DEET effectiveness demo

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Car Pal : so this is what hell sounds like

Versatility Creativity : Who sees in 2019...Hit like

Lum : Family members when you win the lottery

gaming with leo gaming with leo : i hate the soung of mosquito

Amit Gawli : why am using headphones...............? 😢

Team Shmo : lol why keep doing the non treated hand? The first time basically shows what is gonna happen

S a i k a w a犀川 : •-•';;;;;;;;;;; Rip...How Can You Do That?...I Know It Seems Hurt Af ;-;

Future Mii : I feel like mosquitoes are coming through my headphones

Samuel Oliveira Soares : Alguém br ?

Soledad Diaz : Like si no entiendes lo que dicen ellos

David Snyder : This guy definitely has Zika virus now

عزوز _azoz : العربي لايك🐰

Amaro Da Luz : This guy is crazy. Burn the mosquitos

The zFirst_AloNe GFXツ : It so scare!!!! °~°

The stick fight World #channel : This sound will be the death of me

N O L Ø Ø P S : *Burn the whole man.*

Tâm Đinh's Thành's : Việt nam điểm danh

Rohit Yadav : Pagal ha kaya

PLAY GAME BR : Depois vem fala que br e loko

なつき綾野 : 心なしか痒くなってきたあああああああああ

Justin Y. : No

Joao GAG : Porra se vejo um de se já fico feliz de matar imagina tanto assim mds q delícia q deve ser mata um tanto desse só tava veneno cabo

ʍօʊֆɛ4ʟɨʄɛ ツ✔️ : 3:16 that one mosquito tho

Imogen Stockwell : Was anyone else scratching 😂

lavender town rocket commander : If blood is on your skin like outside will they drink it and if you kill a mosquito and your blood leaks out of it will another mosquito drink that blood or do they prefer using there straws into your skin

CheeseInc : After the tests, fill the whole thing up with lighter fluid and let it go

Raissa. fg : BRASIL? 2018?

Gabriel Lucas : Eu ai com um rexona e um isqueiro, não ia sobrar um ksksk,,,nem que for uma raquete de matar mosquito tá bão

Tio Dez Mola : Br Assistindo esse vídeo 2019

Gabriel Yan Bessa : Mano ele arrisca a saúde dele só para postar uma merda de vídeo

Thor Jørgensen : I want to dip myself in a tub of DEET right about now.

Michelzin_ MP3 : Quem aqui e brasileiro

Andros The Conqueror : In case of avoid malaria,I would like to take a bath 6 Times a day with DEET instead of water


STAR LINE MEDIA MALAYALAM : *നീ മ്മടെ കൊച്ചിയിലേക്ക് ബാ..* 😎😂

Witte Artistry : Oh my gosh this makes my skin crawl!

Arshia Saini : No.... Are you kidding me!?!

Rajput Rohit : Abb tu in San hai kya

Deep Mood : *This reminds me of yeah boii guy*

Raptorix : Can’t believe you *DEET* that to yourself... Sub to this guy for his bravery

SrPikaPau : *2018 ?*

mohamed Ismail : Brother don't take risk👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

FangRazy : Russian?

Michelle Dantas : Alguem do brasil ??nao gosto do barulho deles parece que ta e em mim😅

Pimpin Bishop : The sound of those mosquitos are rather bothersome 😂

FresHit : Few days latter this man died with Madezi disease (malaria, dengue,zika)

rafael chahyadi : How did you catch all of them I kill em all

ゆいこさんだす。 : No sound…😰

Sankhanil Chakraborty : Burn the box,haha😈

Rajendra Prajapati : Nice