Georgia Dome Implosion - TWC Camera Man Losing It LIVE

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Duston Ward : If you enjoyed the humor of TWC's camera man from The Georgia Dome implosion you'll love Lisa Sallee's hurricane safety tips:

This Little Critic : Hearing that guy totally freak out is better than seeing the building explode lol.

WarBear : the music after the bus drove away was perfect



AreYouCubingMe ? : As a photographer, this would be my luck lol

UnPhayzable : Looks like the Super Bowl is still affecting them

lavixl : This guy is going to hate buses the rest of his life. Might even become a super villain to destroy all buses.

Hamilton Trades : The Georgia Dome Implosion was an inside job.

Letheification : Troll level "bus driver" achieved.

Nico The Rabbit : I had to quit my job as a bus driver due to paranoia ------------ Everyone was talking behind my back

Tommy Ward : This is the most Atlanta thing I've seen in a while.

Ihavegonetogreatlengths toexpandmythresholdforpain : "Are you ..... y-y- ... AAAAGHH!" And that, children, is the sound dreams make when they die

Andrew Leonardi : LOL

Elijah Begley : This video is way better then actually watching a building being demolished, I thank the gentleman for getting so angry and making me laugh. 🙏

zippyzee : 4chan has found the driver... he will be doxxed and destroyed by tomorrow.

Jay Bròn : Yo miss frizzle ain't playing

joshuaoha : I don't know what you did to piss off that bus driver, but he got you good.

Coco Hurtado : “Marta" ruining every movie plot twist

RMJ : If you listen *really* closely, you can hear the bus driver say what sounds like "roll damn tide".

Chris Fullam : If only that bus could've prevented Atlanta fans from seeing the Falcons collapse in the Super Bowl

StewHeffer : That's probably the first time Marta's been on time in a long time.

Mechadenzilla : HAHAHA The side of the bus said Spot A Stroke...Fast. LOLOLOL

sarcasmo57 : To be fair, it was a pretty nice bus.

Paul Newton : Fucking rubbernecking lookie loos getting in the way. Cock blocking a historical event from being film but still somehow making internet history. Delicious. : Its pretty funny how the bus driver pulls up right as the building is going then leaves as soon as its done lol

LiveLife 101 : Ad on the side of the bus: "Spot a stroke" lol I am sure the guy got a stroke

lydellscooby : Marta be trollin

My Name : That was just so perfectly Atlanta.

The Grasseater : Timing. Is. Everything.

knowspin : Blame no one but the photographer. Life doesn’t stop because someone sets up a camera and tripod in a lousy location...

Jerebare : why would you place a camera on the wrong side of the road instead of the side closer to where your camera can't be blocked off.

BackToTech : Simple yet so exquisite

JZ Squared : I love how oblivious people are to their surroundings these days (like that bus driver). As if other people don't exist in the world. I've walked up next to people and they've jumped back with a startled look when they finally realized I was there and I'm not a small person.

Radinal Dewantara : I guess marta stops another thing after batman v superman

Kvngsavage300 Sanche : Who live in Georgia?? (Me)

Tom Megginson : It was more fun listening to the camera person implode than it would have been to watch The Dome implode!

Matsimus : Came for the implosion stayed for the bus. Hats off to that bus driver, he ruined this video like a boss! Lol

Theodore Gatti : That bus driver is just one more reason people suck.

Kevin Harmon : What's funny is that I'm sure this video will get way more views because of the bus!

CaptainAlliance : “Spot a stroke fast” Oh I’m pretty sure I just witnessed one.

johnnyboy3217 : Wow the bus dam

cfryant : This bus has the best comedic timing.

May Lozano : Glad I had the chance to go to the dome before they destroyed it

lesly 95 : Finally something worth watching at trending list😀

Theospeak1 : That is by far the funniest thing I have seen in a ~long time~! I'm still laughing.

Evan Fowler : Mwa ha ha. You have been Marta'd. Welcome to Atlanta.

DarkshadowXD63 : Had a lot of good memories with this dome glad to see off in a blaze of glory.

Corcon : Why did he record the bus? That's dumb.

Sam Kilroy : LOL REKT