10 Million (Featuring Rita Michelle/Directed By Ryan Baucom)
10 Million Inspired by true events

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After almost five years of grueling work, a studious young woman (Eve) has the chance to become Junior Vice President at one of the world's largest wealth management companies, Jericho Financial. The only thing that stands in her way is one last meeting with their biggest potential client, Brinkler Corporation. If you're interested in more info about this project, message me or leave a comment! This short film was inspired by true events and created in under 48 hours. I wasn't planning to be in it (Eve was actually written as a typical businessman, but our actor became unavailable just before the shoot) so I didn't spend time preparing or memorizing lines. To stay on schedule, Ryan directed me during each shot which meant the audio was not usable. We anticipated this and planned to fix it in post. We stayed up until midnight looping (aka ADR) the entire phone conversation. It was such a fun challenge. Ryan killed it (as always) on the music, which I think truly brought this thing to life. We decided to share it with my Youtube audience after the showing so I hope you enjoy 10 Million!


Maiden Gems : Wow! That was fantastic! I'm sharing it!

lu5dwig : Awesome how you kept my attention and inspired me for a few minutes. Good work, really you go forward like this. 👏

يسرا فارس : absolutely stunning cinematography here, the inner thoughts of eve are captivating. great story

Istvan "Steve" Diossy : I love it, Rita! Truly inspiring. So much emotion captured in under 5 minutes. wow!

Alpha Browser : Rita! This was great! Would love to talk to you about bringing it onto our short film app, but you don't have an email anywhere on your channel. Shoot me an email Vince@atoken.org

The Movie Agency : Hi, I have a short film group on Facebook. It’d be great if you were sharing your work there. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/madflix/ Hope you will do. Thanks.