It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia | Season 13 Ep. 7: The Contest Scene | FXX

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Joe V : 0:51 Mac's Jerry face is SPOT ON

Meppolep7 : I like how both Dennis and Mac are Jerry.

Orlando Quintana :'s a classic really Jewish..

Wolf : The real joke is that the big bang theory is the highest rated comedy

FlurpzZ : I swear every season they get more and more delusional.

Diva in the Woods : I'm recalling another time the gang misremembered an event. For example, you remember me possibly as a man with small hands. What you remember IS FALSE!

Cassius Eagen : i’m completely serious when i say this, but that may have been the greatest thing they’ve every created. i was nearly in tears and having Mac & Dennis both he Jerry was the icing on the cake. i’m so happy to be able to watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia during its full run. this season will only get better!

mr anderson : Frank cracked a subtle smile at charlie, i bet he was laffin hard inside

Triplicata : Rob was so much better at imitating Seinfeld, I mean look at the expression he gives after “Kramer” says he’s out

Johnathan Young : This reminds me of that episode when Frank was remembering his life as Rambo. Now the entire gang is doing it.😂😂😂

Alex C : I love Dennis questioning their memory. "the FANS?"

Zach stringham : Charlie is the best Kramer lol

Joe Wellin Dowd : Their Jerry costume is literally their Riggs costume. 😂

grapes9h5 : Such an amazingly weird episode

Adam Chebot-Goldman : DeVito was actually considered for the role of Costanza.

Crispy : "So Jewish."

Not Michael Jordan : That set is freaking perfect. Looks exactly the same.

foshastajones : Worlds are colliding!

Matt Melnarik : I just knew mac and dennis would want to play jerry. After much deliberation and a vote from the became evident the only solution was for mac and dennis to play jerry😂! Its a lead role dominance thing....leathal weapon style!

someone else : this was absolutely one of the best moments throughout the entire series

Ch Reed : memories are tricky

Actorsstudio2777 : THIS IS GOLD JERRY GOLD!

tgall3 : I really wish this part wasn't included in the trailer for the season. It would have been such a surprise, but instead I knew they would eventually have a Seinfeld scene. I feel the same about Mac picking up Dee by her bits. The whole funny thing about that part was how out of nowhere and shocking it was, but if you saw the trailer you knew it was coming. Basically I just have grown to hate watching trailers. I'll know for next season I guess.

Andres Morales : Fun little fact. Sunny is filmed in the same studio as Seinfeld was.

madlarkin8 : Frank lost his military bearing at 0:49

Apathetic Millennial : That was a decent Elaine.


Sam Land : They recreated Jerry’s apartment so well.

Dylan Wesley : Why does this feel like it was actually produced in front of an actual studio audience? I feel like you can see a slight reaction from Rob and Danny at :45 seconds, like they are trying to hold it together in front of a live audience.

Youtubestopmakingmechangemyname : this clipshow is officially one of the best episodes ever. only beat out by night man cometh and the reunion

Kevin 11 : Cant wait for the Wisecrack review on this episode

Janna Nicole : Charlie is amazing! Such a perfect performance!

Casey Kosakewich : Macs face when Charlie comes in is so priceless

Christian Deleon : I Hope They Make a Featurette Surrounding This Moment. To Have it Exist and NOT Mention It is.....well i don’t know. It feels weird.

milkmanv1 : When you realize it's already episode 7 and the season is almost over =(

Joseph Sonners : Memories are tricky....if you think about

blason56 : You can actually see on the actors face their reaction to charile/kramer. They love it.

Michelle Alvarez : 😂 😂 "Memories are tricky "

Romulan kush88 : I was raped 36 years ago...

SchwiftyToddler : I think Rob said that this season they were moved to the lot where Seinfeld was set

pguerrero329 : The fans?

C Wel : Sofaking Gold

ryan4261 : Frankie's getting upset!

Nicholas Whitman : Giddy up

Berner High : LMAOOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂

pinoi78 : LMAO.

dirtnation : Dee looks stunning

johnsaysthings : Charlie nails Kramer’s mannerisms perfectly.

Jim Black : Memories are tricky. Hmmmm... an homage to Christine Blasey Ford?

Hugh Jecoque : I love how every memory is way off, and made up. Classic Blasey-ford move.