Caught this guy playing by himself

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Mahir Cave : I know this dog. He is a physics professor at my university

Top Fertilizer : "Ok human, I don't care, because I can play a ball by myself"

Ryan Hinton : my faith in happiness has been restored!

P Ray : He's just tryna understand some physics ;)

SDG Danny : Watching this video made me forget about all my troubles for a moment

Tami Khoukha : Oh soo cute. I loved😊😘🐶🐾👍👏

Morgan Lemons : That's absolutely adorable and relatable

Mitali : He is like what u humans doing here...

Mitali : Aww he is so cute...

Kakashi Hatake : When you are offline

Intrafacial86 : Oh my god . . . can you image if the video had ended at 1:25?? I would've run out the front door, torn off all my clothes, clawed my eyes out, and screamed at the heavens.

X-MISMA-X : At first I thought the title was: Caught this guy playing with himself Cute, this is a smart little one.

realvipul : I was expecting a masturbating dog.

Rickola G : When he saw the ball almost going away..... "Wilson! No! Wilson!"

이종성 : So lovely!

far8 : legend say hes still playing

dadsafrantic : better than watching any humans for sure.

aptonoron : He is alone... Like me...

Eliza h. : Single-children can relate

LikedMyOwnComment : The dog was legit playing with itself, didn't expect this.

Rico Risken : I completely misread the title of this video :/

Neebin Makwah : WOW...brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye....just love dogs...this one is so happy.

90loneeagle : His name is Torvald

JCplaythis : My favorite youtube video of the day!

Dimension 2401 : I would have throne all the balls I could find down that stream just to see how the dog would react.

vresh sing : fluid mechanics lab lecture 102 chapter : surface tension and viscosity of water

Aldijana Krasnić : When my mum caught me playing by myself it wasnt all that fun.

Desi Love PSandhu : It's a Japanese dog, so of course it's much smarter than the typical stupid american dog.

נער ציון : Sooooo cute

jer quake : "Some say he's still busy with it"

Colton Guadarrama : Damn...pretty agile/smart feller

BlueRice : its cute when a dog dose it. but when i play like that myself people think im crazy


Andrew McClarken : Play with him or so help me

Rene Otten : Imagine how beautiful the world would be if all humans were like this <3

Omarus Peralthophus : Que perrito loco 😂

James King : I love this video, I watch it every time I feel a bit sad.

erosphere : this is an elusive title. cute doggo tho

NeoKenni Me : Some 566 likes... If the likes got 666 *ILLUMINATI*

uio oiu : 1:14 Tew fest for doggo

rakeshchoudhary : Oh man i forgot all my tension. While watching this video. Now i want to be like him.

Clearly Platonic : Omg ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Jasmine : So lovely smart dog, playing by himself and the boll So clever dog

S o l d i e r : Good they didn't eat him in Japan.

Areli Otero : When ur an only child.

Neoreina : aaaaawwwww

Ashanti71 : The cutest thing ever 😍😍😍

Jody Smith : Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir memesalot : Go and play with him dude smh

yuan yuan friend : Hey don't look at me, you did not see a dog playing by it self huh!!