This guy with road rage wanted to fight me.(not click bait. Real video.)

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Butch Escobar : Hey everybody. Thanks for watching please make sure to like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

rebecca berlin : I can't beef with you, bro. My window doesn't roll down. Sorry bro.

Seymour : "I cant beef with you cause i'm an inferior human being " is now going to be my solo queue excuse .

Chancey Dicklord : This video is pure gold from start to finish

LillyBillyDilly _/ _/ : You are quite the gentleman for kindly declining the beef.

Edward Carnby : I'm curious why he was so eager to start a fight with someone who looks like Bam Bam Bigelow.

thairivera : 😂 “You’re a better man than me” 😂

NuttyFiber : HE GOT CUT OFF AGAIN AT THE END! true gold.

Paul Cote : "I can't beef with u rn" lol i can't even....

Sameer Pharma : the guy was so pissed that butch couldn't beef back. Feel sad for him.

flodA reltiH : The way you're so chilled and opened your freakin' door to speak with him kills me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Firebreather : I can’t believe some guy tried to get into a fight with Kratos. Damn son!

Steven Cruz : The music makes it that much better. Lol

Cynthia IgnisDivine : My crippling depression makes it hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. This video is miraculous. I laughed so hard I had to run to the bathroom and pee.

Catherine Riddle : You make more money with your Honda bro I'M DEAD

patocamarada : Gotta love a guy who admits his mistake to the world via YT, is obviously not scared, but gets apologetic, not overly so, though, to taunt Sr. Agresivo. Then he belly laughs to himself. We should start a Gofundme to get his winfow fixed. He'd probably blow sweet kisses all day long!

gothicel : "... with your Honda, bro." That's just straight up murder.

Steven Olsen : The piano tune in the background though 😂🤣 "you make more money with your Honda bro" 😂🤣 💀💀💀

Inoubliable Douleur : My advice: smile at them and throw them a cheerful kiss. Makes them explode.

nzalog : Reminds me of some dude who tried to force himself into my lane one time. I basically just went around him and he was behind me freaking the fuck out, I was just laughing the whole time while he was acting like a wanna-be gangster.

Mark Curran : Bahaha! I love your laugh, man. That was awesome.

Anthony Howard : lol I think it's awesome he's so enraged over it.

* Erika : You're so chill haha, awesome

henke103 : Apologize for trash talking that Saab bro. Take care of it

jay92889 : Someone fix this man's window!

Paul Cote : Plesse go viral plesse go viral

Doogie H : If you're ever in Colorado I'll buy you a beer...or joint

A K : You made my day, if i ever stumble across you in life i will buy you a beer. ;)

nathan GQ : We can learn a thing or 2 here peeps

David Rodgers : Bruh is this the bay bridge, or am I mistaking scenery?

Kevin Miller : Amazing! You probably pissed him off even more by laughing at him, that's great. All Honda drivers are complete douche bags.

Grace Jennings : People get so mad over the simplest things. Traffic sucks, move on instead of starting a fight while driving 😂😂😂 atleast he was honest

Robert Chellew : This made my day...this guy is a dude,

Cali_livin Guy : and that background music... epic lol

Makdavian : Heyyy weren’t you on Ian Kung’s Logan Paul video? What a coincidence.

dylan : lmao he's mad

Rilon Prime : Driving across the bay bridge makes me freak out too sometimes lol

dasaini : I’m pretty sure he would have stopped raging if you could roll down the window and he saw the size of you

entropyhappens : You seem like a cool dude.

An autistic sea lion : Thats one way to deal with negativity xD

LPTV : This is too wholesome <3

Nikko Saraos : Lmao what up Butch I remember seeing you open up for Joey CoCo Diaz. Putting on for the big guys

Mark Perez : well that sucks

squirrelbong A : lol! this is the best way to deal with road rage I've ever seen.

Sages604 : That was pretty funny man. haha xD

s a m w i c h : that looks like the bay bridge. you’re probably in the bay area. this video suddenly makes more sense

Andrea W : Bay Bridge make everyone crazy. You're hilarious tho

A soup can : One hand on the wheel with the camera, one hand opening the door in a moving car, just to apologize to someone. _Absolute _*_gentleman!_*

jeff sanders : I up and down vte VERY few videos but this one, I HAD to up vote! This was awesome, "You're a better man than me. You make more money than me with your Honda!" I spit beer up ALL over my computer! Thanks for the laugh mate!

Obvious Nuggies : Im going to die this video is great