Death Machines: The Brazen Bull [Conveniently Edited for English Class]

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kaz9781 : Now that is CRUEL.

spazy smalls : a few are commenting about putting people that deserve it in this i dont think any human being or animal can ever deserve this by another human being if you're putting the sick fucker in there because he did some real fucked up shit why would you do something so fucked up also ? you too should be thrown in there. im not one of those "2 wrongs dont make a right" people but some thing is wrong with you if you can watch a being tortured in this contraption.

UltraVert : That is pure evil, everything about it is evil.

Jason Pope : what I find frightening is the amount of people saying things like "I'd use this for murderers, child killers, people who don't pay parking fines" etc. This should be consigned to history and NEVER be used under any circumstances on ANYONE!

Don Vidal : This is messed up.


mejercit : Captured ISIS fighters should be roasted in brazen bulls.

BLAKE MARS : im dreaming doing that to someone everyday

A Sad Frog : lot of people in this comment section sound like they belong 500 years in the past.

RaxuRangerking : This is such bull.

Ádám Pajor : This thing creeped me out in Amnesia - The Dark Descent

Aussie50 : fantastic! it would be great to stuff the worst of society inside them and hear the music! :D

Naxfa : Anyone here from Apex?

Wyatt Wertz : I believe in interrogation, but not torture. This is just inhumane and those inside of this should of been thrown in prison, not oven-cooked.

qoaa : I'm gonna build one and trick kids into thinking there is candy inside, then I'll roast then and dine on their livers and a nice chianti

Crotchety Old Man 4777 : wow..brutal

Vapsiainen owO : Amnesia ;)

increaseteh smert : Anyone here cause of Faze Apex

daddysgotcha : Obviously the artist who built the bull could not have known he would have been used in it. But it would have been smart of him to have some sort of hidden latch on the inside that only he knew about and could find in the dark, that either opened a second hatch or collapsed the structure of the bull.

halfawake454 : I could be wrong but I don't think they have ever found this device. They are going off written record.

naushad junglee : do you imagine that if this device was used today, oh my god, this is really terrible

Christian Ungur : Falaris sure was an a-hole.

gentlegee1976 : This is absolutely horrific. How anybody can do that to another human being is beyond me. This machine terrifies me, it really is the stuff of nightmares !!!

Corey Reynolds : I'm surprised no one mentioned seeing this in Immortals. No body I was with had ever heard of it. Definitely help bring more darkness into the culture of Hyperion's army in the movie.

Englishsea24 : I find this deeply disturbing. The very idea of someone going through something so horrific is too much for me to take in. Merely calling it torture is speaking far too lightly of it. There is no effective way to describe it, it is just pure evil.

weremeus beuning : Judging by some of the comments the Tyrannoi seem to be alive and well today.

Clinton Lewis : I would be very afraid to do this to someone for fear of retributive justice.

Jacob Pegues : The artist was taken out then thrown off a cliff

Paul Swancey : It's weird the creator was the first one ever killed by his invention

ZapBoy : I wouldn't execute such horrific torment on my worst enemies, these people were ruthless

Whatname Whatnameson : Holy cow! Imagine you're being punished by this old Greek tyrant. You're in there, screaming for help in severe pain, and what the spectacles outside hear is the amusing sound of a cow! How utter completely totally sick thing! Wow!!

Iestyn Evans : I feel faint...

Diego V : put terrorists and fascists in there

TasticX : I don't want this in my dreams

CiamicVlogsTV : Anyone here from Shane?

Loose Cannon : Perfect for the jews. May they all find their way in it

Serj Trollkian : The only kind that deserve a death like this are ISIS

Gintsublademan Anonymous : Moooooooooooooooo

Jaydah Lakes-Posey : 😭😭 This torture Device gives me chills I swear this shid should only be used for Isis and tourism that's it

Extinguished Scythe : Imagine being in that for eternity, that is only 1/7th of hell

Rawhead Rex : Can you imagine back in ancient greece before anyone knew what this thing was being invited to dinner at phalaris. Everyone eating and drinking having a merry time with this magnificant bronze bull with a bonfire under it. Maybe after 5-10 minutes listening it dawns on you that odd sound the bull is making is coming from a person inside it?

RKS88 : Let's put Angela Merkel in one of these.

gyrofoam1 : Good idea!

gyrofoam1 : Yeah, a lot of things about humans are too sick to stomach.

Tyler Kettle : Apex squad where ya at?

eyebidem : horror!

Pyramid Head : Man, I remember this show on TV. I used to watch it when I was around 9 or 10. I'd get into my pyjamas, and watch Death Machines. I may have had some weird hobbies.

Jeevitesh Khoda : India really needs this for rapists.

Jason Bentley : I wonder if the bull is still underwater somewhere? Just imagine if it got found...

ErlanggaFajar : genius.