Rate Me 1-10 | Public Interview (Malaysia)

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Anthony Izaguirre : Ayyyy I came here from jay Willis.

Balraj - : Good work bro,I was laughing out hard when them girls rated you 6😂😂😂

zviko chirume : Charles what's going on here mate😂 shirt on please

SS TV : ggg

New crew : Good work 👍

Art : Nice

Craft and art : Nice


Craziest and funniest animals 2019 : Nice man

Sooper Man : Wow

haroon hashmi : Nice .

Azhar Amaan : Nice video

Mt my tech : Keep it up

Spots created : Exactly good

diego arana : why were you so nervous around Kristina lol

Mg created : Good work bro 👍

Louis Napata - Chinyanga : The 6 girls rocks 😂🤣

Dynamo Gaming live Stream : Awesome buddy

sanal mp : Nice work

technical nagar : Owsem bro keep it up

Magic : Keep going

Needjustlove : i wd give you 9 outta 10 as you semingly are an honst person! and those giviing you anylesser numbers are the ones showing their inner mindset!

Liyo jiva : Good work

Elton Mutangara : Ko vanhu vanonyeperei nhai? Inga gehena richange rakazara🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Charlene Mya Banks Myambo : I would say a 10 Perfect 10

Shivam : Vip

Ganja Man : Dude what's the title of the first song??

Heman : Good

Happiness : Good

Azhar Amaan : Superb video i like it