Michael Clayton - Assassination (Tracking Shot)
The coldest assassination scene in film SPOIlER

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Chronox5 : They way he says 'Ready? And... lift.' as if this was just a pile of building materials they are carrying is ice cold.

Kevin Muller : I vividly remember seeing this for the first time when this movie came out. Outside of it being brilliantly staged, it just left me extremely uncomfortable because it isn't over the top with music or direction. It is just so cold, calculated, and an awful way to go. Most people would just assume he died of natural causes and the sheer horror of him not knowing if someone would avenge, or make right, everything to do with his death, just hit me. Wilkenson, without saying a word, conveyed that before he was killed here. Incredible performance, direction, and staging. One of my favorite movies from the 00's.

leonthesleepy : There is absolutely no gore here, and pretty much no physical violence, but this scene here scares me more than anything i've seen in most horror films. Not sure why. Its just so cold

Zeacorzeppelin10 : This was shot very well.

Michael Amidei : Not a single wasted movement. Brilliantly written, acted, and executed.

davetileguy : the creepiest scene ever, gives me chills.

bt10ant : Kudos to Scott Sakamoto and his Steadicam work on this tracking shot. Moving like this and keeping focus is an art.

C. M. : Cleanly done. Doubtful they'd find who did it.

Joseph S : Nobody has mentioned in the comments how terrifying it must be since he's conscious during the whole ordeal up until a second or so after his heart stops.

Keepit Cool : Cold blooded.

Roger Kincaid : The whole sequence is brilliantly directed.

degree7 : How do people like this sleep at night?

Phart : One of the best scenes of the most underrated American movie of this century. Michael Clayton is a 10/10 in my book.

p&j g : I agree......a VERY cruel world we live in........greed knows no limits.

C.M. H. : While I'm still uncomfortable & taken aback watching the scene, the 1st time I saw this in the film I was left genuinely distressed and disturbed. It comes out of nowhere. A no-frills single take, as though we candidly play witness while they apathetically and & routinely take his life . He simply walks through his front door w complete normality, is paralyzed, unable to say a word to these men murdering him w a clinically professional manner of course & habit.

Rin Wesley : The cold emotionless efficiency of this is what makes it so chilling.

Fernando Gonzalez : Horrible, cold, precise. Now that scares me more than any scene full of blood and guts...

Shane E : "Suicided"

Peter Frank : Such an unceremonious departure.

davetileguy : Brietbart R.I.P.

davetileguy : if I was a hit man I would be paranoid of someone getting rid of me the same way.

Michael L. : This is exactly how many people are murdered and made to look like a natural causes death.

David Anthony : God damn first strike...(MTG)

Dominus 319 : That second tap at the end on his pulse to double check. Very pro.

bigfan2710 : Fabulous scene in an amazing film.

Chaffee Hurlant : Anthony Bourdain

Kevin Cheng : Anyone know what they put in his mouth after stunning him and dragging him back into his flat?

Sean McCauley : 0:19 I've seen this scene and film many times, and I still don't know what they do with his mouth once they get him in the apartment. I've always thought it was some kind of paralytic aerosol in a inhaler-type device but you can't really see. Stun- paralyze- stop heart

fujimatosa : It looks scare...

Paul Perez : Steadicam shot. Not tracking.

Sir Sumumabitch : Did not like how it played out and that it confirmed the huge DEATH written on Arthurs forehead before we even see him,just hear him in the Opening...

Peter Frank : "Ready? ...and lift."

The Hurricane : I suppose this looks better than two shots to the back of the head.

Rafael Perez Feliu : That needle piercing the skin on his foot would be found during the autopsy for sure

Michael Solis : I always wonder what the inhaler was for.

ManofSteele25 : Ya this scene gets me every time, very creepy

Brett Wilson : What exactly did they do? Stun him, then what did they put in his mouth? And was he just injected with something similar that was done to death row prisoners as a lethal injection?

John Smith : What did the hired goons stab him with, when he first entered?

Michael K : What do they spray in his mouth?

Lamar Johnson : What did they put in his mouth after the initial paralysis?

Tiger66261 : The scariest thing about this scene is you don't get that efficient and professional without doing it countless times already.

Lewis Jr. Beeler : Should have used a nail gun, it would have been more realistic.

John Downs : Bob Hope R.I.P.

Maximillian Osaben : This scene was just so cold and calculated. Nothing about it is glamorized and the assassins don't come off as cool hitmen. It almost looks goofy compared to what we usually see in movies. It just felt brutal and real. Scary stuff.

Magno-Lazarus Barbora : I don't know the context of what this guy did (or knew) to possibly deserve getting assassinated...but man, this is just heartless...the idea of having your murder staged as an accident or some other sudden fatal health incident is terrifying. He didn't even get out a scream. I would rather be stabbed, shot, blown to bits, or set on fire rather than have this happen to me. Absolutely no dignity.

Night Rider : Too sloppy there would be blood left over from the needle on his toe! The medical examiner would likely find it and investigate

N0self : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_of_Mahmoud_Al-Mabhouh

Joshua Anderson : Very few.

NPC Junk Ogre, TYT Head NPC : What do they put in his mouth?