Caught this guy playing by himself

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Eliza h. : Single-children can relate

MGTOW 101 : 1:17 OH NO!!!! ( ◔ ʖ̯ ◔ )

SDG Danny : Watching this video made me forget about all my troubles for a moment

GreekCrusader23 : Sooooo cute

JCplaythis : My favorite youtube video of the day!

Rebelle : Watch, one day this cute lil pup will be playing by himself with that ball. The next day, he'll be ruling the humans with his pupper intelligence! You'll see...YOU'LL ALL SEE!!!

IglooDweller : TELL ME THAT ANIMALS DON'T HAVE SOULS. : Dogs are awesome

chelsea cruz : He's a strong independent dog who don't need no human

QB Mac : When I play with myself it doesn't look like that.

evilkerbecs 2 : Thought it said playing with himself

She'Myia Malone : I'm so sad😭😭😭

Ryan Hinton : my faith in happiness has been restored!

Jasmine : So lovely smart dog, playing by himself and the boll So clever dog

Mavina I : Aww, that's adorable. I fell in love with this lil dog❤❤❤ so smart too

Evan Jenkins : I hope to God that this dog has an owner or I hope that you at least took him to a shelter or found his or her owner.

roe stalker : Clever little bugger x

My Little World : He is precious ❤️. I just cannot help not to worry what happened to that little doggie. How did he get out of there? Poor little thing like him 😩...

Jody Smith : Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke : I love dogs so much.

PillowsquadGT : Such a smol bean

Top Fertilizer : "Ok human, I don't care, because I can play a ball by myself"

CookieCunt : Oh my goodness, this video is so special ❤. What a genuine soul😀

johnty fiveofive : He flicks it int he water with such zeal everytime! >_<

RaccoonMoustache : Awe I felt bad when the ball was too far away

Eleonore Bon : When the ball almost got away...!

Aayydudewhat : As an only child, i can relate to this dog in spiritual way

Michael C : Awww! So cute! 😄

edd mendoza : Mah heart 😞 my soul 😣

Mark Isler : The purest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

satisfactory equestrians : Oh look its me everyday ~Libby

ChickenHead Man : When I saw the title I'm thinking, "What?  A video of a guy MASTURBATING in a river?" Boy, am I sick.

Rohit Sanyal : This is the purest thing I have ever seen 😍

Anvith M Kunder : Even a cruel man will like this video. Dislikers are something other than human beings....

50_Shades_Of_Me : He's (or She's) sooo sweet ❤❤❤❤😀

TheTopStriker : When I play by myself people call the cops on me. Unfair.

Bilal Eltohami : A CHIWEWE

blind fox : Seems a working parent's lonely kid...he is cute.

otherwisemaladroit : This can be a product! Perpetual Fetch. If someone can figure out making a mini slip n slide with some tubing that maybe goes in a circle and attaches to a garden hose.

Tech Studio In Bangla : Genius Doggy

dadsafrantic : better than watching any humans for sure.

B Dyson : it's like the dog version of my childhood!

Colton Guadarrama : Damn...pretty agile/smart feller

technologic : Me on Valentine's day

Rickola G : When he saw the ball almost going away..... "Wilson! No! Wilson!"

uio oiu : 1:14 Tew fest for doggo

TANGLDWEB : That's Right. We ARE Smart. And understand Physics. We just rather you didn't know that. So we have someone to play with. And Not an alien for you to....

Erin Okay : It's weird when Chihuahuas are smart.

Muzzle : if that were a homeless dog this would of been one of the saddest videos.

NotYourBuddy : i wish he get a home soon <3