Year of the Snake EPISODE 1: THE SPECIAL

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Now available to own on VHS: "It gleefully defies convention..." Press: Tubefilter: VAM Magazine: The Daily Dot: (re)Search My Trash: PINK8 Manifesto: The 7th Matrix: Geeks of Doom: Snake is sent to kill The Special but Snake's got plans of his own. A Web Series Directed by Nic Collins Original Score by Evasive Backflip

Comments from Youtube

Doogtoons : Great stuff guys!!! Keep it up. Can't wait for the next episode!

susanth09 : Great work... I am waiting to know what happens next... Best wishes

KEEYTA : Snake looks exactly like one of my brothers!

Francis Brothers Films : Just listened to a podcast about this series! Dig it so far!

MaryTV : Yes