Californians Celebrate Annual Wildfire Tradition

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Raj Thomas : I'm commenting in 2016. 8 years have passed and the annual wildfire celebration is being more explosive than ever!

hmjs13 : Victims "reunited" with firefighters, ambulance drivers.

MVrockersPS3 : Couldn't find video of LA traffic lol

nazi_killer : 1:29 Its over 9000!!!!

LungButter : this comment section is youtube history. You can't even reply to them.

Pniggsluvspi : Last time us North Orange County-ites had a major fire, i was in 12th grade and my school burnt down. Jealous?

Sona Player : Did anyone catch that at the end? 1:30 How many new housing units?

largelysubatomic : Wow I didn't even realize this was an old video until I scrolled down and looked at the comments because this is presently in the news again.

GreenLightMe : it is their fault, lol, government isn't there to fix every stupid decision you make

iOLY32 : I know that it's fun, but you should stop taking advantage of stupid people.

merdufer : It's not "would of". It's "would have", or its abbreviated form of "would've".

jordanthecat : Congrats for thinking outside the box and coming up with a brilliant solution. You're right- it's not the fire that's the problem, it's *what's burning* that's the problem! Is there a way of applying your solution to the annual ritual enjoyed in trailer parks during hurricane season?

gobo760 : This report is inaccurate. The tradition isn't annual, it's every 4 years. I've participated in the 1997, 2001, 2005, and 2009 wildfire traditions. Can't WAIT for 2013! :D I've purchased 5 of the latest 3M-6000 half face respirators for us to use during the mass exodus. Gonna be SO much fun. :)

Dead Channel : haha, yah look at all those thumbs up !

Dead Channel : nobody cares if yor 1st

Dead Channel : whoops

Fm86 : I wonder how this years annual wildfire went. With Texas stealing most of the news time I didn't really have a chance to enjoy the Californian festivities this year =(

alexnadim : LOL

Noyjeetut : Never said your home is going to have any damage caused by nature happen to it, but I like my home's chances better. The truth is people who can afford to move are rebuilding on questionable land, and the Onion did a piece making it look like they do it on purpose instead of making fun of them for being too stupid and stubborn to move. If you ask me, the Onion took it easy on you asshats.

Noyjeetut : Zing! :p

Noyjeetut : It's funny because it's true. I love how some of the richest people live in Cali but its some of the most worthless land ever with earthquakes and wildfires. Good job Onion.

Noyjeetut : Well the price tag is fine and dandy, but a house doesn't do me much good unless it isn't burnt or swallowed by the ground. And Onion is a satire, which is based on truth, moron.

Noyjeetut : I never opened my mouth... I've been typing out words to communicate with you the whole time. You need to get control of those voices in your head. I could understand buying faulty land by mistake, but the real idiots are anyone that continues to build on faulty land, and the Onion agrees with me.

Noyjeetut : Wow, I've owned you to the point where you can't write a coherent message anymore. My work here is done.

Noyjeetut : Maybe I should have used "risky" instead of worthless, but the worth of my land isn't as a big concern to me as the safety of my home. And bugs only bother pussies.

mikma : mikma was here

Terabass : OH MY GOD! i live in orange county. You have no idea how funny this is. It is funny because it is partially true.

BadgerCheese94 : I guess you can't live anywhere because get what, if it's not wild fires it's tornadoes or blizzards or tsunamis. As for me, I'd prefer to deal with just thunderstorms and snowstorms.

BadgerCheese94 : Yes cuz rapists only rape good looking people wearing revealing clothes. They don't aim for those that are vulnerable and can't defend themselves, they only go to people wearing miniskirts.

Jason B : @remkade u are so lost so much words cannot describe

Jason B : @deathchibi1 mmhm

Jason B : @ralykSNtepnatS i know its a joke all the onion is a joke

Jason B : @TPainWhatitDo everything by the onion is fake

Jason B : @remkade dude.. its fake

BadgerCheese94 : Guess what? The world can implode any second! A jet engine crash through your roof! Your house can catch on fire in your sleep! No reason to move. Especially with how expensive it is.

Blast Tyrant : As an Orange County resident I can attest to this being absolutely 100% true.

Jason B : @FrootLoop246 haha ok :p

trixen : I know this is satire, but AIN'T THAT THE F*IN' TRUTH?!?? If you live somewhere that's prone to regular devastation and you decide not to move, it's your fault when you get flooded/burned/flattened by nature's fury every few years. YOU made the decision to live there. Nature apparently doesn't want you there... Leave!! Don't blame FEMA for not doing enough to help you. Blame yourself for not doing enough to mitigate your own loss.


William Schram : I believe they did.

Big10 : Yeah, I liked the lifeguard one and the one about the "Fallujah Landmark Society." :-)

wintersnowman : can someone explain the road warrior joke? i haven't seen the movie


Don't Look At Me Like That : The clip in 1:12 is very rare moment. That's the first time I've ever seen a So.Cal lane move so fast!

Auditore : If you live in an area which has yearly occurrences of hurricane, volcano explosions, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, and/or other life threatening natural disasters and you still choose to live there, then you deserve what you get. I really tried to understand the rationale of people who stay, I can't figure it out. I would sell it, and move.

Nonaim Zallowed : As a Californian, this is 100% true.

jeremystery : yes it is

nameofthepen : OK, Berus - I'm sick of your bilious attempts to ruin this video for everyone else here. So I'm gonna tell you right now: I loved it so much, and laughed so hard, I watched it three times in a row. Then I uncloaked all your comments which other irritated people have marked as "Spam", and had several more satisfying laughs. So go take some Milk of Magnesia and chill out, dude. Sheeeesh!

nameofthepen : Mutilation - early on, someone noticed in the video the ridiculously high (joke) number of new houses being built to replace the burned ones, 9,000, and commented on it. Someone else got snotty and dissed that guy for some reason for mentioning it. And thus it started, a la YouTube style, lol.

nameofthepen : Berus, er...Preparation H and Prozac. Ta! :D