Man Smashes Szechuan Sauce in Front of Rick and Morty Fans

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Fisterectomy : Misleading title. There are no "men" in this video.

Autismos : I was expecting them to be licking the floor like pigs

rima1815 Rima : Stupid American... it's only can happened in the USA

OverDue ForExtinction : After seeing this video, I don't really give a shit if I live to see the supervolcano erupt

Bones McGee : "Grown adults eating meme sauce off of the sidewalk" should not be a sentence that can be applied to any situation, but here we are.

Spencer Hell : Death is too good for us

Alt Right Bones : This is the future of America...

Widefieldcoloado : Just as bad as the Pokemon go crap

fierce tooth : He did the right thing

MereMangaFan : Someone get this guy a Harvard degree, his intelligence is profound.

Galactic Studioz : That man is a legend

David S Pumpkins : People are eating a sauce OFF OF THE FUCKING FLOOR! I like the programme, but, fucking hell, this is too much.

Adrian I : I can clearly hear the kids screaming "It's amazing!". Like a 10 year old fad follower has a palate.

Mr. Bigglesworth : That's fucking pathetic... And of course where there's fake/overly excited fans.... There's weebs with cat headphones.........

Invidia del SaS : Even if i see Rick and Morty i’m not smarter🤔. It’s only a good animated show (funny and very smart) and i hope will be released the 4th season of it. Peace from Italy 🇮🇹!

Mohammad M : They should have a IQ test for anyone who wants the Szechuan sauce. Anyone with an IQ power than +200 gets arrested for being a degenerate wasting oxygen by not watching rick and morty.

RANDY TYSON : As a sonic fan, this cringe has reached a whole new level i didn't even know was capable of existing

Julio Saenz : Are these people lives really that empty? Yeesh... new definition of cringe right here.

Littlesackboy861 : fuck the little kids

Mal : so electing Trump was not enough to prove you are fucking retarded US of A?

Ronnie Underground : This is kinda disturbing honestly. Also, I heard that stuff is basically soy sauce?

NeoSilvanus : kroger has szeschuan sauce for like 1.29 a bottle

The JOE-KING : I didn't even pay attention cause i was actually amazed with the video quality of your camera. What brand are using???

quantumdominic : Oh dear, just came from a video about winning world war 2, and just, oh dear

Alexander Tanasie : It's like I accidentally traveled to an alternate universe where every one is absolutely batshit crazy...FINALLY!

Mike Richard : Some people want to watch the world burn .

Tactical_ Tarkus : This is the worst timeline

CEREMONY 610 : fucking legend. i hate that show with a passion its overrated and the fans are annoying

Monstermeyhem : That guy is stupid he could have sold that for like 1000 dollars

Mr. Moseby : Maybe taking it a bit too fa— oh never mind just saw Chairman Mar’s video is coming up next.

film79 : Dude you could have retired off that sauce packet.

vMMe : Those fuckin people are licking it off the floor. Are they really that fucking obsess with a fucking packet of sauce?

Grant Wallace : Guy shoulda made a collab with Lonely Island. *AND I THREW IT ON THE GROUUUUNDDDD*

MONSTERBOY 382 : Good thing rick wasn't there. Lol

JOHN CENA : Nonwhites and white liberals will be the death of the US

Yellow 13 : I cringed all the way back to my rectum

İbrahim Boyraz : I was thinking to start watching this series but thanks to the all that sauce things going on made me change my mind which I don't regret it.(sorry for bad english)

jacoblgames : The sauce isn't even amazing. It's from McDonald's. You can buy stuff from the grocery store to make a better one.

speedyfearless waffle : I don't give a shit, this is funny as fuck

Joshua Gonz : They all need to die

MattMonk : What a bunch of fucking losers. Really sad to see how far society has fallen.

DatWittyName : The Official TV Show of MENSA

Marisol Olivan Rios : Got into Rick and Morty 1 year ago but then season 3 came and there were sheep killing this need to watch it and yes my IQ is average but just watch the fucking show and not make an ass of yourself

Obsercxium : You can buy a big bottle of it at the grocery store. I hate this fandom so much.

MSGSlayer1 : FYI, there's no such thing as a 5-second rule. Watch Dr. Oz sometime.

Random Fangirl : Look at them eating it off the ground like fucking pigeons.... sad...

3DGE : It's just a FREAKIN SAUCE

Goron : I could probably replicate the Shitchuan Sauce secret formula if i just have a packet.

GTA5Player1 : It's like a post apocalyptic society.

Michael Quituisaca : What a bunch of Jerrys