biggest pimple in the earth on horse neck 2017

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Daniel Dugger : Why am I watching this

Sebby Bano : I’m on the weird side of the internet aren’t I 🤢

YeahWeRepTheSameSmartech : Nice job, that horse is gonna love you for the rest of its life. You could see the relief in the horse' eyes

Black Yoshi : Horse Milk

Katy S. : The only reason I came was the horse. I *LOVE* horses❤️

william bladestorm-dingus : its pissin out the neck

deron Gonzalez : That's not a pimple it's a facking volcano🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🗻🗻🗻🗻🗻

Magnus Loves Music : That must've hurt!

jenna nisby : Poor little guy

LOTRSAURON : 1:25 delicious?

Lynsi Nicholson : Poor baby. I only came for the horse too

Madeline Garcia : wtf

Simran Shaikh : Wtf....

Medvěd co ví kde je med : Holy shit, now I must watch puppies fails in order to forget this.

DumboGumbo o : i WOULD NOT touch the fluid, why can u touch them D: it is so smelly

Emma Strom : That must have HURT A LOT!!

Jen X : Why would they it get that big before taking action? Poor 🐎

Eva Cadriel : Wow

Diana Bal : That should have went to a professional for that

Diana Bal : That’s so sad

Logan Wheeler : That poor horse.

Xiomara Ferrer : That poor horse i bet she really hate that that pimple

Pidgeonman24 : That’s one good horse

Annmarie Sunati : Gloves?Maybe?

jaycen Gates : Poor baby 🐎🐎🐎🐴🐴🐴

Adam Siklos : Who wants a bootle of milk?

Caleb Barksdale : If a zits that big the pus would be green

Sunset PALS : Someone tell me why the f*** do this not good attention sooner did you see how huge it was

Mariana Radejovská : Its a big

Jenn Ianelli : I think I'm sick.

nana benfo : 🤢

Bla Bla : It looks like it's loseing more 😨😨 y do I watch this

Shakeema Lord : 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

Victoria Riley : What is that

Brandon Rhodes : 1:26 me after watching zootopia

Kath Palmer : The horse just taking it.

nana benfo : weird side of youtube once again

Peyton Stephens : Now I know why I don’t eat much

TheSpaceman : Who wants some Cheerios with that?

David Beckham : That horse feels better than cumming on a teen girl

Jen X : 1:17, the chunks start shooting out...ugh...

Emmanuel Baena : That's so disgusting

Eunice Miranda : Jesus christ

Evan Chute : I bet that Can probably fill up a bathtub

Styling On-em : No gloves 😷😷

Barbara Blue : I think I'm on the wird side of the internet

Olivia Condon : Poor baby 😭

JQNJDF JVVBOJVOBN : This is what mean parents would give you with your cereal

Mina : This is the first time I've almost thrown up watching a pimple being popped 😱😱😱😷😷😷

Karen Toliver : if you brush and groom your horse on a regular basis you would have seen this before it got that big