MEUTE - You & Me (Flume Remix)

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MEUTE : Currently on tour across Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France and Spain! Join us: 🚀

FlumeAUS : 👏👏👏

Sing King Karaoke : Everything about this is amazing, the crowd included!

Evenchully : You know what I think is the most absolutely beautiful thing about this video... Just look at the crowd for a second. That's the first time in a LONG time I've seen a group of people spectating something and not watching it through their phones. Nearly everyone in the crowd is just enjoying the moment. To save it in the back of their mind forever. Beautiful. However, thank you to the cameraman for showing it to the rest of the world xD

Ritchie Kotzen : Sommer? schon vorbei.

John Hartman : honestly this is good enough to be its own genre of music. there needs to be more stuff like this, now.

Illumi Music : Chills ... fucking chills guys

Diego Tecknorio : ¡Se pasaron de verga! :D

james blake : 0:55 the warmest harmony ever

Дмитрий Годын : makes me wonder.. what if they would play this orchestra back in time? how would people react? now we all know the original song and we know its great, and we all like it cuz electronic music is great, but what if they would play this song when electronic music wasnt there, but orchestra was? would love to see reaction of people.

Ian Thomas : I was just introduced to Meute about 5 days ago, and i am probably responsible for at least 25,000 views personally. I cannot stop listening to this song. God damn amazing.

enes Cakir : I'M LISTENING THIS 3 TIMES A DAY, its like a medicine

Chad Schrader : Well. That was an easy subscribe.

mrgungho : Don't be the pedestrian at 3:50

Ariel Hosanny : Omg this is so gooooddd! Have me chills!

Winnetoo85 : Pauli Näher auf der Jacke! Schonmal GEIL!....Musik OBERGEIL. Leute OBERAFFENGEILO!!! fettes Ding

s a m p l e t e x t : This is easily the coolest thing i've seen all day.

Thomas Harlin : I didn't know Erik Andre and Paul Rudd were in a German Marching Band

David Dos Reis : great i love the sound....

Francesco Andreoli : That is INSANE!

Exploding_Potato : If you weren't dancing in your seat or pacing around are you even human?

Youssef Hanna : Absolutely beauiful. One of my favorite songs made by Flume, and this is just art for my ears. Thanks for sharing!

Kim Fuck U : Originell und einfach geile Mucke!

Doug Dozier Jr. : New fan. Played this song everyday for the past week I’ve known it existed

black bear. : They made the whole crowd dance, amazing

kane2103 : Every time I watch and listen to this I am more and more impressed. These guys KILL IT, so glad to still see this type of music being taught and practiced today!

The American Soccer Guy : Absolute chills. Congrats on Reddit front page

pewaw : I wonder if they took a studio recording and put it over the video. Cant see any microphones on the instruments.

Lgrey : I would love to see this live

MouldedSalad : · ∗ ׂ . * d(❂ *.* ❂)b * . ׂ ∗ ·

TheFamguyGuy : WHERE MY RATS AT???

Patrick Schymura : Sehr stark! :)

Agil Prasetya : 1:20 drop really hard, as hard as my grades

aquarius juliak : I got Woodkid vibes from this

Citizen Dildo : Great video but i couldn't help but ask myself a question. What is the collective noun for a group of hipsters ? Some ideas. An apathy, a pretension, a sellout, an outfit, a trend, a whatever, a scene or my personal favorite, a douche of hipsters. Ideas are welcomed.

1BrassShow : amazing !!!! this is incredible !!! you need a flugelhorn !! im free guys :) haha

CloudKid : This is incredible. Wow

Jaime Gonzalez Araya : Why would you dont like this, anyway, amazing.

J. Vitor : genial, mas não parece ser o som original...

Cayman Zachary : Man there so in sync I love the part when they all play different and join on same note that fuking beat drop though

Chris Redlich : Wurde mir gerade vorgeschlagen, von youtube. Nie gehört. Nie gesehen. Aber: WIE GEIL IST DAS DENN!?!? GÄNSEHAUT!!! HAMMER!! (Wie kann man da auf der Wiese sitzen bleiben?)

mackenzietorsten1 : this made my day!!!

Eddie thy eagle : The crowd is 👌

indep endencia : fantástico!!! congratulations !!!!

TheLitChiz FTW : Pure music 👌👌

DANIEL BARAS : the REAL meaning of "social". simply wonderful

Natalia Concha : Fabuloso!

vibin thomas : 1:18 that guy gets it

gonzalogbg : wohoooo ! yeah, nice one

Bettmännchen Film : Einfach genial super gespielt das übertrifft doch BIG Bands bei Zeiten weil sie nicht nur spielen sondern auch Show machen