Nicholas Brothers .. The greatest dance sequence

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Lyndia Black : I thought Michael Jackson could dance, I thought Jackie Wilson and James Brown could dance, but they look like stumbling clowns, compared to the Nicholas Brothers. Incredible.

Crimson Cream : I am convinced the Nicholas Brothers could fly. Nobody can tell me otherwise!

John Barrett : I smiled all the way through that until they started leaping down the stairs and hitting the splits . Then I got phantom groin pains.

ACLTony : Wow! How can anyone give this a thumbs down?! You just don't see incredible talent like this anymore.

yashamaruism : testicles of steel

Luis rivera : Freakin amazing! 74 idiots who voted for trump gave thumbs down to maybe the best choreographed dance ever.

MusicX : 53 People disliked this because The Nicholas Brothers dances circles around their idols.

Sam Jennings : They make me proud to be Black!

Sid Pend : this is totally unbelievable. Insane dance moves

queen bee : gene Kelly and Fred Astaire I love you but the NICHOLAS BROTHERS..HANDS DOWN THE BEST EVER

Brenda Anne Du Faur : The Nicholas brothers were incredible. Wow. I can see the influence of them in fred astaire's dancing. But there are a couple of very scary, negative, hateful, threatening, and bitter comments here. Yes, tremendous injustice was done to african americans in they not getting their due in their originality and accomplishments and being stolen from. I can understand being upset in the extreme about that, and even more than that - outraged, angry, upset, profoundly bothered. African Americans contributed greatly and immeasurably and uniquely to the culture of music and dance and just their sheer incredible beings were something else. Africans Americans are unique and astounding. Slavery was a horror obviously but african americans gave culture something thick, soulful, and extraordinary from the agony of their being and horrific experience. Stealing from african americans was terrible. I dont think this is an example of theft but i guess it is an example of overshadowing: I couldnt believe the beatles didnt write Twist and Shout! The african american Top Notes and the african american Isley Brothers covered the song first. But it was written by Phil Medley and Bert Berns who look white in photos. On another front, which is separate from whites having stolen from blacks in music or whatever: it is common that people who have come before are often emulated - in every domain. Malcolm X was a wonderful person who transcensed hate. Others should follow him in that. Not to mention the great and fiery and enlightened Maya Angelou. This scorning scathingness upon whites or europeans or white and european culture is so anti-spiritual and so "nowhere". What a great idea to fight prejudice or grave injustice with even more vitriolic prejudice and ugliness to fellow human beings. It's a festering cancer all that shaming and blaming and white and european hating. Despite it all, Maya Angelou says, "But still I rise." So rise and quit trying to feel better about yourself by trying to annhialate others! Just be great and you'll get all the due respect you deserve. Be Great, not Hate. Being hate is victimhood, being hate is a turn off. And any way, they were ALL great and yes you can see the influence of the Nicholas brothers in fred astaire's dancing. The Nicholas brothers, Fred astaire, Ginger Rogers, etc., were all great. And yes the Nicholas brothers should be cultural icons too. And yes African Americans did not have the same opportunities as whites, of course, and to say the absolute least. But give credit where credit is due to everyone.

8House : This is a universe better than the crap that passes for entertainment today. I've never seen dancers better than these two guys.

Jane James : Absolutely incredible ❤️

Catspaw : Now I know doing the splits down those stairs had to have been tedious and a bit painful and these guys do it flawlessly and with ease.

Kiara Morris : Very talented. They did like 50 splits lol I couldn't keep count

Eyvet Francis : Brilliant - even to this day no one can beat these brothers!!!!

buck mcdirt : If ever there was a video that deserved ZERO thumbs down, this might be it.

bluesugar58 : So talented. I got a charlie horse and sprained my ankle just by watching this.

Stevie R : Say what you will about Michael Jackson, but I have N-E-V-E-R witnessed anything of this magnitude. This Nicholas Brothers routine makes M.Jacksons stuff look like child's play.

