biggest pimple in the earth on horse neck 2017

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Sebby Bano : I’m on the weird side of the internet aren’t I 🤢

YeahWeRepTheSameSmartech : Nice job, that horse is gonna love you for the rest of its life. You could see the relief in the horse' eyes

Daniel Dugger : Why am I watching this

Jess Rovi : im in the middle of "this is beautiful" and "im about to puke"

deron Gonzalez : That's not a pimple it's a facking volcano🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🗻🗻🗻🗻🗻

Gabreshaa : This is where milk comes from

Protronica : This is how they make yogurt

World's Okay-est Person : I do believe your hprse sprung a leak

Emma Strom : That must have HURT A LOT!!

Jennifer Compton : Why would they it get that big before taking action? Poor 🐎

Medvěd co ví kde je med : Holy shit, now I must watch puppies fails in order to forget this.

Black Yoshi : Horse Milk

william bladestorm-dingus : its pissin out the neck

Shawnee S : That ain’t no pimple...that’s a neck tit producing milk

jenna nisby : Poor little guy

Karen Olsen : Why did they let it get that far It could have been treated before it got that bad.. Poor baby

Katy S. : The only reason I came was the horse. I *LOVE* horses❤️

Lynsi Nicholson : Poor baby. I only came for the horse too

Queen Unidragon : Gloves?Maybe?

Gabriel Erlandson : Just throw the whole horse away its broken

Pidgeonman24 : That’s one good horse

Magnus Loves Music : That must've hurt!

LOTRSAURON : 1:25 delicious?

Ellie Parks : It went from fallout four videos to this...welcome to the internet

Maria lucif : I'm done with my live

Lindsay Davis : Omg the relief of pressure from that had to feel so good

Tinja Nichols : How the.... the...... 😵🚶‍♂️howd did i get here

Adam Siklos : Who wants a bootle of milk?

Kassandra Yuen : i WOULD NOT touch the fluid, why can u touch them D: it is so smelly

Frank Alongi : Why in all that's good would anyone let it get that bad that's horrible neglect

Cheresha Joseph : Why am i watching this i need help someone help me pls

Arjun Sharma : He's doing a good work....salute to you.....

Platinum Hunter : God I love this horse sooooo beautiful

Lesley Mathie : That must feel so much better

Diana Bal : That should have went to a professional for that

Luca D. Marchesi : I don't know why I'm watching this but I can't stop...

Weedboy : Bro that’s a tumour

Hanabi Yuuki : Oml i want to throw up but i don't want to. I find it weird cuz i watch these every once in a while so that i remember to wash me face before i go to bed and when i get up.

Lola Loud : I think this is where strawberry milk comes from I dont drink that kind anyway so I don't gotta problem with jt

Santiago Martínez : How... C R E A M Y

Hannah K : Didn’t even know horses could get pimples

Rosey The lovely fox : To-do list: -Clean my hands -clean my history -clean my computer -clean my eyes Actually, nah. I have sonething better to do. -BURN MY HANDS -BURN MY HISTORY -BURN MY COMPUTER -BURN MY EYES

Bonnie Wilsoni : And This is where milk comes from kids

Acoustic Umair : Oh disgusting but informative

Abigal the Gymnast : I looked up funny horse videos and guess what popped up? This LOL

Natalie Dominguez : I'm never gonna eat whip cream again 😐🤢

TheSpaceman : Who wants some Cheerios with that?

Danica Kurosaki : It's my fault I searched for this

Shannon Williams : Why let it get that bad?!? It didn’t get that bad over night!!

Mami IsntHere : Best fap ever .