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Badger : How is this not restricted?

ALEXA TURNER : I have been obsessed with this video for so long, it's impossible

pedro bartolome : This video drives me crazy, and that's a good thing

Theteebeutler : i hate the french people but you really have quite pretty women

Napolyon Kiraz Kompleksi : *looking at the director's name -I LOVE CANADA

Gort040 : We can have this but we can't have BLENDER VIDEOS?!?!?!?!?!

skippy dullwynne : What text is being read here please? Thank you

dat calculation tho : Can someone please explain what this movie actually means. I've watched it many times but never quite understood it.

Paula : who is the writer?

reda reda : What’s that song

20pero : She looks like my crush in school.. A bit too similar

TheLegendInYou : This is a wonderful, tasteful, respectful introduction to sexual attraction.

4thandspring : So bummed this Disciples version of this video was taken down ☹️