Kerensa Birch : I've seen this several times and that last segment still makes my eyes water!

Scarlett Snape : I could feel the splits, I almost cried. Other than that they are the best and most entertaining dancers I've ever seen!

GOLDEN BABY 360 : The greatest that ever lived. Long live the Nicholas Brothers

Vera mickey : Fred Astire and others stole their style and made it popular for them to satisfy the white audience............

Ririkins : I've never heard of these guys! Did they seriously get up from a split without using their hands or was I seeing things? Phenomenal!

Kim Clayton : This is so fun to watch folks.  I think the late Gregory Hines always credited the Nicholas brothers as his favorites.

Catherine Blair : The Nicholas brothers, who until today I've never seen, and I wonder why? They're simply OUT-STANDING, with their sheer brilliance, and jaw- dropping, inspired choreography,musicalicality, and out of this world technique with tap dance, almost balletic. A masterpiece of their genius, and what a legacy they've left behind. Thank you Nicholas brothers, blessings from a new fan, in London.

Pharoh Khan : 1:16 is the PERFECT POSE. I saw them dancing on a commerical on TCM and when I saw this one second I HAD to see the full dance. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

GassedGasMask7 : 0:34 That saxophone player doesn't even care

Iamjustherek : I don't know what their legs are made of but certainly nothing on this Earth! Seriously amazing!

Mark Porter : No body on the planet can top this

Nicole S : Grace, athleticism, showmanship... Good Lord these guys were incredible entertainers.

Colin Sanders : Fred Astaire said this performance was the BEST dance sequence ever put on film.. from the movie "Stormy Weather" 1943

Bre Davis : So beautiful to see the roaring twenties ESPECIALLY THE NICOLAS BROTHERS 😭😍

charlene adkins : I may not've known they were had it not been for my grandpa. He made sure we knew about them and the others from that era. He was absolutely crazy about these people.

Brian Wilson : Its so cool that I got to meet Cab Calloway at the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport a few years before he passed away! He was very gracious, and welcoming! RIP/PBUH!!

Peggy Stoute Morin : My inner thighs hurt. Absolute magic on feet. The degree of athleticism and fitness required to accomplish that routine boggles the mind, and they made it look effortless. None better than these two -- NONE!

Les Lavy : The old Les twins!

Ijanae Reed : We have such beautiful history

matrixxs : you have to remember Fred Astaire learned from these guys huffing dancing , back streets, cotton club . Fred Astaire was used to bring it to the mainstream being the social climate in society , blacks not allowed to shine on Hollywood silver screen  as top bill boards names over whites. the berry brothers,even Sammy Davis. bill Bojangles, bill Bailey (pearl bailey brother).

Cheshire Waltz : My gosh they sound like expert tap dancer tapping super hard. They were so in sync, this was flawless!

evilcaptainred : HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!! That is the single greatest thing I have ever seen!!!

rozi2089 : Honestly don't see how anyone can hate on this lol. Truly amazing how good the Nicholas Brothers were.

T Mi : The Greatest.

Middy Mizzle : damn. no fancy camera work or cut scenes, no strings hanging from the ceilings, nothing. nothing but skill

Brownsugar M : I must agree best movie dance ever!!

Julius Foster : I love I Love it!  I remember watching stormy weather with my mother and great grandmother when i was about six, and was inspired beyond belief! LOVE IT!!!! 

rrtodd95 : You ever get the feeling you where born in the wrong decade?

Kéifus Mathews : These guys were the BEST!!

Charles Green : Gosh, I wonder if these guys could make it on "So You Think You Can Dance"? LOL These guys were fantastic back in a day when it took real talent.

Wesley Thaver : Astaire was the poster boy for Hollywood...and he was very good..but he would not hold a candle to these would be embarrassing if Astaire was in mentioned in the same sentence as these two...Michael Jackson who was my favourite entertainer could not match these guys