Proud boys initiation second degree

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John ‘Juice’ Shipper : Imagine unironically uploading this to the internet because you think it looks badass. What a bunch of whimps.

Kristovson : You ladies have fun with your tickle fight? What a joke LMAO

Garret Harris : Damn the Nazis sure did get weak after they lost the war.

Charles Cunningham : What's the helmet for? Does he just fall down a lot?

Ken Flask : LOL this sequel to Band of Brothers aka Band of Incels is SUCH a downgrade.

Zandonus : That was preeety lame.

Sean south : Someone should warn MS-13

Jay Bee : Notice how there's no Proud Girls around? Hmmmmm....

AStaticCharacter : Holy shit that was the funniest thing I've seen all week

Calling Out Fascists Online : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Dan Roche : You nancies call that a beating???

benzynowypiotrek : Thanks for the entertainment! Now back under your fuxing rocks.

obi juice : cringe


Bröther GRITS : Not exactly Skull & Bones, but if they pepper antifa with tickles that hard, the west might stand a chance.

Symbioticism : This is mega funny.

demogorilla : Omg now I realize what proud boys mean you're proud to be homosexual .not what I thought it meant thought it was about proud American. After watching this I was very wrong. Good luck with your pillow fight.

Black_C*cks : this one guy made the modern world erryone

Alfredo Orejuela : The tickle fight that created the modern world....

Today In Idiocracy : Hahahaha you girls are funny

Dingus Flotbottom : losers lmao

telephas1c : Ooo big tough boys aren't you. LOL.

Jackwhoknows : Dork Brigade

Eden Ramirez : Okay now get him in the Latin Kings. Lol

East Coast Enzo : I'll stick to 1st degree.

16F16G : wow such tough

JeskyKO : ugh Wheaties! ... RRRaison Brand!

buru kenge : Weak !

Ellu Jones : 😂

Icommenthere : This is pretty sad tbh.

Samurai Jacques : I've seen harder hits in flag football

Christopher Rivers : They look like mutant versions of The Village People.

Bernie Sanders for President 2016 : LOL what a bunch of losers

Cupavi Kurcic : The second phase of the initiation involves a circle and lots of eye–hand coordination.

Oliver Aeternus : They're trying not to let their dildos fall out

Neo Anderson : Absolute degenerates

CH1CK3NxSALAD : I heard the feeling of empowerment you get after the initiation is exhilarating.

rusty shacklfurd : But my wife makes me eggs every morning, could I just say 5 meals my wife makes, chumps eat cereal

Hunter Bailey : Loool i didnt want to see that i thought proud boys were badass

King Alfreds Shieldwall : He just managed raisin bran at the end. God bless the Proud boys, from England.

Sam M. : How did this guy create the modern world tho?? I don't get it.

Sandy : The comments on here are ridiculous. You men who are against the left (Antifa) talking trash about a group of MEN standing up for what you believe in. The best you can do is talk against them. I don't think their initiation is supposed to be bad ass. It's more about standing together for what's right. Proud Boys THANK YOU!!

PseudoSamarai : The purpose with this isn't to be "bad ass" i think people are kind of missing the entire point

Eazy E : I support there ideals but In my oppinion you should actually be beat in If they actually were it would sort out the week ones and people who didnt actually care about their cause

colossalbreacker : I would like the people in the comments to explain to me how western chauvinism is fascism. I know you cant because it isn't but it would be funny to see you try.

Bret Cebulla : This is Western Culture eh? Hard pass.

Leprechaun Jack : saints row 1 flashbacks...

RAFAELA CARLINA : 😂😂😂😂garbage of western civilization

gx.Santiago : Lmao I thought it was gonna be like an actual street gang initiation , what a joke

Jame Jameson : As soon as i heard you guys did this gay shit as initiation i thought that unelievably id found something worse than antifa. But fairplay its a fraternity your having fun. But then i see this. Bro, if you break someone in with a gang fight, that involves hitting them hard in the face and ribs and kicking them on the ground. Your initiation should be going into harlem and throwing a rock at a street side gang. Theres an initiation