Hedgehog the Sonic

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Black Mage Maverick : Casual reminder that the creator of this comic was the one who did the animation for the newest Sonic Mania trailer.

NeauXone : Fun fact: This comic was made by the same person who animated for Sonic Mania. Let that sink in.

Epicduck Games : To this day I am still laughing about an Enchilada named Nipples


daftoptimist : Tails screaming while flying is the best thing I've ever heard. A+ voice acting, I lost my shit.

Nipples the Enchilada : EMMEROOWDS?

Alice Sheep : Knock Knock it's Nipples

Skullomadness : Boy...kinda chilly today...huh?

explosivedount : original the character!

I am David : Elise: sonic you did it! Sonic: no Elise, we are going to do it. Right now. Totally lost it

keyblader007 : I jumped when Rouge turned around! Damn you! You ruined the one thing I liked about Sonic!

Solqueen86 : You got to admit, Bat-Face the Rogue is cute as all heck


the rocking goomba : 0:56 my reaction to how donald trump is keeping mexicans out

Limlam_ : Your parents must be so proud.

Zmanwarrior : This man now works at Sega.

pringles : tyson hesse, the guy who drew this, is now an official artist for the actual sonic comics. what a world we live in.

Herman Quiahuitl : JEW TAKE MAH EMEROWDZ

Unoriginal Channel Name : I come here from the Let's Read Homestuck cast list. I was not aware the voice of half the members of the Midnight Crew and the Aimless Renegade voiceovered dank memes. 10/10 you deserve a hard fist nipple bump

Silent Icee : +xzeralt I lost it at "Original the Character. Do not steal."

cinnamon roll : Nipples the Enchilada is my spirit animal.

Level 58 Death Knight : Cocaine is one hell of a drug.

NapalmMan10 : Original the Character - Do not steal!

KumoriAcrux : Sonic in a nutshell pretty much


jayemerald99 : JOO TAKE MAH EMMERROWDS?!

Page's Place : Don't forget this is the same guy who did the Sonic mania opening

Tristan England : It seems i'm in THAT part of youtube again...

Qeuey : N I P P L E S T H E E N C H I L A D A

NikkeiZX : Aw, c'mon.... ...My emmerdoods..

Obsidiancakes : The bone sticking out of Eggman's eye killed me

Riley Alexandra : Lost it at "Nipples the Enchilada"

TheVelvetClub : I finally get the "its kinda cold to today" and the "we're gonna do it" jokes :D

Marret W. Hosalser : JOO TAEK MIE ERMEROOLDS!!!????

Lank the Dank : Keep in mind that this comic was made by the same person who did the opening for Sonic Mania.

Bailey R : .... Half Life 3 confirmed..

who uploads rips at 3 in the morning? : "Do not steal." -Original the Character

Shipoopiism : That was beautiful.

MrZegermans : sonic 06 in 3 minutes

Rambo Platypus : The end...it dragged on for waaay too long. Which is probably specifically why it was so damn funny.

Farell Foxx : Awww... my emmerdoods...

Ancient : Boy it's kinda chilly today...

CannonBetrayer : Allow me to Introduce myself. I'm Nipples the Enchilada. 1:16

Ivan Garcia : The fact that the same dude who made this later on worked with the sonic comic books and the opening to Sonic Mania still surprises me.

Xzeralt : I lost it at "I'm Nipples the Enchilada"

Cake Loader : Nipples the Enchilada 2 OP Plz Nerf!!!

Haruhi Akizuki : I was reminded of the masterpiece today when I was told that Tyson Hesse, the guy who drew this, went on to do artwork for the Sonic Archie comics.

TheHarlequinHatter : I love that Tails squeaked at 1:11 because I read it that way in the comic haha


Loop : The guy who did this comic is actually the same guy who did the animation for the Sonic Mania Pre-Order Trailer.