Dog saved from giant python.
Giant Python Attacking Dog Is Pulled Off By Several People

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Giant Python attack dog in Chiang Mai and nearly kill him, but people can rescue him.


Lauren Spencer : The dogs just wagging it tail

Андрей Андреев : These people are kind. I know many others ( including me ) which would kill the snake without second thoughts.

Joshua Brooks : That's one lucky pup.

Unsobill Senior : That's respect. Saving dog life and a python. Thai - the real Humans !

Andres Lucio : i’m crying because my sister gave her dog away that really broke my heart i feel like some thing is gonna happen

Lucas Albuquerque Oliveira : Amazing work, glad the snake was fine as well, lots of people end up killing the snake in situations like this, and while i don't blame them for doing it, i'm glad a better solution was found.

Thunder Bird : Hurray it lived

Hahona Williams : bro at the start the people were just like "wtf do we do?"

Dae’ja Skyy : Awe the white dog is sticking up for his friend

Sandra Otero : Uh... Mom,.. What's for dinner ?!? Mom : "SNAKE" !!! 😕

Emma Hudson : God if that was my dog i would have pulled out a machete and shanked that snake so hard

Faith :D : The dog is just rollin. XD and don't kill a snake u can have them as a pet they can protect the owner And just leave it in peace

tongobongoda : Молодцы мужики! Единственное я не понял почему они так деликатно со змей обращались? Я сам против бессмысленного насилия, но если выбирать между чужой для меня змеёй и своей собакой, то я бы выбрал собаку. Неужели нельзя было зажигалкой припалить хвост этой анаконде? Она бы сама оттуда бежала не оборачиваясь.

mortalsgrief mortalcross : lol they let it go next day that snake comes again at night finish eating the dog up kill it

Viktor Shin : Ну там они,наверное,гуманисты-гринпис и все такое-нельзя бить животное))Лично я бы не удержался и тяпнул змеюку топориком.Собачку жалко,а змеюку-нет.

Дмитрий Трофимов : Habib vs Conor

Anti fars : питон сражался до конца даже когда уже не было никакой надежды на успех никогда не сдавайся!!!!)))))))))

sean callahan : AMAZING!!

Вячеслав Савочкин : Питон просто обрадовался собачке и решил заключить его в обьятия , и по собаке видно на сколько он доволен этой встрече, вон как хвостиком виляет .

Kyle Vacca : Poor dog 😢

Crackhead Bobby : I would have beat that things brains into the dirt until it was a small brown stain

West .Raz : I would think the dog would have broken bones ribs or hip but it ran off good, one lucky dog

Tomex Ou : Why people not kill the python and eat it?

Atego : по што ужика обидели...

mama reiga : En el 2.50, aunque sea chino, se le escucha perfectamente decir: dejala que se vaya

Rock Games : красавчики

Sharquanda Farquad : At least this video isn’t staged like the rest

heather foster : Wow this is super crazy. So glad the dog was saved. Who filmed this? I work for Newsflare, a viral video news agency could I get you to contact me at ?

Tez .W : Do pythons have venom??

Bryan Dover : That would be one dead snake.

SnowBroShow : За свою собаку ,я этого питона зубами б перегрыз.

Agathas Albert : A machete is easy

Boss G : They saved the dog and the snake..humans are their best...

Brage : бля если бы я увидел питона нахуй который собаку душит я бы ружье бати взял и расстрелял его бы. Жалко что у этих людей не было ножа ну ладно слава богу что палкой убрали питона.


davie crocket : If it was my dog I would take a sharp ax and hack away at the snake in several places until it let go

Gamera1322 : I hate it when people kill/stop animals from trying to eat a simple meal.

Treni by carme fastfurious : Lo avrei tagliato a pezzi

Michael K : Придурки местные, нет чтобы на мясо питончика разделать, да тех же собак кормить, а кожурку на ремни!

全部見る目 : These asian people said : Hey we will eat this dog it's our's.

Sandra Otero : I WOULD'VE CHOPPED HIS HEAD OFF !!! 😠😡😖

IlIlI IlIlI : which pixel is the dog?

БТР : столько рыл и ни одного ножа не верю просто сыкуны

Sveta Sveta : Kill its snake pls

umilmi81 : I kind of feel like the snake should be put down. Next time it could be a small child.

Al Walker : animals helping animals /

Tony Rocco : Is not the snake's fault, people and their pets are invading it's natural habitat in the tropical forests, this is not meant to be in nature.

m L : why is the camera man just standing there!?!?Y0U NEED T0 HELP SCREW VIEWS THIS D0G COULD HAVE BEEN CLOSE TO DEATH AND YOUR JUST STANDING THERE!?!?!?!???!?!?

Howling Angel17 : Bruh they should of killed it for it won't come back again