Dan Dan Dan Daaaaaaaan! - I'm Alan Partridge - BBC

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Stephen Dines : Well done Lynn, that was text book.

BenGabbay : Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan!

Harry Drake : 1:45 Love how he goes to put his arm around Lynn and does a double-take.

SuperZedd : One of my favourite comedy scenes.

Fergal Murphy : 'Dan's a fantastic man....he really is. I was making him laugh this morning, I was on the phone to him, and he was asking me what kind of phone I had. And I said a Motorola timeport. And he said "That's SAAD, YOU WANT TO UPGRADGE". And I said so do you to a new face. He nearly soiled himself, he said he laughed so much he had Kenco coming out of his nostrils, and that made me laugh.....But eh, my nostrils were clear"😅😅😅😅

JWvdv : he looks like saul from better call saul and breaking bad

Fergal Murphy : That is just priceless comedy. No one can do it better, a true gift

Epic Squirrel : When you have to watch a 30 second advert for a small video clip. YouTube sucks.

Stephen Mumford : Tim Lovejoy on Sunday Brunch brought me here

strangewayshere : You can drown in a cup of coffee.

S11001 1001 : I prefer a flan.

steve jelly : In seriousness ,,,,,,,,, they were way ahead of their time , back in the 90's when they wrote this brilliant comedy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yeh, "Dan" underneath was a "shady" character,,,,,,,,,,,,, but the last British Comedy --- that and "Ab Fab".

R4VEN : This guy looks a bit like Paul Calf

Squishy Jiminie : Was that Danisnotonfire???

Poop .Stink : well done Lynn, that was textbook

Bobby Dukes : I don't think Dan heard him

麦わら帽子L.V.H : Dan Howell??????xD

Picnicl : Do people consciously realise how this differs from the treatment in the 'Roger!’ joke though, on Knowing Me Knowing You, when Roger Moore gets held up in traffic? Alan doesn't noticably increase either the volume or length of his 'Dan!’ each time. It's that implicit desire to continue to just be casually saying 'Dan!’, to show no sign of increased desperation nor any sign of having recently shouted 'Dan!’ before, that makes this uniquely funny.

MOLE : Original Partridge was gold....now not so

Turd throwing monkey : Japanese Mercedes. Radio Norfolk. etc

terratec1001 : You could more or less see his anus.


Evie Shutt : Nice Lexi

Vinyl Blair : He nearly soiled himself 🤣

T. Zappa : For me the best part is 1:47

Horror Mood : "Alan!"

Henry Croston : hi everyon

Simon : 1:49 Fantastic bottom lip action.

Jao Lin : Great scene. But clearly an editing mistake, since there are so many takes of him shouting "Dan".

Lilbizkit : My favourite part of the video is when Alan shouts: "Dan!"

The Shakermaker : Class

Dan Jones : Voodoo?

Graeme Weir : 1:39 funny

pill cosby hater : Dan Dan Dan Dan !

Stephanny Vieira : what?kkk

GSW0115 : I googled Motorola time port. I wasn't disappointed

Dan Ellyatt : what, what, whaaat?

Unicorn Sparkles : hate u

Walu TV : Oh my that the guy who called me the other day

ek_23 ! : Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan

erwin lemmens : Daaaan daaan

phil wood : i work with a gadgy who looks and acts like the alan partridge haha

_ PHOENIX _ : Hey

dan taylor : What is it Alan? What do you want?

Chris : I wished his car had, Daily Mail in huge letters on the side.