DEET effectiveness demo

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Vankai : my skin is crawling away after seeing this...... eeeeek

SrPikaPau : *2018 ?*

Dark Step : Put a racket in it

Sra. Nalgas : 😱

Jahmeka and Jaylynn Channel : I feel like there all over me right now! I literally thought my headphones cord was a mosquito when it touched me

Thor Jørgensen : I want to dip myself in a tub of DEET right about now.

Mario : Mosquitoes... Suck.

LuisCraft 756 : Khe verga? :u

モーツァルトさん。 : イヤホンで聞くとめっちゃゾクッてなるw 日本人いますか?

Mateus Silva Lima : ASMR MOSQUITO

SAK- SOON : oh hell no

BEST FUNNY videos : your hand is giant amazing

케케이신청케이경 : oh....T.T...

Micah Christenson. : 2018???

Official Bxbi : Tf” he crazy!! He put his hand back in that box!! If I have 1 fly on my hand I well scream so freakin loud!!😂🤯🤪

Witte Artistry : Oh my gosh this makes my skin crawl!

gentle ch : ขอเสียงคนไทนโหน่ยยยย

BaltoX : *ben buraya nerden geldim?*

Bom dia : Aii que agonia não Coça não?

[ OTF ] KAO : ไทยกด1

N O H O N E Y : *Burn the whole man.*

martyna_ x02 : R.I.P PEOPLE WITH HEADPHONES [*]

XIMENA ABIGAIL ALVAREZ IBARRA : Quitenmelos tengo audifonos haa!

Unboxing Tube : Que agonia desse barulho! ***

หมอนอิง เด้อ : หน้ากลัวมากค่ะใครเป็นคนไทยบอก

CheeseInc : After the tests, fill the whole thing up with lighter fluid and let it go

Clarissa Unicórnio : Nojo

Veteriner Ezgi :3 Nyan Nyan ;3 : -Oh- *hell* _no_ #omg

ラム澤 : イヤホンするとやばいwww

ぼの ぼの : 指とか刺されたら1番かゆいところじゃん

Marcel Avila🔥 : *KILL THEM ALL*

ぽてこ : 音を聴いてるだけで痒い

相川さん。 : サムネに釣られて見てしまった......見なけりゃよかった

Adeline Zauner : R.I.P YOUR HAND...😑

Larih E seu mundo : 2018?.....

Yesenia Ruiz : That must itches alot oh hell no

Bricilla kitty Guerra gamer : OMG THATS IS SO HURT YOU OMG. OMG!!!!!

Play2Go : 🤤

藍良 : これ刺されたらどれだけ辛いんだろう....カタ:(ˊ◦ω◦ˋ):カタ


Imam anak Madridista Arkan : itu dalam hati pasti kesakitan

i'm WAKADANX : Aaaaaah this sound noooooooooooo

authetic109_game geometry dash : R.I.P Alan

Dimitra Zafeiropoulou : Ηellο

MikeKage : You couldn’t pay me enough to do this

G Smile : OMG


César Ariel : XpressTV?

ภูริทัศน ์ จิตร์จรูญศรี : Vahd???

SAKSHI SINGH : Omg ..this is like mosquitoes in my ears.. Ehhh!!!irritating