Romeo And Juliet (1996) - All Are Punished

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Romeo And Juliet (1996) - All Are Punished


Mako Shark : ALL! ARE! PUNISHÈD!!! *Kicks into a hole in the ground*

DragonClaw95 : ALL ARE PUNISH'D

Emmanuelle Rickman-Baker : This was always my favorite scene in the movie. I love how he says so much while saying so little.

ReplayButtonMolester : Why cant our police officers be like this????

Steve Oates : all Republican and Democratic politicians needs to hear this

Mistkit Cheshire Jung : 10/10 Best moment in Romeo & Juliet.

PoseidonXIII : This is my favorite line from the play, because the prince is my favorite character and I like to think about it when reviewing events in history when great incursions have been made by both sides

Jacob Ramirez : All are punished./ALL ARE PUNISHED!!!

T : Well hey Ben Urich.

Jessica Evans : SNAP

Chris Flaherty : Classic scene from a classic movie. Don't mess with the Prince of Verona.

Mark Wilken : For never was a story of more woe; Than this of Juliet and her Romeo

Omedchazak613 : capt. Prince is so awesome!

Conde : Best part

Andrew The Fanboy : They should have cast Samuel L Jackson for the Prince!

Juan Chavez : ALL ARE PUNISHED!!!

ANNANNA : Story* i mean...

ANNANNA : ,,.Do not judge the sory of Love of Romeo&Juliet, their Love for one another has suffered because of Pride, Anger, Grudge, Hate, Curse, judgment,..the two loving sould have been ended...All are puinished , had been punished..

MrJest2 : He really was amazing. For a part that was sort of ... off to the sidelines ... of the story in general (and that was an explicit social commentary when it was written), he does an absolutely amazing job. Ever since I first saw this film, I was entranced with Hall's performance. He should have gotten an Oscar, really. :-)

AtrocityEquine : Vondie Curtis-Hall

SpartacusC1984 : I suppose that Shakespeare could have changed the ending like that but I think that "all are punished" is more poignant.

Omedchazak613 : Well said Captain Prince!

xXUnoriginalNameXx33 - Meygaera : Whoa this is amazing, who is the actor playing the duke? this is my favorite scene ever!

Mr. Womb: Lord of Unmerciful Torment : Wanna scream this at both sides of the political aisle right now. That, and "A plague on both your houses..."

Brenda Meawasige : I like when they meet at the fish tank

Jacob Ramirez : Vondie Curtis Hall.

- Oiduakni - : Not economically viable.

Tim : Reaction to Trump becoming President

Leon E. O'Brien : I love that he's called Prince

Matthew Steiner : My reaction to Kangaroo Jack G’Day USA

Molasor Rosalom : The only slight problem I have is when he tells it, it doesn't seem like hes yelling at them, but the crowd. In the original version, he tells at the heads of the two families, and the families themselves.

MrNoobophile : spoiler alert...

Galaxy_wolf05 : What did the Prince mean when he said, ‘All are punish’d?’ I’d really like to know.

QbrotherSoulStar : This is every conversation with other black people who know their dead wrong but think I'm going to take their side.

Dave Wade : This line perfectly sums up the tRump FAKE presidency.

Zain Chupacabra : 0:21 Are you drinking on the job? What brace of kinsman are you talking about? Only Mercutio died, Paris didn't even die in this version. And even if he did, Paris is WHITE. There's no way under the sun the two of them are even related. Jeez movie, if you're going to take most of the dialogue straight out of the play, at least try making the plot match in accordance.