My First Date With a Kpop Star! (I Took Chung Ha to Chipotle lol)

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TerryTV : Hope you guys enjoyed our little date to Chipotle LOL. Big shout out to Koreos for helping out at the end! You can watch Chung Ha's full reaction on their channel! Link in description :) Also shout out to JREKML for lending me his camera! Everyone comment thanks JRE 👌

K-Brandon : I think I would've passed out she's so pretty wtf

chingu latte : dispatch is coming

kim miyu 27 : I see the comments and guys said that chungha is the girl in wow thing like wtf how did you discover her from this song, she was in produce 101 and after ioi and she is a famous soloist now like it's so weird for me to understand that people didnt know her before wow thing ??? I don't blame kkkkk



JREKML : This was Cute! Any time bro! Sorry I Didn't Bring a Mic with me! T^T Also.... Hi Chung Ha! ^_^

KouhaiShoo : Okay, when is the wedding

Weird kid on the block : After IOI Chung ha is the only one who was successful like damn

Min Noodle : *dispatch has entered the chat*

꧁alicia꧂ : Boss: Any news? Dispatch: Chung Ha is with a strange man... Boss: WHO!? Dispatch: I think that's TerryTV boss... Boss: They are probably just friends lol that dude is too shy to even ask her out

Form of Therapy : CRIES IN HANGUL

Kawaii_Potato YT : everyone is shipping them while terrys girlfriend is just sad in a corner

FifiiMonster Kim : I like her personalities 💕💕

MEME JAEBUM : after jenkai this gonna get exposed hahahah

Martin Amarilla : “Is she that girl from Wow Thing?” No, she’s the girl from IOI, Roller Coaster, Love U and Gotta Go. Educate yourself, listen to a Chung Ha bop today.

_taetae_ kim : I knew her, she collaborated with Sinb, Soyeon and Seulgi last Station X 0, I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT I SHIP THEM :'3 UR SO CUTE She's speaking English so nice, UGHHHH~ I luv her love and she's so cute eating af :'3

bombastic gum : Terry is such a boyfriend material like seriously i have been sleeping on such cool YouTubers for so long.... I hate myself but i love u terrychaaaa

Nizchelle Mitsh Bagay : The cars is like "freaking get out in the parking space" 😂

Honeyxcaramel : shhh, dispatch is coming!

Imxb Y : Chungha: H... Terry: 👁 👁 👃🏻 👄

DJ MANOX MUSIC : *Terry I know you two been dating good job keeping it a secret xD*

Andertheknight 567 : Imagine what the people in the cars are thinking lol

Camouflage Bourne : the korean womans are too cute for the world ,perfect faces -irene,jennie,jisso and chungha

Wendy Stan : I’m a simple girl. I see Chungha I click 🤷‍♀️

ABYLUISA4 : Was I the only one who heard the guy serving the food tell Chung Ha “you’re really good looking” on 1:38

Taesticles : Chipotle is the place to be

Sumaiya Hossain : Next dispatch couple: chunga & terry

jimin - kun : okay, i know this is not related but *stream gotta go*

jungkook's thighs : "welcome to ahhh.... America." she used to live in Dallas.... 🤣🤣

Iqa Aroha : Dispatch coming and running with their camera

SonesInSomnia54 : Dude, freakin friends with Chungha! Honestly shows how of a really nice and great person she is, and Terry to that she likes to see him again and go to Chipotle hahaha. I was in the audience at her fan engagement you can tell how much of a genuinely kind person she is, shes amazing I wish I had the Hi-Touch to meet her lol (it was my first KCON so i wasnt sure how it worked completely) I hope she comes back next year! Great video Terry!

Misbah Agha : I don’t know who she is but she is the most sweetest person ever

朴志效Jιнуσ : She's so pretty i saw her once in real life and she was even better looking in rl

juan : this is the real ship bois ps: dispatch is coming my dudes

Momo and Charlie puss ship True : You are too late dispatch

HanYoung Gonzaga : You guys should have went to a amusement park, so you guys could ride a fun Roller Coaster! (Ha..get it? No? I'll leave.)

Kookie Stole My Heartu : 2:38 *the fudge is she even talkin about...* ~ :P

Just the kpop ed : Oml shes my fav soloist

bung ghi : Typical women when hang out: *foccuss on food*

Fifi : She legit seems so nice and down to earth, I wanna go on a date with Chung Ha tooooooo hahahah *edit* woah thank you guys over 1k likes 😍❤️

Anonymous Jastyce : *I DISLIKED THIS* Because I’m jealous!!

Sujan Talekar : I'm not dead Low key typing this from my grave

ΛRMY x OИCE x BLIИK x REVELUV : i'm slayed even while watching her mv's, I can't imagine what would happen to me irl

stalker0418 : i want to go to a date with chungha too ;(

Leeor Alexandra : omfg shes so cute

Suga's Tongue Technology ( ° ʖ °) Makes Me JungShOOk : HER FRICKING ENGLISH HOW AM I JUST FINDING THIS NOW???

Kyungsoo Delight! : Omg! I want to see chungha in person

Kim Win of Bangtan Boys : I can't believe I am this whipped over Chung Ha!! She is such an angel

langweilt mich nicht ! : Please tell me that im not the only one that dont know who she is