Seal Sells Eggs

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Frostenbite41 : I will buy some fibsh and eggs oh and great job you earned a subscriber! :D

SolitaryPuma826 : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Egg. Would anyone else buy his eggs? He really knows how to catch your interest. ...... I might get him to advertise my leg bussne- L'egg! Holy sh*t.........

TheFroKnight : This made my day.

[IM] SeeTheEndOfmyspear : He sells eggs. But does he sell love?

мчѕтιc : Where do I get this seal's eggs??

Nilivern : Someone pay this person to air this on international televison

Alpha Magali : AAAAAAAAAAA fish! Leg! Egg!

Bravery Night Fury : I'll buy it

Bad Time Beter : This is objectively the most underrated video in the whole goddamn world.

M Be : A persuading sales-seal-person.

Raichu862000 : mibph

Noah Luis Wiscovitch : I'm eating eggs right now it's so delicious I bought it from the seal in this video

Char White : Can I have some eggs Edit 1: omg one like yay

Le Carbonator : He protec He also attac But most importantly He *egg*

Gawdziller 16 : I can't even explain how much I love this.

Very good boi %%% : Best 54 seconds of my life

Jennie Hendriks : Must buuuuuyyyyy egg not fiiiiifsh🤣🤣🤣🤣

me : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA egg egg! Egg! Fish! no..

Tuna Şenyeğit : 0 disslikes. good

Magestic Marisa : Another reason why people live~

British Weirdo : Maybe that seal is actually saying Legs because it wants to walk on land instead of being forced to bounce on the ground to move along land

Some random YouTube account : I'll take a pack of 6.

eevee da fox : I boid some his 3gg

Funtime FoxyMangle2007Music Lover The wolf\Fox : My favitroit part is when it said Look what where up agents💘


Isis Pospisil : Dis is da bes cumurciol


Sponge Cake : ⒲⒣⒪'⒮ ⒴⒪⒰⒭ ⒠⒢⒢?


courtney marquez : If a sea doggo runs a store and has eggs I'll be there just because this made my day.😂😂😂😂😂😂

Magarah Tezerra : I have not seen a better use of YouTube in a long time.

Funtime FoxyMangle2007Music Lover The wolf\Fox : Omg so flipping cute i think i died 💘 😍😳

DatSwagMaster : What music you use

Jaylen Armstrong : Fish geerah

Saucy : He attac He protec but most imprtantly, *He sell egg*

SuperHacim222 : I can’t breathe.

Vaas Monternago : i put this video on my google classroom stream lolololol!

miliana : Our eggs blow away the competion 😉

Mars Bars : FIBSH

Jelly : this video is eggclent

Puffy 588 : Awww he wants legs! I runs to hospital I There you go! ( Dude ) I those were my legs! I ( Me ) idc

VeE SoS : this guy is pinning every comment

• Nougat Nephillim • : Now that's an l'egg sealsman you can trust.

Wintericed : I'm in love with this.

Jesse Cohen : lol, that was the best thing i've seen all day

rkein : egg

Pe Tro : Sea doogo is amazing

Brandon Isaiah : This is the cutest thing

Brian Silvermoon : He's trying to seal the deal

TheSlowpokeArts : Best commercial ever