The Rock w/drums + bass

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sub kilohertz oscillations : link to bass+drums minus the monologue: link to isolated bass track:

Brian Torres : 00:34

Connor Loughran : 0:57 Longview? Nice.

TERRY. W : This must be quite difficult to play...but sounds great in headphones..

okaymanitscool : Best one yet 🔥

Awesome Guitar World : Electrifying. The people's bassline

Joe Mode : This stuff is some of the best on this site dude. :D

Squidward’s House : This is slowly becoming like a full band... Lemme get my guitar...

Hi Ro : do you enjoy playing a j more or a p?

DatChef 502 : Lick my decals off, jabroni

13Kr4zYAzN13 : Please tell me you've at least tried to friend David lol

gamer67 : 00:17 - 00:21 🔥

Nick B. : Nice

Elefphanth : 5gis is so dope!! xD

Better Life : This is One of the best man. I Heard that sooo often.. great with the drummer...

Sancheneering : Soooo goooooooooood!!!!

Sock Monkey : This is perfection

Black Dog : Here I am still waiting for the bass plus monologue minus the drums

Stephanie Rodriguez : 0:57 Nice job finding a way to put Longview in this.

Felipe Parraguirre : this is gold... make more!!