Drawing on Bathroom Walls (Big Doodle Mural)

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Remanje Carter : Dr. Peter Draws does a doodle again You know what the world needs

kiara : Teacher: what do you want to be when you grow up? Kid: astronaut! Kid: veterinarian! Peter: *bathroom painter*

April Marie : I hope they sealed that water based artwork !! 👍👍👏👏

Madelyn Janelle Art : Are you sealing it?

Mina F : To go in there high must be the most terrifying thing...

Oscar Armstrong : "didn't get a chance to poop on any of the toilets" damn what a shame... Also don't you not use toilet paper and just get straight into the shower? I remember that from your doodling on toilet paper video

Oscar Armstrong : I wonder if they will add a seal of some sorts on top because it kind of looks like it would eventually rub off or get smudged in like a month or so

Chase Sutherland : That moment when Peter was drawing in a bathroom in your city and you didn't know about it

Oscar Armstrong : *_that's a mighty big doodle in the bathroom_* that wasnt funny...

Aztec : This was really satisfying to watch

Lisa Yarost : Peter, calling this a “mural” is like calling the Sistine Chapel a “painting.” This is a completely immersive installation experience!

Durianaddict : Please feel free to come draw on our bathroom wall too

Popin Eryday : The hero we need, but don't deserve.

Sterling Archer : Thats gonna mess with drunk ppl baď!! Lmao

Jane Metcalfe : Definitely an improvement on what it all looked like before. So cool that you used red too.

sourdonkeyjuice : Dang if I saw this in person I'd get arrested cause I'd definitely have to check out the girls bathroom too..and I'm not a girl

Maxerino : I get an incredibly moist feeling in my nether regions when viewing your art Peter.

Smapiecus : I love how Bob Ross videos pop up in my recommended and in the Up Next column after I watch Peter Draws videos.

bubba : 11:32 that gave me whiplash lol

Planet_Caturn : I really like your understatements... Like this intro. 😂

k8g8s8 : Will it wash off when they clean the bathrooms? Since it cleans off so easy when you showered. I just got very worried all of a sudden that it might wash off.

Universe.psycho : Peterdraws needs to more attention honestly such an amazing artist

Traeton Jarvis : 8:34 he burps

William Mcmeekin : How well do the pens stay? Will the paint smudge?

Madelyn Janelle Art : This is so calming to watch. You did a great job! It would cool to upload some real time footage!

Mike Guy : the force is strong with this one

wiggle nancy : Congrats on #2 trending

Tristan Edwards : This is why I turn on notifications!

Victor Oreman : Now you dont need newspaper

Måns Palmberg : ..And he is back! The one and only Dr. Peter Draws. You always brightens the day with you and your videos. I saw one of your videos back in 2012 or something and ive been drawing and ever since that first video. You thought me to just put pen to the paper and it worked. Today i had the first day on my second artschool and im so happy i found that video all those years ago. Dont know what id do without art (or you) Thank you! :)

goodsinner333 : Get into graffiti... Make stickers and put them everywhere ...murals go color crazy....make a separate channel to this and go all out your graffiti name " DRAW"

Neasia Rhynes : I live in NC... WHY dont you doba meet and greet. I would love to meet you... Watch create a masterpiece

damianjones_art : How much did they pay you for this🤔

Katie Koala : the people who disliked this most likely were the ones who were creeped out by peter's creatures staring at them when they poop

art_i_hunt : *Hey Peter, thanks for painting walls! I am obsessed with those paint markers, they're so richly pigmented and your art <3, can imagine your art on Great Wall of China b-cuz your art is endless like that wall.*

Shonduras : been watching your work for awhile now. would be hyped to collaborate on a project for the spacestation!!

William P : Your voice is always so calming, Peter <3

Aris Sentious : I'm colorblind so the red on grey/green walls make it look kind of like it's glowing and it's actually really cool. Although it hurts my head after awhile.

Ken Stentiford : Seriously, you could make serious money doing this from time to time. I'd pay big $$$. This room is AWESOME.

Justin Young : no one can compare to bob ross but this guy sure as hell make me feel just as relaxed and happy

Not an npc : Damn peter, this is amazing!

Steve_the_boi Draws : Amazing intro 😂

ytussiy : Is this legal?

Bumpy201652 Munzy : I’m amazed how he can make this fake alien writing like alien calligraphy

Diogenes The Vlog : I rent and this is a dangerous video for me to watch. That thick clean line from that marker was damn satisfying

Catsoup : This has got to be one of my favorite videos of yours. Professional, as of course expected from Dr Peter.

Peek God : Honestly I just wanna give you acid or like dmt and a few pens a just see what you make

lizab : This takes bathroom wall penis drawings to a whole other level. The talent you possess to make such intricate art is mind blowing!! Always the high point of my day to watch your videos Peter

Samuel Richards : Fraudulent conspirators in a premodule plasmodal prehistoric soup Translation; I love your work peter I'm extremely inspired by your art, I'm going into an ap illustration class in high school and I've been watching since the beginning... ♥ ♥

yuri reis : Omg this is amazing and beutiful and beutiful and beutiful and beutiful and beutiful and beutiful and beutiful and beutiful and beutiful and beutiful and beutiful