MEUTE - You & Me (Flume Remix)

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MEUTE : Currently on tour across Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France and Spain! Join us: 🚀

Flume : 👏👏👏

Michaela Elise : I would flip if I saw this go down in public

jan schmitz : the Guy at 1:19 in the white shirt :D doesnt know what to do

Anna Hensher : I love the saxophone

Joe White : Did I expect to stand up and dance? No. Did I? Absolutely.

Illumi Music : Chills ... fucking chills guys

Myst_Vinx gaming : replay buttons cost a like 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

Louis Cantelmi : It sounds like a studio production. 👍

Xavi Fernandez : emotional orgasm at 1:13

Inti Castaño : Esta canción es como un homenaje a la Música. No la puedo parar de escuchar

s a m p l e t e x t : This is easily the coolest thing i've seen all day.

Julie Williams : When will y'all come to the USA, please come to New Orleans, Louisiana! You have a fan base here. We have many festivals that you could play at. Love y'all!

Vone Vone : help me to know WHAT MICROPHONE you use to record such quality song)????

P Mil : This song, when hearing first few notes, immediately brought me back to the summer of 2016. happy times man. This video brought me to a mindset where I now believe I can achieve the impossible in school and life and enjoy every moment. This mindset just brought me visions of a future where my work doesn't feel like work, and I can live life.

zac krech : I'd like to meet the 2800 poor, hapless bastards that gave this a thumbs down.

Youssef Hanna : Absolutely beauiful. One of my favorite songs made by Flume, and this is just art for my ears. Thanks for sharing!

كريزى نت - Crazynet : My moods changed instantly ♥

Bagheria_ Lover09 : Who else listens to this for motivation in the morning?😂😋

Avery Tyler : Goosebumps. Everytime. Music for my soul.

Νικολας Κοτζακ : That's pure art right there

enes Cakir : I'M LISTENING THIS 3 TIMES A DAY, its like a medicine

Antonio Mata : Hello guys. I just discovered your band today and I'm feel happy to have found it. I love the vibes, sounds and good feelings when you're playing music. All of you are great and amazing musicians. Cheers from El Salvador, Central America. :-)!

Alejandro Rodarte : I’ve watched this too many times, which is still not enough times.

Matheus Fogaça : Esse vídeo é brabo demais

Ju'light aka Julie Aubier Coach de vie Quantique : i want this to last at least 20 mn !!!

CloudKid : This is incredible. Wow

frumm : How is the sound quality so good? Sounds lije recorded in studio...

xJustSmiilex : oh ma gosh I'm going to order such people on my wedding. for sure!!!!!!!!

kirbokirbo : If I could PLEASE nominate an award for BEST SOUND for 2018... This right here, all my votes hands down. Thank you all involved in making this production. Thank you VERY MUCH. <3. + Shout out to FLUME.

Christopher Sieben : I love this trumpet solo !!! <3

Sing King Karaoke : Everything about this is amazing, the crowd included!

Chris Plunkett : Sounds great! I'm glad Tom Cruise could show up and dance at 3:57. That was nice of him.

Matthew Sunderman : I've watched this 100 times in the last week .. and now, at my 101th watch, i'm still finding new things to see in the audience! .. love the music and the flow of the video. .. also, can we acknowledge how awesome the sound is, for an outside recording?!?!

Loulou T : Make me so happy 😃

Sybille Ferté : every time, every single time I hear this song... I see myself, freely moving, with a soft ray of sun on my skin, my arms in the air, moving with the wind to this incredible rythm... thank you, but is it enough? thank you thank you thank you

Arcu : Bow down to the low brass and woodwinds

Jaune Landers : Just imagine now ? if the hole werld just picked up music instruments created sounds for interaction instead of destruction.«{°°}»

Tiny Marshmallow : This is the song I put on during the most intense part of my run. It gets me so pumped up. :)

Prinz4miga : 3464 Dealers couldn't sell drugs due this event

mcmz4e : That akward moment when you're watching a youtube video of something but it's so good that at the end you find yourself aplauding at a monitor in your room...

Quartz cat 123 : I listen to this song every day and I love it

Beramort : This is why i love internet

Muchacho : Fantastic..... Fantastic guys!!!

Simple : This is so pleasing to my ears

gxstv : puta que pariu 🔥

Yanni Blumstein : Why the Dislikes? That is one of the coolest things on Youtube

Amin Sham : everybodies triggered to dance on the chorus😂💙

kimster14 cui : best ever

Demicksn : Congratulations MEUTE. Excellent work ... Greetings from Guatemala, Central America