MEUTE - You & Me (Flume Remix)

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Illumi Music : Chills ... fucking chills guys

CloudKid : This is incredible. Wow

Mateusz Chmielarek : WTF Why im cry when i listen this. This is fcking good guys! IM YOUR BIG FAN NOW!!

s a m p l e t e x t : This is easily the coolest thing i've seen all day.

BOSSAGSK8 : I would simply LOVE to see you play breezeblocks from alt-j, like for real, would be amazingly awesome!!! btw cheers from brazil.

FlumeAUS : 👏👏👏

A R E Z R A : 3:50 savage

aka Gxstv : puta que pariu 🔥

Patrick Schymura : Sehr stark! :)

B W : honestly one of the best live covers i've ever seen

Youssef Hanna : Absolutely beauiful. One of my favorite songs made by Flume, and this is just art for my ears. Thanks for sharing!

Aaron Csoka : Fun fact: MEUTE means "Crowd", but is often used in a derogatory *OR* endearing (paradoxically) way in German. 🎼🎶🎵🎶 (..if there are some english speaking people interested in the meaning of the bands name 😅)

Biniyam : You just gotta love Berlin. It's like LA but without all the layers of fake.

Sebastian Alba : I wish band practice was like this back in highschool

Elen Fcn : Mon premier et seul commentaire sur Youtube de tous les temps rien que pour vous les gars ! Simplement pour vous dire que vous êtes juste magiques et que tous vos sons sont des pépites !

JAY KOLI : It's one of toughest song for live. You killed it. 🔥

Hope schust : Wish I could’ve been in the crowd would’ve freaked at what they were playing😱

Kazalex : Unreal, that solo from the black dude was absolutely incredible... listened to this like 10 times already

rainbow jellybean : Best eargasim I've ever had

enes Cakir : I'M LISTENING THIS 3 TIMES A DAY, its like a medicine

Bounew 40 : Like from france !

Nillz : Sascha du Lauch

M S : Wer ist auch hier wegen Unsymptisch?

Alix Vile : Just..... perfect.

The American Soccer Guy : Absolute chills. Congrats on Reddit front page

Zachary McGee : 2013 had the best music.

Matt Yamin : 1.25x Speed by the way...

tragicalrender217 : I would be down to spin a flag for that ;)

RaGe Xtra : This is breathing life into me 😶

Claude Champignon : GROßARTIG:))

Dominick Jaramillo : Someone write this out!!!

Vorname Nachname : Nur hier wegen Sascha aka UnsympatischTV Aka der lauch

Akkyøª : Seriously, like, what kind of, I mean, DUUUUDE SOOO GOOD. GAVE ME CHILLS DUDE. AARGH.

Laura Estrada : I have about 25k songs.....THIS IS AMAZING UNIQUE!! BRAVISIMO!!!

Truste me : I dunno about you guys but it makes me feel old.

Martin Bernhofer : unsympathische band

Druncle Tyler : Inspirational.

luvmsiahatethegov : Who knew a non-electro version could be on par or better than the original?

Truste me : How i dance to this song: 3:56

wawan suhartawan : 1:12 what are those

Alec Savoy : That high school band group of nerds nobody thought how far their talent would go. This was so freakin beautiful

andYz00m : Holy shit, how was this recorded? Sounds incredibly well isolated, must be a studio recording over an audience track. Which is why the vibes guy has a click track in his headphones from the phone...I FIGURED IT OUT GUYS.

kevinwong1 : 2am hearing to this song, i can tell you that dream, creativity and imagination are one real thing ! i was flying to another dimension

Mynor Sanchez Vasquez : ufff ... this is amazing <3

Honig Mafia : Best ever!!!!!

Dallarinho 59 : Unsympathischtv

Tuffest Gong : This is tooooo dope

Gavin Honiball : Thank you to 9gag for introducing me to one hell of an awesome band. Love from Zimbabwe

Lara Müller : wer kommt alles von Sascha?

Maxi5 : Goosebumps!