Johnny Vegas on Room 101 - Internet Chatrooms
Johnny Vegas on Room 101 Internet Chatrooms

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Room 101 was a BBC comedy television series based on the radio series of the same name, in which celebrities are invited to discuss their hates with the host in order to have them consigned to the eponymous chamber from the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Quite possibly one of the funniest British TV moments ever.


biscuitsalive : I remember going on beauties castle after seeing this air for the first time. But I think it was already ruined by then. :( My not as good, but similar story would be remembering getting really worked up when someone betrayed me on a survival minecraft server (back in the very early days of minecraft shortly after multiplayer survival started) And I agreed to meet this chap on a certain bridge to trade 20 diamonds for a bunch of building materials. And he killed me and stole everything I had on me (which was a lot) I was livid. I ran around writing signposted everywhere saying not to trust him. And looking for his home so I could grief it. Such a strange place the virtual world. To feel completely betrayed because someone lied, hit me with a pixel sword and stole digital diamonds!!

william northcote : They got rid of yahoo chats some time back.

iulian ghita : Life sucks. My friend has started going out with a ten because 60 days back he registered to a site called Master Attraction (Google it if you wish to know more.) I'm so jealous because I want to fall madly in love as well. How come it's so hard? I'm going to check out this Jake Ayres man's stuff and check out if it will help a person like me. Odd thing is, my friend used to have no good fortune with women. How could you change so swiftly? His girl's a fucking model!

blueluny : Someone should make the character of unabashed and put him in a video game

blueluny : This is one of the funniest things the Bbc ever aired

cyberskin1 : 4:40 that audience reaction is amazing.

Alex Rose : Because its crap!!!

brotomann : This is so much funnier to anyone who has ever been on an internet chatroom. The depressing nature of this makes it so hilarious.

inveraldo : @MrWarrenLO . Thats a fair piont mr warren, have seen his stand-up and your right

blueluny : The real quality of this is how it seems like a confessonal .... i remember watching this the first time on tv . a genuine brilliant moment from the beeb

usedfuzzbox : First time I saw this I genuinely cried with laughter, and for years, myself and friends who had happened to see it too, tried to describe the "Beauty's Castle" part of this episode. This, and Johnny's TV Heaven, Telly Hell appearence some years later, are stand out moments for me that I wont ever forget. God bless Johnny.

Znade : Lmfaooo i love how he says ''because its..Crap!'' at the end, to hollyoaks! LOL

psychotron9 : A Virtual picnic - genius

inveraldo : vagas is brilliant,he's come on with a seed of an idea of what he's going to say but the majority of it is ad-lib and off the cuff,that fact that most people dont see that shows how good he is, one of britains best comic brains.

mojopin 70 : i get it , hes just fat , boring and unfunny though...vic and bob are funnier.

GoblinXXX : @mrkristoff Someone had filmed their pet rabbit eating a piece of banana, and dubbed in "la la la laa la", and posted it as "Singing Bunny"-- Just a cute little harmless video. I was amazing how many comments were complaints about it being "fake" or a "waste of time" were on it. Like the idiots had expected either an ACTUAL singing rabbit, or some million dollar special effects masterpiece. YouTube swarms with trolls.

pennydesouza : Wow, Johnny Vegas is interesting to watch. Paul Merton's reaction!

mojopin 70 : vegas is a fat slob and his rambling trying to be surreal and funny at the same time make me cringe!

mrkristoff : You could post a video of a bird flying on youtube and someone would pipe up with an opinion and/or mean spirited, uneduacted comment. This is class. Merton & Vegas are brilliant in their own right.

TheRealAlanPartridge : Mertons confused when hes with Johnny ..because he doesnt know what comedy is. Johnnys in a different league to this twat

Myth Detector : Johnny Vegas is as funny as cancer

Dave Leary : Im going to shit myself ahahha

Mayna00 : This has the same effect on me that Peep Show has. Cringeworthy, embarrassing to watch, but HILARIOUS.

cyberskin1 : one of the absolute highlights of this programme!

thatdrattedcat : This is like watching a really intense therapy session and Merton is the entirely disapproving and disgusted therapist... he's trying hard not to show it though so points to him for that...?

brosue4 : Can't stop laughing..... Must stop playing Second Life...

xendon68 : What a legend! Virtual picnic complimeneted on the sandwiches, lmao you need to have an imagination to relate to and love what hes articulating. Pure genius

mary hadfad : @bellboy64 this was before she sobered up

bellboy64 : I didn't like Johnny Vegas originally (when his act basically consisted of an incoherant and loud rant) but when he sobered up he really is a great guy. Seeing him so vulnerable like this is... so shocking. It's great television. Why the hell did they cancel Room 101?

Kimmerbelly : @Nerfi i got out of that world, but people keep bringing it back to haunt me :,(

Nerfi : I wonder if Jezebell tried to contact Johnny after this. Either way, I empathized with this a lot. It was kind of scary, glad I got out of that world well long ago.

Bobthemonkey675 : @dayiiv Even when drunk

thomasimon : What was it like for someone who was playing this online pissthing and then saw Johnny on this show?

Tom Britton : Johnny<3

mico2020 : classic clip

mico2020 : comedic therapy lol

Nick Fusco : Yes yes your a fucking hero man ..... Your one of a kind and don't ever change!!!

yautja89 : i love the way it goes from a bit jokey to a honest out-and-out confession and clearing of his conscience

gr1283 : Johnny Vegas is either a brilliant actor or is genuinely insane

edstercw : Habbo Hotel was my addiction. Now I go on Omegle for a graphicsless quick fix

spider5600 : lol the way he describes his addiction to chatrooms makes me feel better about the time when i was, Virtual Picnics, Virtual Car Parks, Virtual towns. Christ Im glad i eventually got over all that.

mig11280 : I love how he's talking about very private things. I would never admit to going on chat rooms on national TV. Like i would never admit to reading slash fiction. The man has balls

FunkyWorm3288 : @PocketRocketPRP I agree about the Hollyoaks bit seeming like it was edited

Ruthiehottie1 : So bloody funny lol hehe, can not stop laughing

Ruth-Elizabeth Page : This was the best Room 101 ever. I also loved the Frank Skinner one - brilliant!

Jarons20 : I love Johnny, both drunk and sober

R1CH130 : fanbloodytastic hahahah

strawblonde457 : not big fan of vegas buthis had me in stiches

Phil Michael Moran : one of the best bits on youtube, but that hollyoaks bit seemed edited?