Unknowingly Beating the World Chess Champion

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Eric Rosen : Thanks for all the love everyone!! For those interested, I stream a weekly basis on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/imrosen

String_Dogg : *Beats Carlsen*, "Okay, that was a nice start" XD Nice win

Output Coupler : I feel like you should get a trophy that says "I beat Carlsen with Black". Sure, he was in a car, bullet chess, etc. etc., but how many people have beaten Carlsen as black in _any_ situation?

b0rg : 100% win rate against Carlsen :)

netjunkie9 : "But Magnus was wearing flip flops so it doesn't count."

Hamza Kılıç : if you knew that he is Carlsen you probably couldn't beat him. So maybe whoever we play we should trust ourselves. Sorry for my english

Joey Bishop : Mobile or not no small accomplishment beating the World Champ. Congrats.

dtooearth : Magnus still came 3rd playing on mobile, lol

federico francisco : Congratulations Master Eric, you beat the best player of the world!!! My englisk is very bad, but I want to say you, that psichogic is very important in a game, and you play so well, because not to know, that our oponent was Carlsen. Now study more for beat him more times!!!! Congratulations from Argentina!!

Haiku aday : fyi magnus was playing in a car on mobile

Rob Sommers : This is every chess players dream, congrats on this W!

Steve Yzerman : Now that you won against the World Champion the time has come for you to slaughter Ben Finegold!!

Jeremy Nasmith : Congratulations IM Eric Rosen! I posted a comment on Agadmator's channel to this effect as well because he had asked whether it's an advantage for Magnus to play anonymously or a handicap? My point was this: had he played under DrDrunkenstein perhaps, as you said in this video, you'd have been nervous and not as focussed on the game. I dubbed this psychological element "The Magnus Effect" and I'm sure almost any player would be somewhat affected by this. Is it an advantage for Magnus? If his goal is to win LiChess tournaments of course he should use DrDrunkenstein and make his presence known and take full advantage of "The Magnus Effect". But is this his goal? ... First, he's known to win online tournaments and immediately donate the winnings back, so he clearly isn't interested in prize money. My feeling is his real goal is this: entering these tournaments anonymously might present the only opportunity to play against opponents whose play isn't suffering under "The Magnus Effect"! Maybe the only truly objective test of his skill he can get against human players on a regular basis!! This is likely more valuable to him than winning LiChess tournaments which, as world #1 ranked and reigning World Champion should be the surest bet any time he enters. Maybe he was in a van on mobile with lag issues. Maybe you weren't hindered by "The Magnus Effect". But so what? You managed to not only play, but defeat the world champion! And even if he lost, at least he got to play you at your most focussed. Awesome result, congratulations.

Random bitch : Came from reedit

SmarterEveryDay : Congratulations.I appreciated your humble commentary.

LordLike : Congrats man :) You even got featured in one of Agadmators videos

Guilherme Rampazzo : When I played Eric, I was so nervous that I hanged my Queen in the 5th move, and then my morale just dropped. So knowing your opponent is strong can definetly make you play a little worse than usual. But congrats on winning, Eric!

Cyberwarfare : Congrats Eric!! Absolute legend.

The Lordananas : Congratulations Eric! Now you can stop playing chess and start your checkers career. haha (joke, please dont stop chess :) )

Sergio Aguilar : Hello Eric! Congratulations, its like a dream for many of us! i want to ask you if you can do a lesson of endgames? I found 1 old video, but maybe you can do another one, thank you!

gweah : Ha ha fantastic! Look at that gleaming face. Eric can't hide his joy. And why should he. I didn't even watch this video yet except for the first 30 seconds, I have been watching your videos for a while and now I can't wait to proceed and watch this one. Big congratulations, you're awesome. I hope this will further motivate you to do whatever it is you aspire doing.

Dfg Sdfg : Conquering fear and a world champion at the same time. That's an inspiring message Eric, you pretty much rock.

Hugo : Yes, that's definitely a nice start

Alan Epley : Congratulations on becoming the greatest player of all time.

Augusto Rodríguez : Congrats !! Is awesome how happy you seem

D H : Congrats. Stop giving away excuses on why you might have won. You beat Magnus. If the mobile app or car had something to do with it, then that is still his bad decision making. It shouldn't take anything away from your victory.

jim n. wei : Congratulations ! I like your introduction.

ZMZ TV : Congrats!!!

Akash Sahoo : Now you will have no regrets...

Shakeeb Kashif : One of my favorite chess channels, you're really modest and soft. I love the content. Thanks so much for teaching. Could you please do chess openings? I mean like basics up to move 8-12 of the openings... Thanks so much for everything!

Rilum Osmanaj : Hey Guys, Hey Eric! Greetings!

Hello 123456789 : Hi (Sorry for my bad english)

Video Starts At : 3:14

Kevin M : How and when do you think you can become a GM?

Petch Chaiput : That moment when you accidentally enter Nightmare difficulty without realising

Flowzerker : The future is now, old man!

Pizzous : Wow. The honesty in your video is incredible. Yeah, that's online chess... you never know if your opponent has better/worse connection, weather, environment, music, etc. But you dealt the moves really well and you beat him fair and square under online chess game rules.

maurice hanisch : I just discovered this channel, man u are so humble. Pure gold. +1 sub.

ChessmanX : Wow.. You are officially a chess stud.. lol.. Don't care what anyone says.. to be the man you have to beat the man. Props bro.. hella props!!!

S Bhatt : Eric you are such a humble and down to earth person. Even after beating Magnus Carlsen, you mentioned about his cellphone lag.

kasurusak : 1 subs!!!!

Nobodeh DontNeedToKnow : Well it was bullet but heck yes good job man happy for this accomplishment:))

Someone somewhere : All these people saying magnus was playing on mobile stfu Eric won. That's that

Couch gaming news : Did u use a robot Or are u a robot

Christian Miranda : You're awesome, Eric. Looking forward to more instructive chess!

Vikram Srinivasan : Damn Carlsen retreated his queen. Eric made a wrong move opening his king's castle and yet he won. Proves Life after death. Wow 👏 Give me treat Eric

wagnusen : Well played Eric. Another Milestone in your carrier I bet :P

C-AZ : That was such a great game though. You played solidly. Phone/bad connection or not, you fought a good fight. BTW, will you be uploading the whole stream to YouTube?

Jayse Skaggs : very nice game, and congratulations not every day you play the champ and win

raees khan : Who else is here from agadmator XD