Seal Sells Eggs

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Frostenbite41 : I will buy some fibsh and eggs oh and great job you earned a subscriber! :D

SolitaryPuma826 : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Egg. Would anyone else buy his eggs? He really knows how to catch your interest. ...... I might get him to advertise my leg bussne- L'egg! Holy sh*t.........

[IM] SeeTheEndOfmyspear : He sells eggs. But does he sell love?

TheFroKnight : This made my day.

Nilivern : Someone pay this person to air this on international televison

Noah The shiny : I'm eating eggs right now it's so delicious I bought it from the seal in this video

Finch : Where do I get this seal's eggs??

Le Carbonator : He protec He also attac But most importantly He *egg*

Alpha Magali : AAAAAAAAAAA fish! Leg! Egg!

Raichu862000 : mibph

M Be : A persuading sales-seal-person.

Gibby Gibby, Yes Papa : This is objectively the most underrated video in the whole goddamn world.

Bravery Night Fury : I'll buy it

Char White : Can I have some eggs Edit 1: omg one like yay

Gawdziller 16 : I can't even explain how much I love this.

Jennie Hendriks : Must buuuuuyyyyy egg not fiiiiifsh🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jaylen Armstrong : Fish geerah

me : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA egg egg! Egg! Fish! no..

Sponge Cake : ⒲⒣⒪'⒮ ⒴⒪⒰⒭ ⒠⒢⒢?

Very good boi %%% : Best 54 seconds of my life

Mars Bars : FIBSH



British Weirdo : Maybe that seal is actually saying Legs because it wants to walk on land instead of being forced to bounce on the ground to move along land

Majestic Marisa : Another reason why people live~

Isis Pospisil : Dis is da bes cumurciol

Don’t question my profile picture plz : I'll take a pack of 6.

UnregisteredHyperCam2 : egg

courtney marquez : If a sea doggo runs a store and has eggs I'll be there just because this made my day.😂😂😂😂😂😂

DatSwagMaster : What music you use

Boo and Echo The cat dragon and unicorn : Omg so flipping cute i think i died 💘 😍😳


Vaas Monternago : i put this video on my google classroom stream lolololol!

eevee da fox : I boid some his 3gg

jake miller : Brehh

SuperHacim222 : I can’t breathe.

Boo and Echo The cat dragon and unicorn : My favitroit part is when it said Look what where up agents💘

Magarah Tezerra : I have not seen a better use of YouTube in a long time.

VeE SoS : this guy is pinning every comment

Saucy : He attac He protec but most imprtantly, *He sell egg*

Jelly : this video is eggclent

Gamingman 2867 : I need fibsh and eggs

ASMR Pros : WHERE DO I GET THE EGGS? WHAT STORE Edit:Ty for the like :3

Puffy 588 : Awww he wants legs! I runs to hospital I There you go! ( Dude ) I those were my legs! I ( Me ) idc

Cookie_Jnr 001 : Where can I get his product

Lizzie : BREH, buy some eggs and fibsh.

• Succulent Opossum • : Now that's an l'egg sealsman you can trust.

TheSlowpokeArts : Best commercial ever

Volt : what kind of eggs and where do i get them

John Rambo : I'll take a hundred.