to be a BIG exposition of renewable energy but storage will always be a problem

NHVelo : Technology in fracking and drilling is resulting in increased productivity, speed, and lower costs. This will only continue to improve, Solar needs to become more efficient

Ramiel : Of course people are buying less cars today as inflation has left most people broke, electric cars tag price will not support this expansion. Laws may forbid this change even if would lead to an oil collapse later on.

MrEiht : We really live in a day and age where you can promote any nonsense. The gap between normal people and people who understand basic principles of physics and science has become big enough. So you can tell average -american- Jo anything, even that the earth is flat or Trump is a leader.

Richard Lane : so the problem isnt actually expenses, its our drive for profits. It could be done, right now. It would just be harder and we wouldnt make (well companies wouldnt make) as much money instantly.

J Hammond : The earth makes oil. It is a renewable fuel source. Come on folks ...think about it

GRAdvisers : Easier said than done! Tons of companies mine and refine oil to meet consumer's demand. The price hasn't gone down....instead it shoots up steadily. I suspect the same thing will happen to all you are spilling out here. As long as there are greedy multinationals as middlemen who are prepared to buy out politicians to have their way, things are going to remain the way they are.

Mohammed : The problem is, where are these batteries gonna go when they die?

dabartos : jeez everyone's taking everything so offensively but when you go out and try to meet people they're all scared little pussies with issues in their lives. I guess on the internet, everyone's a scientist

Javier Verdun : Argentina will be the next Arabic Saudi. im talking about LITHIUM □♤♡♧◇○

1001 10111011 : Salt power. Salt, the most abundant energy source on the planet.

Elijah Coleman : Currently, nuclear power is still the best form of energy production. Just imagine when we can make a molten salt generator or reach cold fusion.

Phillip Brass : NO FUCK YOU BLOOMBERG! This is a fucking charade. I see that they are making this seem like the only way it can be done is to farm the energy, send it to a massive storage center, so they can redistribute it to the population and keep us tied to a grid. They can start this process once they figure out how to design such a large storage facility, full of huge batteries. In the meantime, they keep the debate of climate change a controversy in order to stall the implementation of solar and wind technology on business level, private or not. The real solution; which could start now, but will NOT start because it is NOT in the favor of control and profit for the elite like those in Bloomsberg, Google, and Youtube; is making it so each consumer can purchase their OWN renewable energy technology, (solar roofs, windmills), thus making it so each individual household is powered by its own grid rather than the government's. It also means free energy for the population... talk about a loss of power for the big guy. They will not allow this! I believe solar and farms are great for all. But not if they make it illegal to be off of THEIR grid, which they currently have made the current law.

Saurabh Avachat : But will those batteries be cleaner and free from toxics Or is it just a change to offer something new to revive the market?

Gage Foltyn : I was wondering when we'd get to the lithium ion phase in the world with batteries for an alternative storage source. Lead acid batteries do what they're supposed to do as far as being cost effective and reliable. When you get into the advanced chemistries like nickel-metal hydride or lithium ion you have the danger of the cells going thermal nuclear. Yes you are going to get a lighter and smaller package, but you need a BMS on every single cell, it's not a dumb battery. If that system fails, the batteries can go thermal nuclear. Now yes Elon Musk's Powerwall is liquid cooled and can also be operated outside, but that doesn't mean it is completely fail-safe either; just like any other technology in the world we use. I'm not completely shunning out lithium ion batteries, but it makes no sense to use lithium ion batteries for residential power. For example: GM, Tesla, Toyota, and so on; install lithium ion batteries in their vehicles and you want to use lithium ion batteries for anything that moves because everything is weight to power ratio in a moving vehicle. If your in a stationary application; who cares. It's just like how most people now days won't take the time to run a simple ethernet cable to their TV's, desktops, and printers; it doesn't move! Then they wonder why they have no bandwidth on their wifi.

Eric Fritz : This shit is nothing but fluff.

N The One : Also uh... Car pollution is small compared to factory farming and animal agriculture. Clear skies are still far away.

DarkAngel : Only if they let Nikola Teslas free electricity happen we wouldn't have any unfriendly envariomental harms and that was all the way back in 1900 eventually they will bring up his patent and say we have NEW innovation to power up world for free 😏 200 years later after it's been invented and scrapped as it wasn't profitable to goverament 👍🏼

Money Luser : it won't happen as long as we continue to allow Saudi Arabia to flood our corrupt politicians with cash via untracked offshore accounts.

Michael Gillette : We should all start collectively start bottling all our farts. We'll then have all the free gas we'll ever need!

Zero : i will never be alive to have a battery to power my power armor :(

d0m : What about overpopulation? The world will end in a 150 years from that unless we repopulate other planets like mars and search for more planets.

GXM Pyette91 : solar became the cheapest electricity in the world for places on the equator where the sun is longest and brightest all year round... its far too expensive for northern countries to run solely on... plus with starving people in the world and deforestation in massive amounts we are going to have to ask the moral question.... do we give up nature for a 'natural' power source? or give up food in a starving world for a 'clean' energy source? think about that next time.

Ryloh - : well we literally have free energy ET tech, but nobody seems to want to disclose that, so...

petekob : Life span of coal and natural gas turbine, +/-20 Years until regular replacement (NatGeo or Discovery documentary if I remember correctly). Output of 2 turbine plant 500mw/continuous load. Lifespan of Li-Ion battery