Proud boys initiation second degree

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Charles Cunningham : What's the helmet for? Does he just fall down a lot?

Garret Harris : Damn the Nazis sure did get weak after they lost the war.

Kristovson : You ladies have fun with your tickle fight? What a joke LMAO

Sean south : Someone should warn MS-13

Bret Cebulla : This is Western Culture eh? Hard pass.


AStaticCharacter : Holy shit that was the funniest thing I've seen all week

Dan Roche : You nancies call that a beating???

Ken Flask : LOL this sequel to Band of Brothers aka Band of Incels is SUCH a downgrade.

benzynowypiotrek : Thanks for the entertainment! Now back under your fuxing rocks.

Jay Bee : Notice how there's no Proud Girls around? Hmmmmm....

Zandonus : That was preeety lame.

Alfredo Orejuela : The tickle fight that created the modern world....

obi juice : cringe

Black_C*cks : this one guy made the modern world erryone

my pp small , i was cucked and : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Today In Idiocracy : Hahahaha you girls are funny

telephas1c : Ooo big tough boys aren't you. LOL.

Eden Ramirez : Okay now get him in the Latin Kings. Lol

Dingus Flotbottom : losers lmao

Siege Readerson : I joined a stormer book club instead. They punch harder and I didn't have to take a buttplug like Gavin

Bröther GRITS : Not exactly Skull & Bones, but if they pepper antifa with tickles that hard, the west might stand a chance.

Symbioticism : This is mega funny.

Jackwhoknows : Dork Brigade

Christopher Rivers : They look like mutant versions of The Village People.

JeskyKO : ugh Wheaties! ... RRRaison Brand!

16F16G : wow such tough

East Coast Enzo : I'll stick to 1st degree.

Ellu Jones : 😂

Icommenthere : This is pretty sad tbh.

buru kenge : Weak !

dems are dumb : Omg now I realize what proud boys mean you're proud to be homosexual .not what I thought it meant thought it was about proud American. After watching this I was very wrong. Good luck with your pillow fight.

user183 : looks like a bunch of SPED kids killing time at their bus stop

Cupavi Kurcic : The second phase of the initiation involves a circle and lots of eye–hand coordination.

Samurai Jacques : I've seen harder hits in flag football

Leprechaun Jack : saints row 1 flashbacks...

Neo Anderson : Absolute degenerates

Jon : Ohhhhh now I'm definitely scared. We got some real badasses over here.

Questchaun : Yo wtf did I just watch? Did I just hear this guy call out cereal? 🤣😂

yuckydude1127 : Lmao I've seen worse beatings done between grandmas at WalMart

Yo Boi : awww how cute, look at them softy little incel punches.

Hank Wallace : POYB! UHURU!

Hunter Bailey : Loool i didnt want to see that i thought proud boys were badass

gx.Santiago : Lmao I thought it was gonna be like an actual street gang initiation , what a joke

Oliver Aeternus : They're trying not to let their dildos fall out

Mr Wrong : Hate to tell you, POC do gang initiation way better

Ray Con : what a bunch of dorks

Sam Pickles : This is great

NEON_ BUFFALO : So this is like a gang initiation ?