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Architius : But where's the testicle chin?

The Goof : Have you ever come face to face with Seth MacFarlane?

Dio Drando : Okay, this is sweet.

Jen : Peter’s Bizarre Adventure - Cosplaying Tendency

StarryAnimations : *Searches "Free NYCC tickets"*

Jefferson Juno : The real Peter Griffin is a legend and will always be

Cyranek : ok this is epic

Fresh Garbage : I met you on Sunday and it was the highlight of all my comic cons combined.

Fat Blue : Hey look an SMG4 t-shirt with someone who wants waluigi in smash, he watched the waluigi arc. Shut up MEG-gy

sizzurp.mp3 : The only N word we drop here on a daily basis at this comment section, is “NYCC”

josh roth : Why all the background songs in Hebrew?

Laputa : 1:17 Thanks Peter made my day better.

Wazir Tahfiz : 1:05 joker? goku??? Goker or joku

Zacimus the master Shooter : Why hasn’t family guys seen this guy yet!!! ? An it seemed he froze a bit at the end there ?

Jefferson Juno : OK, THIS IS EPIC

Jake : 2:59 When your teacher hands back the test and its a 63

matsmz : Real life peter griffin rules

System _0101 : They better give you a living show soon if not that's gonna really grind my gears !!

Mayor of Big Daddy’s Pizza : *peter laugh eeeeeeeeheheheheh*

SmashyPlays : Peter Griffin is a smash fan My life is complete.

van vidal : I really wish you met Seth MacFarlane

Junker Clown : I am the waluigi man thank you all one day he'll get in

Redbeast Gaming : Love you Real life peter griffin 🔥🔥🔥

O : Wait so... Are you a voice actor now? On the side note I'm a bit concerned about your health, is that bad?

Nayops 18 : I always wanted to go to Comic Con but here in Chicago is only like 1 day for an hour as it seems lmao

fpv cruise fpv : Loved it. Peter ya need to find your favourite tines.. geez you have hours of film to look through and recreate some of your most enjoyed moments... as crazy as they may be it's all good

FearlessAstridHofferson : I think you came to NDK 2016-17 and I met ya. Your amazing. Thanks for saying 'Hi Astrid!" 💖 Also lol Peter Griffin, Sexy Pennywise, and Pidge from Voltron all doing The Bird.

Sweatpantsboii : If he suddenly disappears, I'm sure we can find him in Knowhere, in The Collector's collection... Yes, he's THAT awesome :-)

Matygoo : I freakin' love this guy!

Random Person7754 : Hiw great would it be if You met Seth McFarlane. God that would be the best video ever

GYIYGABITE : You know what really grinds my gear? That this video isn't getting enough likes it really deserves!!

Spider Man : Family Guy+Voltron+Naruto+It. Awesome!

Proxen 99 : This is what I expect from my fav griffin

Rajan Genesis Natividad Sanchez : Real Life Peter " Taba " Griffin

Punykirby : When Peter uploads, you know something funny is coming

Borogove Cyles : I have a question me being new to the channel Is that his actual voice or is he just able to impersonate Peter very well

Jevil Joker : Family Guy Live action series? Why I never saw this before?

william reed : wazz up peter love you'r chanle and show

LegitPlays : Is he the real voice actor?

oh yeah yeah : 0:36 Confirmed Pidge likes thicc bois

GamingFanactic911 : Love this guy; he's fantastic. :) 😄❤

Talha Sayed : 2:29 sounds like undertale

S U N : Peter Griffin The Freaking Sweet Documentary

Rob Harrison : every voice actor was there weren't you you know like laura bailey or grey delisle or richard horvitz but i assume dennis rodman wasn't there was he

Zoes Dada : Gotta love all the Jonny Lawrences. Theres got to be a way to make money off of looking just like Peter Griffin. He does a better skeletor than skeletor.

Sgt. Baker : I love how Real Life Peter Griffin did a better Skeletor laugh than the dude dressed as Skeletor.

2017-2019'Charle Sobble brown sobble シャルル・ブラウン : 0:58 WALUIGI IS THE REAL GOD

bluescluessuperagent : I just met this guy. He works at a store near me. I did a double take when I first saw him. Then I went back and asked him and he burst out in a smile. Let me take a selfie.