Esports Industry Awards 2017 - STREAMER OF THE YEAR | DrDisrespect won streamer of the year award

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Twitch Central : Try to explain the Doc in 1 or 2 words below in comments!!!!

True Gent : 3 times... 3 times!

Chosen King : 1993, 1994, 2017

South Paw : THE 3 TIME

Chris Green : Much deserved! He's always entertaining :)

David Bradley : Little drunk =P

Archaic Revival : congratulations Doctor. much deserved. they might as well have just given you next years award. signed -DocsBallsTanner


Skoah : No shroud nomination?

Goofy The Scot : Guess the gin + tonics were flowing! Congrats to the 2-time back to back!

John Murphy : The Doc, seems to have enjoyed a few gin & tonics!

ToxicTeeV : Hell yea baby

Will Parker : He will win next year also He is the 2 time. . .

Jordan Bolduc : Dr.Disrespect I'm happy for you n Imma let you finish , BUT ICE POSIEDON HAD SOME OF THE GREATEST CONTENT OF ALLL TIME !!

MC Maniac : Drunk

StevieSenpai : Doc is a hero we don't deserve, thank you for being an inspiration dude.

multiestonian : Is he now the 3 TIME ?

Fruity : First

Lucas Barone : Now he just have to win next year, its gonna be epic, thw two time...

MrR0botoh : POR TU GAL! Congrats Doc. The best a man can get.

MewGie : Violence Speed Momentum

Darth Synmor : A Drunken Champion is still a Champion.

warren marino : bullet proof suit i would assume lol

Throwaway : That was a really unprepared speech. I've heard hundreds of other people say the same time. Try being original and fight against internet addiction, you fucking puppet.

Rolie Rebel 03 : Number one.

5314 : Ice deserved it

billykhoa billykhoa : Im not a hardcore stream viewer, but is Shroud not a big streamer?

Brogers Gaming : I believe Summit1g, Loop, Doc, and soda are some of the best streamers out there.

PUBGVietnamese : I'm 5'4 poor me. He 16 inches taller than me lol

Tanooki : Where's mym alkapone? :'(

RAGING BULL : The award looks like an one of those wall mounted ash trays

jtotheolar : I loved this speech and the doc somehow just is so smooth and polished in everything he does. really really good reception speech doc!:)

Austin M : I fucking love the Doc

photomorti : biggest boss on the planet

Gregg Cummings : ...theres an esports industry awards?> ..why

Classic Light : DOC #1 again. No surprise there. <3

Guitaripod : THE FUCKING TWO TIME <3333333

Kruuga Gaming : Firm mother fucking handshakes

daniele4513 : lol Drunk disrespect

Sophie Huitson`95 :


BerlinGamingTv : You have to love the DOC :) <3

Ropil Vincent Polinar : lame winner

Max Mergl : WE WANT ICE BibleThump

James S : he should have said RAULLLLL

FrasT212 : PAPICH

Richard D : CX in the mother fucking chat boys!

Retrocidal : WOW WHAT A Movember Doc Wins And it's my Birthday the 16th and Getting Married on The 20th 😎


Biggn82 : The best!