Man Smashes Szechuan Sauce in Front of Rick and Morty Fans

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gay freakin frog : >>>>>HIGH IQQQQQQQ

lucifersam01 : Remember the Bronies ?

death nugs : I now have aids

DreamSicle : To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to eat sauce off a pavement.

Tedsville : This video makes me despair for humanity.

fierce tooth : He did the right thing

Punished Zero : fucking degens

Ian Sterner : To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to eat nugget sauce off of the sidewalk

Gale Kun : Seriously, how sad, people come to the case of having to taste the sauce that is on the ground trampled? just because in a tv series said that the sauce is good?

Pepe : This is some powerful autism

_ SSJX _ : Just no

The PK Boys : Just when I thought the fandom couldn't get any worse... then this shit happens.

Alexander Liu : Bronies are Greek philosophers compared to the hellhole that is the Rick and Morty fanbase.

H Mason : all praise technoviking for smashing this treacherous east-man sauce and forcing the wretched knave slime to eat it off the floor PRAISE AND GLORY

Rob Paulson : Rick and Morty: Worst Fanbase of 2017 Winner

cock sucker : Look at all those rick and morty high IQ fans.

TwofiddyFourstroke : Could have sold it for thousands. That was a BIG mistake.

Pandorin : And they say Americans dont have culture lmfao

schymachine : I don't get it, is this like the new Pokemon or something?

Abu Antar : did u guys go to DickMonald's and get rick and marty shizuan sauce? i'm pickle rick!! xD i'm a picke omg haha loool xD


Luis Almanza : Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed

Rizki S. : Hey Kim, if you ever need reason to nuke the U.S now you have one.

Mister Niceguy : Remember when Rick and Morty didn't exist? I remember those days... I miss them dearly.

steve brule : Rick and Morty fans need to be required to wear a symbol on them in public, so I can know to avoid them. Like a star or something, I dunno..

Slick Pickle : the new bronies

Echoes Act 3 : I hope humanity kills itself off soon

What law is there saying that I got to like you : Rick and Morty was a mistake.

Fisterectomy : Misleading title. There are no "men" in this video.

Voldrat Productions : Credit to u/SteelRooster on Reddit: Well you gotta say something for a show that simultaneously has people walking around thinking they're smarter than everyone while eating cheap condiments off of a parking lot.

Unscripted : Look at all the visibly high IQs, all of those smart people watching some degenerate eat a meme sauce he smashed on the ground, Isn't Rick and Morty smart guys?!?!

Sister Immaculata : Jesus Christ, you can make a Black Mirror episode on these people.

PoofyPotato : Apparently this is a meaning of high IQ now? alright

Ping : Gas the rick and morty fans.

MereMangaFan : Someone get this guy a Harvard degree, his intelligence is profound.

Mac God : Rick and morty sucks

ProAiden 2455 : I was there

Para Soul : the absolute madman

Nightbreaker's Games : Even a Zombie is smarter then those guys

Sr. Sacaninha : The IQ level of that place is off the roof!

Autismos : I was expecting them to be licking the floor like pigs

Thunder Enforcer : My IQ is too low to comprehend this.

Dan Brennan : I thought this was supposed to be like smashing an Ipad on day one. I didn't realise the desperate fuckers would get down on their knees and dip their food on the ground.

OMAD Gains : At least they’re not arguing about politics

ToluDude : They're eating McDonalds sauce off the ground.

Thatguy101987 : Rick and Morty fans are even cringier than my little pony fans

Julien Vasquez : Ancient Aztecs offer a sacfrifice to the gods and eat its insides (1476, Colorized)

NovusIgnis : Ooo they think they're so edgy for eating stuff off the floor. I been doing that shit for years

Oily Salad : This is why we need a new hitler

film79 : Dude you could have retired off that sauce packet.