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VINOS : There are no mistakes, only happy accidents *_except for Meg_* -Real Life Peter Griffin


Cyranek : ok this is epic

Dio Drando : Okay, this is sweet.

StarryAnimations : *Searches "Free NYCC tickets"*

The Goof : Have you ever come face to face with Seth MacFarlane?

Jen : Peter’s Bizarre Adventure - Cosplaying Tendency

Architius : But where's the testicle chin?

Jefferson Juno : The real Peter Griffin is a legend and will always be

Fresh Garbage : I met you on Sunday and it was the highlight of all my comic cons combined.

sizzurp.mp3 : The only N word we drop here on a daily basis at this comment section, is “NYCC”

josh roth : Why all the background songs in Hebrew?

Jake 1192 : 2:59 When your teacher hands back the test and its a 63

Fat Blue : Hey look an SMG4 t-shirt with someone who wants waluigi in smash, he watched the waluigi arc. Shut up MEG-gy

Zacimus the master Shooter : Why hasn’t family guys seen this guy yet!!! ? An it seemed he froze a bit at the end there ?

matsmz : Real life peter griffin rules

Wazir Tahfiz : 1:05 joker? goku??? Goker or joku

Jefferson Juno : OK, THIS IS EPIC

RetroWarcraft : 1:17 Thanks Peter made my day better.

System _0101 : They better give you a living show soon if not that's gonna really grind my gears !!

Mayor of Big Daddy’s Pizza : *peter laugh eeeeeeeeheheheheh*

Junker Clown : I am the waluigi man thank you all one day he'll get in

Going Slap Happy : To bad you didn't come to Lousiana comicon

van vidal : I really wish you met Seth MacFarlane

SmashyPlays : Peter Griffin is a smash fan My life is complete.

SC : could you attend to this next convention called "SEISHUN CON!"? The event happens next february 8th - 10th. And it's being held in Georgia, hope to see you there if you decide to go there. I'll be cosplaying as Vegeta

Redbeast Gaming : Love you Real life peter griffin 🔥🔥🔥

Pajamapants Jack : A freaking *epic* time

Cerberus : 2:21 fury inbound nuke it

Tronnus : I hoped that the tan would be more ... there. Anyhow you made alot of folks laugh there, including me! Keep it up!

mark chanel : 2:04 lol this is jewish isreali music from the 70n

HumzDaCrazyD : 3:01 make a meme outta of this.

Zombie Land : OMG MICHAEL!!! IM FIRST!!!

Matygoo : I freakin' love this guy!

Red Fox Leyla : Omg, this is so awesome!

Talha Sayed : 2:29 sounds like undertale

Virginia : hey 🅱️eter

Nayops 18 : I always wanted to go to Comic Con but here in Chicago is only like 1 day for an hour as it seems lmao

Ozen Awz : He looks like my English teacher.

Joku San 21 the otaku : Ay -_- JOKUS MY NAME!

Anguirusfan 1955 : #JusticeForWaluigi

anal sex and apple pie : aww hell yeah

MrSweetnuinui : Hi peter

Mordecai 38 : 321st

Proxen 99 : This is what I expect from my fav griffin

Account Account : Oof I missed you. I went to COMICON but never saw you

Mc Muffin : 1:16 sexy lady

LegitPlays : Is he the real voice actor?

Anti Furry Network : First

Spongebob SquarePants : You should be in a comic