DEET effectiveness demo

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Car Pal : so this is what hell sounds like

Adeline Zauner : R.I.P YOUR HAND...😑

Leo Dickinson : i hate the soung of mosquito

Shubham Kumar : Is there any drop of blood left in you😂😂😂😂

S a i k a w a犀川 : •-•';;;;;;;;;;; Rip...How Can You Do That?...I Know It Seems Hurt Af ;-;

David Snyder : This guy definitely has Zika virus now

相川さん。 : サムネに釣られて見てしまった......見なけりゃよかった

i'm WAKADANX : Aaaaaah this sound noooooooooooo

Amit Gawli : why am using headphones...............? 😢

lavender town rocket commander : If blood is on your skin like outside will they drink it and if you kill a mosquito and your blood leaks out of it will another mosquito drink that blood or do they prefer using there straws into your skin

Team Shmo : lol why keep doing the non treated hand? The first time basically shows what is gonna happen

Amaro Da Luz : This guy is crazy. Burn the mosquitos

Ruller Buddy : What happend to mosquito's Voice.. Even fucking lyrics.. Remix plz

なつき綾野 : 心なしか痒くなってきたあああああああああ

عزوز _azoz : العربي لايك🐰

Thor Jørgensen : I want to dip myself in a tub of DEET right about now.

U K : Now you did't do masterbation

Samuel Oliveira Soares : Alguém br ?

PLAY GAME BR : Depois vem fala que br e loko

A Tâm đê : Việt nam điểm danh

CheeseInc : After the tests, fill the whole thing up with lighter fluid and let it go

LuisCraft 756 : Khe verga? :u

AloNe GFXツ : It so scare!!!! °~°

Jijitsu Laloli : RIP HAND

Joao GAG : Porra se vejo um de se já fico feliz de matar imagina tanto assim mds q delícia q deve ser mata um tanto desse só tava veneno cabo

Justin Y. : No

Cat lover xd : -Oh- *hell* _no_ #omg

Raissa. fg : BRASIL? 2018?

____R3ktless_____ : Amk kulaklıkla dinleyince kulagimda sinek vizildiyor sandım

First Name Surname : Seriously

N O L Ø Ø P S : *Burn the whole man.*

Kashi Nathan : Satisfaction

Mr. Raptorix : Can’t believe you *DEET* that to yourself... Sub to this guy for his bravery

Raditya Rakha : hello i'm from indonesia

FangRazy : Russian?

FresHit : Few days latter this man died with Madezi disease (malaria, dengue,zika)

Manu Manu : Aii que agonia não Coça não?

Pimpin Bishop : The sound of those mosquitos are rather bothersome 😂

Rajput Rohit : Abb tu in San hai kya

結依子 : No sound…😰

Witte Artistry : Oh my gosh this makes my skin crawl!

HäNä 1112 : เจอแร้ว ไอ้ตัวแพร่พันยุง ทดลองจนเกิดสายพันธุ์แปลกๆ กว่าจะทดลองสำเร็จ กลายพันธุ์ไปกี่สายพันธุ์ สุดจริง #อยากตบชิบหาย "ยุงน่ะ"

Bayu Angga diva : How did you catch all of them I kill em all

CESUR CEBIYEV : Allah belani versin

Usernown : nightmare fuel

TheXplosifBrosif : Somebody give this man the biggest and shiniest medal for doing this in the name of science!

Sergio Adelino : the souds is very ahh

Fatih Gamer : Oraya bir sinekilaci sikikacsin ohh miss

Francesca Dato : HD GH

Gamers Sederhana : Wtf bro,hahahah