Georgia Dome Implosion - TWC Camera Man Losing It LIVE

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WarBear : the music after the bus drove away was perfect


Andrew Leonardi : LOL

UnPhayzable : Looks like the Super Bowl is still affecting them

AreYouCubingMe ? : As a photographer, this would be my luck lol

This Little Critic : Hearing that guy totally freak out is better than seeing the building explode lol.

Hamilton Trades : The Georgia Dome Implosion was an inside job.

Jay Bròn : Yo miss frizzle ain't playing

RMJ : If you listen *really* closely, you can hear the bus driver say what sounds like "roll damn tide".

Letheification : Troll level "bus driver" achieved.

The Grasseater : Timing. Is. Everything.

Tommy Ward : This is the most Atlanta thing I've seen in a while.

lydellscooby : Marta be trollin

LiveLife 101 : Ad on the side of the bus: "Spot a stroke" lol I am sure the guy got a stroke

BackToTech : Simple yet so exquisite

Elijah Begley : This video is way better then actually watching a building being demolished, I thank the gentleman for getting so angry and making me laugh. 🙏

Chris Fullam : If only that bus could've prevented Atlanta fans from seeing the Falcons collapse in the Super Bowl

Coco Hurtado : “Marta" ruining every movie plot twist

Doctor Dank : "Are you ..... y-y- ... AAAAGHH!" And that, children, is the sound dreams make when they die

lavixl : This guy is going to hate buses the rest of his life. Might even become a super villain to destroy all buses.

Gary Dubour Jr : MARTA was running what's known as a "bus bridge" due to the rail service being suspended for the demolition and that was the prescribed route for the buses. the photographer probably should have had a portable camera so he could move easier if something like that happened. :)

Radinal Dewantara : I guess marta stops another thing after batman v superman

Mechadenzilla : HAHAHA The side of the bus said Spot A Stroke...Fast. LOLOLOL

My Name : That was just so perfectly Atlanta.

The Nocturnal Alchemist : Perfect metaphor for the Falcons in the super bowl last year

Your Youniverse : That was great, lol

sarcasmo57 : To be fair, it was a pretty nice bus.

lesly 95 : Finally something worth watching at trending list😀

May Lozano : Glad I had the chance to go to the dome before they destroyed it

NOBEL DJ : poor guy

CaptainAlliance : “Spot a stroke fast” Oh I’m pretty sure I just witnessed one.

DoctorWeeTodd : When you photobomb a bombing.

courconwll : Why did he record the bus? That's dumb.

cfryant : This bus has the best comedic timing.

rya : They see me rollin', they hatin'...

joshuaoha : I don't know what you did to piss off that bus driver, but he got you good.

blindsided1 : Best positioning and timing ever.

Kvngsavage300 Sanche : Who live in Georgia?? (Me)

Albert on Google : The ad on the bus: "spot a stroke fast". Hahaha

Roof Roof : rip lil peep

Tom Megginson : It was more fun listening to the camera person implode than it would have been to watch The Dome implode!

Wuzi Mu : that driver is such an asshole on multiple levels

Kevin Harmon : What's funny is that I'm sure this video will get way more views because of the bus!


Sam Kilroy : LOL REKT

Theospeak1 : That is by far the funniest thing I have seen in a ~long time~! I'm still laughing.

Theodore Gatti : That bus driver is just one more reason people suck.

hardlivinglife : Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

Dylan Myers : Fucking marta