when the partys over billie eilish Cover by Blanks

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Carson Browning : Do slow dancing in the dark by joji

gh0st 4 : more beautiful is how excited and passionate he is about doing this

Rhea Mohabir : I just love when he says “woah”

Karma Eloise : Probably that kid that would try to make a beat with a pencil in class


Hap Gannon : damn I wish I had your producing skills

Bella Ray : 3:37 when you stub your toe on the corner of the table.

Marko Ogar : Dude, this almost sounds like something Amber Run would make! Unreal job on this one, keep up the great work

Sophie : 3:47 my own replay button

Xella E : PLEASE DO ONE OF THESE ON JEREMY ZUCKERS SONG...ANY OF THEM....i think we all agree they are all great...or maybe thats just me

Claire Van : How many times Blanks said “Whoa!” 👇🏻

Ares Thor Mars : This is like When The Party's Over but in the genes of Ocean Eyes!!!!

ilil beinglass : I see Billie Eilish. I click. Also I see you. I click.

Bianca Tamura : i just found you and holy shit you are SO talented. i love how excited you get when something sounds super dope ahhh i totally understand that feeling keep it up homie

sissy mango : Was I the only one who just spent the whole vid staring at his beautiful face? I was? K then

Daan Van der Voorn : Try slow dancing in the dark by joji please

Paris : I hope Billie Ellish finds out about you and do a collab 😛😛

Olivia Ruby : the instrumental is so pretty omfg good job

Nurdini Ali : binge watching your remakes :')

tina liu : I love how passionate you are for music

Ruta NarNar : Billie should definitely see this cause she would love it❤️

//sara// : the instrumental is definitely one of the best things I've listened to recently, great job!!

The Glorious Samurai : I see this song being a prom slow dance song! 🤩 It's so good!!!

Isabel Valentine : You know what I HATED about this??? That it's just too damn short. I just love this version, it's so different than the original and damn that deep vocal.

Nikita Blake : u r so lucky to be good looking and a good singer

Ellen Eva : I love how hyped he gets about what he made😂❤️

Alondra Rojas : slow dancing in the dark by joji omgggg please

Delaine Stewart : You have such a good ear for sound!! Love it!!

Aseel Khalil : Bruh I’m obsessed with your channel like really OBSESSED and btw the only bad thing about this video is it ends :) and I hate it . Wish you could make long version of this song❤️❤️ Much love from 🇶🇦💗

Inge Rvandew : dude make a spotify list with covers from billie eilish

Marie S : Imagine Billie’s voice on his creation

Joanna Sanchez : Bro, this was fucking awesome!!! I love your version so much!!!!

Ariel Mueller : The look on your face when the sound in your head manifests itself is adorable 🔥👍🏽

Jas Sutton : Could watch you all day, you have such a love for music and an amazing talent to build on any song in your own way!

ilikeavocadoes : The way he’s so excited about his work makes me proud Idk lol.

uwu OwO : I like how its an hour long challenge, but the vid is only 5 mins. I know its edited down to 5 minutes but I still think its funny.

failure moon : This first sounded like "lo que siento" by cuco lol.

Keon Budhu : Hi Can you do it's not a living(if it's not with you) by the 1975 thanks if you end up doing it

SaanaG : You are crazy talented!!!! I need a playlist of all your covers, and originals!!!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!

Cara McDowell : You could be the Sprouse twins sibling tho

kimiko_ koshou : *plays a single chord* Simon=“OoooOoOh”

Emmanuel Castrejon : That shit gave me chills. Damn you’re talented bro keep it up!

Bazbarian Gaming : Reminds me of Jon Bellion. 10/10

LydiaJoy Pictures : It's not just the fact that he's s o o talented that makes him entertaining, it's also the fact that he's so passionate about music. I can't stop watching his videos!

Aunt May : You should see me in the crown - Billie pls

Varrrvara oxoxo : Оаоаоаоаоа добавьте этот кавер в VK, PLEEEASE

Wagner Acevedo : I didn’t know that I needed this

Sky : You have such pretty eyes that I got distracted

Lokaiichi Esternum : I'm so like your's so cool, you're so sincere