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Olivia Ruby : the instrumental is so pretty omfg good job

Danielle : The song really came out good but maybe a cool video idea would be contacting Tristan Paredes. You're an amazing singer but I think that he could maybe give you some extra tips. I'm proud of you and am a proud Dutch subscriber from the early days xx

Sky : You have such pretty eyes that I got distracted

Richard Readey : absolutely smashed this one

Karma Eloise : Probably that kid that would try to make a beat with a pencil in class

ilil beinglass : I see Billie Eilish. I click. Also I see you. I click.

Marie S : Imagine Billie’s voice on his creation


Asha Cherukuri : Can you put a one hour loop of just what you made on spotify without vocals? The vibes are just friggin amazing

Thomas linehan : He needs to put all of his one hour song challenge on in an album

AB nightcore : Who's here before 10 mil views?👀 Seriously my heart dropped this vertion is amazing ❤️❤️ Edit: we want a full version please🙏

Nela Rose : This song has really hard vocals but you DID IT SIMON, beautiful again

Bram De Wit : "doem doem doem doem klap wordt het dan" - Simon de Wit

silvia conti : *WOAH* it took me A WHOLE NIGHT just to make a cover and you made this in one hour?

Holly Stephens : I had a Billie ad before this video the simulation is breaking

simmerality._ : Mkay, he pronounces Eilish correctly so instant sub, instant Stan. These people are hard to find.

SneaksReviewz : I need the option to download your full version haha

Sameeha Khan : Put the video at 1.25 speed and it sounds amazing 3:45

neon taco : please remake a joji songgg🙏🙏

Dresse : Great video, it could ve nice with a Twenty One Pilots song next time. Keep up the good work.

Isabel Valentine : Ok but I love the harmonies and the lower voice! It suits the song so much and I think you definitely did the song justice. x

Katarzyna Persona : Billie needs to see this :))) Can you share instrumental for covers? Ofc with adding credits ;)

Thyra Rosenquist-Rasmussen : I’m just happy that you pronounced Eilish right

sorja johanna : you’re so extremely talented wow i was so impressed while watching the process and when you sang it i was BLOWN AWAY. wowowwow

Salah Sama : i want the long version of this version of the song...

Talisa Van Wyk : I downloaded an app to teach me Dutch just in case i ever get to meet him and he asks me to marry him, but only if I'm able to communicate in his language. You are insanely talented.

Jake Cooper : DO OCEAN EYES NEXT :))

Apple D. : You are honestly so talented and I wish more people know more about you because you are so amazing at what you do. Don’t stop what you are doing!

Shazil Salim : This video in a word *wHoAah*

Earl Gerald Dela Cerna : Went here as fast as I can❤

Sarah Grace : This came up in my recommended so I watched this video, loved it so much and ended up watching all your other videos. Forever grateful for YouTube’s recommendations:)

Zsofia Bertrand : You deserve so much more recognition holy shit Simon 😭😍

heeeyitsjais !! : plaats please een instrumentale versie van deze, want dan kunnen andere mensen hem ook gebruiken voor covers :)

Karla Pienaar : You are so insanely talented 🌻 loved every moment of the song x Liefde van Suid-Afrika 🇿🇦

Katie Smith : Got an advert for when the party’s over by billie eilish on a video about making when the party’s over by billie eilish

G xo : The ad at the beginning was the wtpo music video so I watched a hole 3 minute ad which I can say ive never done before

Femke Wiechert : i miss the hey mensen my name is simon :(

Sofi And Abby : Please put 80s version of better now on Apple Music

Hedi The Operator : Blanks the music god

malachi : AHHHHH I love seeing these ❤️... I sang this on my channel if anyone wants to listen :))

Tanya Lopez : Not to be cringe here should do a BTS song like 'Love is not Over' or something happier Like 'Waste It On Me' for your styleswaps:)))

Er Altgrboy : Do something of Sia or LSD, the songs are so fun. :D

Leon music officiel : Wohhhhh my boy's back #from africa

Kolonel Kaas : Yay Simon. Weer een toffe video. Je hebt zo veel talent.

ANAS RH : New Remaking start : 3:45

Johnny Lee : Finally a Billie Eilish video!! ♥

Juvita Abraham : That was your best one yet vocally

Noa Vibes : Je bent echt m'n muzikale voorbeeld 😂🎹💘


Jade R. : sounds like ocean eyes