Georgia Dome Implosion - TWC Camera Man Losing It LIVE

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Andrew Leonardi : LOL


UnPhayzable : Looks like the Super Bowl is still affecting them

This Little Critic : Hearing that guy totally freak out is better than seeing the building explode lol.

AreYouCubingMe ? : As a photographer, this would be my luck lol

Jay Bròn : Yo miss frizzle ain't playing

ComradeWarbear : the music after the bus drove away was perfect

JZ Squared : I love how oblivious people are to their surroundings these days (like that bus driver). As if other people don't exist in the world. I've walked up next to people and they've jumped back with a startled look when they finally realized I was there and I'm not a small person.

Theodore Gatti : That bus driver is just one more reason people suck.

Letheification : Troll level "bus driver" achieved.

The Grasseater : Timing. Is. Everything.

Tommy Ward : This is the most Atlanta thing I've seen in a while.

lydellscooby : Marta be trollin

Elijah Begley : This video is way better then actually watching a building being demolished, I thank the gentleman for getting so angry and making me laugh. 🙏

Chris Fullam : If only that bus could've prevented Atlanta fans from seeing the Falcons collapse in the Super Bowl

LiveLife 101 : Ad on the side of the bus: "Spot a stroke" lol I am sure the guy got a stroke

Coco Hurtado : “Marta" ruining every movie plot twist

BackToTech : Simple yet so exquisite

Mark Hamilton : The Georgia Dome Implosion was an inside job.

lavixl : This guy is going to hate buses the rest of his life. Might even become a super villain to destroy all buses.

NOBEL DJ : poor guy

Gary Dubour Jr : MARTA was running what's known as a "bus bridge" due to the rail service being suspended for the demolition and that was the prescribed route for the buses. the photographer probably should have had a portable camera so he could move easier if something like that happened. :)

Radinal Dewantara : I guess marta stops another thing after batman v superman

Mechadenzilla : HAHAHA The side of the bus said Spot A Stroke...Fast. LOLOLOL

My Name : That was just so perfectly Atlanta.

joshuaoha : I don't know what you did to piss off that bus driver, but he got you good.

Kvngsavage300 Sanche : Who live in Georgia?? (Me)

Roof Roof : rip lil peep

RMJ : If you listen *really* closely, you can hear the bus driver say what sounds like "roll damn tide".

zippyzee : 4chan has found the driver... he will be doxxed and destroyed by tomorrow.

Tom Megginson : It was more fun listening to the camera person implode than it would have been to watch The Dome implode!

rvfjone : Explosion block ...

I Can't State an opinion on the Internet : That bus guy stole the show

yoshibroki : why would you place a camera on the wrong side of the road instead of the side closer to where your camera can't be blocked off.

Cassandra Spencer : Are you fucking kidding me???!!

s lee : That was awesome. The bus driver gave 0 fucks.

Nico The Rabbit : I had to quit my job as a bus driver due to paranoia ------------ Everyone was talking behind my back

ThtBombD 12 : set up and waited for 2 hours too..😭😭

Arielle Batgirl : This is why I don’t ride the

ackerman66 : That bus is a dick

blindsided1 : Best positioning and timing ever.

FightAndDieTogether x : This video has more veiws than some others like it so it still seemed to work out

CBJ Jackets on the power play : Hahaha I just laughed so hard

Dylan Myers : Fucking marta

Keira Uber : Ugh the Marta ruins EVERYTHING

Albert on Google : The ad on the bus: "spot a stroke fast". Hahaha

Casey Purta : This is why everyone should have 2 turtle shells per year to throw at vehicles.

Sayon Palit : Its like getting blue balls