biggest pimple in the earth on horse neck 2017

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Gabreshaa : This is where milk comes from

Sebby Bano : I’m on the weird side of the internet aren’t I 🤢

Rosey The lovely fox : To-do list: -Clean my hands -clean my history -clean my computer -clean my eyes Actually, nah. I have sonething better to do. -BURN MY HANDS -BURN MY HISTORY -BURN MY COMPUTER -BURN MY EYES

Jess Rovi : im in the middle of "this is beautiful" and "im about to puke"

Daniel Dugger : Why am I watching this

YeahWeRepTheSameSmartech : Nice job, that horse is gonna love you for the rest of its life. You could see the relief in the horse' eyes

deron Gonzalez : That's not a pimple it's a facking volcano🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🗻🗻🗻🗻🗻

Protronica : This is how they make yogurt

World's Okay-est Person : I do believe your hprse sprung a leak

Queen Unidragon : Gloves?Maybe?

Black Yoshi : Horse Milk

Emma Strom : That must have HURT A LOT!!

Medvěd co ví kde je med : Holy shit, now I must watch puppies fails in order to forget this.

Jen X : Why would they it get that big before taking action? Poor 🐎

Katy S. : The only reason I came was the horse. I *LOVE* horses❤️

william bladestorm-dingus : its pissin out the neck

Karen Olsen : Why did they let it get that far It could have been treated before it got that bad.. Poor baby

Ellie Parks : It went from fallout four videos to this...welcome to the internet

jenna nisby : Poor little guy

Lynsi Nicholson : Poor baby. I only came for the horse too

Gabriel Erlandson : Just throw the whole horse away its broken

Pidgeonman24 : That’s one good horse

Lindsay Davis : Omg the relief of pressure from that had to feel so good

LOTRSAURON : 1:25 delicious?

P M : He's doing a good work....salute to you.....

KawaiiKandyPop : Usually pimple poppings don't bother me but I'm feeling a little 🤢

Santiago Martínez : How... C R E A M Y

cherrygactchgirl yay : Why am i watching this i need help someone help me pls

Platinum Hunter : God I love this horse sooooo beautiful

Adam Siklos : Who wants a bootle of milk?

Luca D. Marchesi : I don't know why I'm watching this but I can't stop...

Aphea Pearl : That must've hurt!

Maria lucif : I'm done with my live

Kassandra Yuen : i WOULD NOT touch the fluid, why can u touch them D: it is so smelly

Tinja Nichols : How the.... the...... 😵🚶‍♂️howd did i get here

Ax3 ReRE : That's where glue is from???

Chili Princess : That horse was growing a tit and thats the milk

Mick Obrien : I feel sorry

Diana Auditore : That should have went to a professional for that

Maria Waters : That is huge

Aesthetic vibes : It's my fault I searched for this

pp.lovelife200616 : Hi everyone, thank you for coming to my sleepover. Now I have 2 options for drink, I have milk and strawberry milk........ * 15 minutes later, after the girls have finished their drinks*ummmm Tiffany that milkshake tasted extremely weird... All the other girls* yeah, our drinks kind of tasted weird to..... * Tiffany the girl who's hosting the sleep over yells* mom, I went into the farm and I found a bucket of milk. I just added milkshake powder to that and the girls, saying it tasted weird, what cow did that come from as we may have to call the doctor and get her checked up on. Mom* TIFFANY.... You used that pale to make milkshakes!!!!! * mom pulls Tiffany to one SIDE* honey, that was not milk that was PUSS!! *Tiffany what the hell do you meen *mom you know, the huge pimple that was on emma's, the horse's neck, well, the doctor came over today and popped her pimple and put all the puss in that pale!!!! *Tiffany* 😲😲

Weedboy : Bro that’s a tumour

Lesley Mathie : That must feel so much better

Shannon Williams : Why let it get that bad?!? It didn’t get that bad over night!!

Frank Alongi : Why in all that's good would anyone let it get that bad that's horrible neglect

Mami IsntHere : Best fap ever .

Hanabi Yuuki : Oml i want to throw up but i don't want to. I find it weird cuz i watch these every once in a while so that i remember to wash me face before i go to bed and when i get up.

unknown : Now we know where milk really comes from!

Basically Bros : They say there is pus in milk 🍼 enjoy your cereal while you watch