Californians Celebrate Annual Wildfire Tradition

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Raj Thomas : I'm commenting in 2016. 8 years have passed and the annual wildfire celebration is being more explosive than ever!

hmjs13 : Victims "reunited" with firefighters, ambulance drivers.

Da Kat : A similar tradition takes place in Florida, except instead of fire it's water and wind.

Limey Figdet : It's still so relevant. What have we learned?

Sir. Don Quixote : "It'll lead it right to the house"! LMFAO.

Andy Brenner : It's a rare event, but people from Hawaii are likely ecstatic that they'll get to rebuild their homes in the area that the next eruption will likely destroy (May 2018).

T Abel : Its 2018 at the tradition lives on.

MVrockersPS3 : Couldn't find video of LA traffic lol

yoshendo : Haha yes

Colin : California you silly

LungButter : this comment section is youtube history. You can't even reply to them.

Shadow2guy : they forgot New Orleans and hurricanes 

largelysubatomic : Wow I didn't even realize this was an old video until I scrolled down and looked at the comments because this is presently in the news again.

Blackfalk : Californians "Toast" Annual Wildfire Tradition!

Senza32 : I did, lol I was about to comment on it.

Sona Player : Did anyone catch that at the end? 1:30 How many new housing units?

Nonaim Zallowed : As a Californian, this is 100% true.

BadgerCheese94 : Yes cuz rapists only rape good looking people wearing revealing clothes. They don't aim for those that are vulnerable and can't defend themselves, they only go to people wearing miniskirts.

BadgerCheese94 : Guess what? The world can implode any second! A jet engine crash through your roof! Your house can catch on fire in your sleep! No reason to move. Especially with how expensive it is.

BadgerCheese94 : I guess you can't live anywhere because get what, if it's not wild fires it's tornadoes or blizzards or tsunamis. As for me, I'd prefer to deal with just thunderstorms and snowstorms.

sexyxrs : thats a good reson to want to live there yes ... did church burn down too ?

GreenLightMe : it is their fault, lol, government isn't there to fix every stupid decision you make

Pniggsluvspi : Last time us North Orange County-ites had a major fire, i was in 12th grade and my school burnt down. Jealous?

Skarn22 : Or just, y'know, buy insurance.

ratxt1 : In my town we used to joke that we didnt have snow days we had fire days, after a praticullary harsh 3 year period where we had two fires that caused schools to be cancelled as many people had to exacuate thir homes for the duration of the fires.

Mrdutchkid123 : nope

jeremystery : yes it is

modelmajorpita : In most places that suffer regular disasters, the residents are often very poor and unable to move away - like in Haiti or New Orleans. It's not a matter of choice for many of them - unlike in Orange County.

Mrdutchkid123 : this isnt satire....

gobo760 : This report is inaccurate. The tradition isn't annual, it's every 4 years. I've participated in the 1997, 2001, 2005, and 2009 wildfire traditions. Can't WAIT for 2013! :D I've purchased 5 of the latest 3M-6000 half face respirators for us to use during the mass exodus. Gonna be SO much fun. :)

kycolton : I like how the stock shot at 1:13 looks very distinctly southeast US, and not at all southern California. I base this off the foliage on the sides of the road, the grass down the median, the fence in the median, the two lane highway, the on-ramp style, and the fact that the grass is green.

James Zenith : @djtrixen You mean everywhere?

nazi_killer : 1:29 Its over 9000!!!!

down syndrome bukkake : @MrNevillebamshoot no, but it sure does not help its like wearing a sign that says IM CARRYING A THOUSAND DOLLARS IN CASH and being surprised when you get mugged, yeah it sucks, but don't complain later.

BloodyMireu : @MrNevillebamshoot really? you're comparing a wildfire to a rapist?

Modzw, : @uJellie with super dry wood and paint as the exterior, its like a invitation for them to burn your house lol

MrThreeWorlds : Djtrixen's comment is nearly a year old. I don't think he gives a fuck about what any of you say to him at this point. You guys should try applying some common sense, it's actually pretty cool.

uJellie : @djtrixen Yeah, wildfires specifically target you. They have a motive. This is what you're saying. You said nature has a motive and is targeting you specifically.

cyanmanta : @djtrixen I don't think Haitians have enough money to move; but if you're talking about Americans, right on.

10INTM : @ohanungsaya We do. Only the old homes are made of wood. Anyway this video is just satire and not real.

TheMohguy : why do people do this srsly just fucking move i know this news is fake but come on its like when they put indangered animals in yellow stone even though the whole thing is just one big super volcano that could go up any minute

SoldierCyfix : lol this is funny because its true. i guess when you can afford to rebuild your home every couple years you are inclined to taking the risk of living in hazardous places

cyanmanta : Orange County on fire? I'll celebrate that!

ohanungsaya : may i just ask why houses in america are built using wood? why don't they make a house that uses concrete?

Fm86 : I wonder how this years annual wildfire went. With Texas stealing most of the news time I didn't really have a chance to enjoy the Californian festivities this year =(

viking977 : hey andrea! what does the building plan say about the new houses level?

Blast Tyrant : As an Orange County resident I can attest to this being absolutely 100% true.

Heliosphan15 : @KSmithwick1989 i sort of am too...

trixen : I know this is satire, but AIN'T THAT THE F*IN' TRUTH?!?? If you live somewhere that's prone to regular devastation and you decide not to move, it's your fault when you get flooded/burned/flattened by nature's fury every few years. YOU made the decision to live there. Nature apparently doesn't want you there... Leave!! Don't blame FEMA for not doing enough to help you. Blame yourself for not doing enough to mitigate your own loss.

DoubleGlog : "With over 9000 new houses". Intentional or unintentional reference?