10 Million | A Short Film About Taking Responsibility
10 Million Inspired by true events

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Here's how it went: First, it is inspired by true events and was created in under 48 hours. I didn't want to be in it (I felt Eve should have been written as a man, but we didn't have time to cast a real actor, so I was nominated instead). Ryan and I stayed up until midnight looping (aka ADR) the entire phone conversation. It was nuts, I've never done that before (I also did it by ear without the video). It was such a fun challenge. Ryan killed it (as always) on the music, which I think truly brought this thing to life. I decided to share it with my Youtube audience because the feedback I have received since the initial viewing has been kind of insane and very unexpected (in the best way). When something hits home, I get super inspired to keep creating, so I hope you enjoy 10 Million!


Maiden Gems : Wow! That was fantastic! I'm sharing it!

lu5dwig : Awesome how you kept my attention and inspired me for a few minutes. Good work, really you go forward like this. 👏

يسرا فارس : absolutely stunning cinematography here, the inner thoughts of eve are captivating. great story

Istvan "Steve" Diossy : I love it, Rita! Truly inspiring. So much emotion captured in under 5 minutes. wow!