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Sorrow TV : See you all next year.

Ellen Henderson : I'm here from Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast, tha's right NPR sent me!

1973Washu : This is the future of the internet. Weep for there is nothing you can do to save it.

『Synth』 : TWRP what the hell is this?!

Aparthy : where can i get this version of the song?

Stephen C : Omg my birthday will never be the same

DeathWish808 : I'm always a day late and a dollar short.

polite cat : God damn it, missed it by a day.²

dargon man : I remember.

Lilly Urquhart : Am I the only one that started from 2018 and going back


The SHIT : Hope you all had a good Sept 21.


matheus henrique : Como é q eu vim parar aqui

Trap TM : Why isn't this sept 21 a holdiday on the calendar yet?

KloTube : Today´s the day.

AninaiZ BR : Vi hoje! Ufa!!!!

Ateu, e daí? : Yay!

Rubens Zanatta : JUST IN TIME

jin : Good.

Tsaku007 : It's the 21st of September boys. Time to celebrate this wonderful day

Piezonuclear Luna : You're the winner of the internet today.


Rainfox Wolfstone : thats today (:

Jackson Ryan : NOOOO!!! I was a day late!!!

Kraven Moarhed : It is time, my brothers.

Samuel Lopez : arrest him! he has a gun!

Alex H : National holiday sept 21

Samuel Xavier : 9/21/2018

Y0UNG LIF3 : Best vid of YouTube in 2018 legit

Ed Bern : Can't wait to see what you have in store for tomorrow

VIKI : I’m here!

Caio Augusto : 9/21/2018

Emily Weber : Fantastic!!!!

Z3R0 : In fact it is

Ants Move Away : Nearly that time of the year again...

RunAMuckGirl2 : I don't know what is happening! What is going on? aHhhaaaa.. :(

Gianluca Bernardi : Ano que vem estaremos aqui de novo, vlw Ah Negão!

Isabella Aispuro : I miss when youtube was only this. . . thank you for this kind sir. 😢

Seigmeyer of Catarina : It's time

Matt E : Whos ready for 2018

yungdresscode : I’m literally shaking with anticipation

Vitiman X : i don't remember... I am now sad...

It's_The_Milkman : DON'T LET US DOWN.

BNGMOB : Happy Birthday to me and my fellow Virgos

Mat Garro : It’s nearly here boys and girls, that wonderful time of the year. The earth, wind & fire solstice. May god have mercy on us.

fizban7 : But how did he spray confetti out of horn?!

devoidofskill : It's that time of the year...

el buen Erniko : you can only watch this video once every year

Connor H : BAH DE YAH