Caught this guy playing by himself

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Mahir Cave : I know this dog. He is a physics professor at my university

Top Fertilizer : "Ok human, I don't care, because I can play a ball by myself"

Ryan Hinton : my faith in happiness has been restored!

Morgan Lemons : That's absolutely adorable and relatable

Kakashi Hatake : When you are offline

P Ray : He's just tryna understand some physics ;)

Intrafacial86 : Oh my god . . . can you image if the video had ended at 1:25?? I would've run out the front door, torn off all my clothes, clawed my eyes out, and screamed at the heavens.

Tami Khoukha : Oh soo cute. I loved😊😘🐶🐾👍👏

Mitali : Aww he is so cute...

Eliza h. : Single-children can relate

Rickola G : When he saw the ball almost going away..... "Wilson! No! Wilson!"

Mitali : He is like what u humans doing here...

far8 : legend say hes still playing

aptonoron : He is alone... Like me...

SDG Danny : Watching this video made me forget about all my troubles for a moment

X-MISMA-X : At first I thought the title was: Caught this guy playing with himself Cute, this is a smart little one.

LikedMyOwnComment : The dog was legit playing with itself, didn't expect this.

Rico Risken : I completely misread the title of this video :/

Neebin Makwah : WOW...brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye....just love dogs...this one is so happy.

dadsafrantic : better than watching any humans for sure.

Aldijana Krasnić : When my mum caught me playing by myself it wasnt all that fun.

이종성 : So lovely!

Dimension : I would have throne all the balls I could find down that stream just to see how the dog would react.

Marian B. : Do you see now, that animals have intelligence? Thank you for sharing this beautiful playfulness of a dog that has an owner. He's so happy, wagging his tail!

Veeresh Singh : fluid mechanics lab lecture 102 chapter : surface tension and viscosity of water

90loneeagle : His name is Torvald


jesbsnrn : i need a clone of this guy. i need peace and quiet on my day off sometimes.

Andrew McClarken : Play with him or so help me

Anderson Aldo : I hate when I get caught playing with myself

syntaxed2 : Ahh, Japan...the beautiful country of dolphin and whale murderers.

Desi Love PSandhu : It's a Japanese dog, so of course it's much smarter than the typical stupid american dog.

Sava : The end really had me on the edge of my seat! I was like "Is this adorable gonna jump in the water, or is gonna give up his precious ball? WELL, find out next week,on the next episode of DRAGON BALL Z!"

rawwad : Playing? pfff, ... the dog is studying hydro-dynamic aspects of liquid affecting the movement of spherical object based on various trajectories counting with stones as collision barriers. This research can be used later in naval engineering 

BlueRice : its cute when a dog dose it. but when i play like that myself people think im crazy

James King : I love this video, I watch it every time I feel a bit sad.

jer quake : "Some say he's still busy with it"

50_Shades_Of_Me : He's (or She's) sooo sweet ❤❤❤❤😀


Omarus Peralthophus : Que perrito loco 😂

NIKHIL KUMAR : When you have no reason to be happy just creat it 😊

Chris : Free from contamination, pure one

Rene Otten : Imagine how beautiful the world would be if all humans were like this <3

ashwadhwani : He aint playing, he's researching fluid dynamics

Sava : And to think that I always complain I have no friends meanwhile this fella is l having a BALL by the dam all by himself!

Pat L : What kind of dog is that?? I've always wanted a dog. I was thinking German Shepherd, a husky or one of those cute dogs like in this video

HardAnall Jr. : Came here to watch a guy play with himself, left disappointed

JCplaythis : My favorite youtube video of the day!

yuan yuan friend : Hey don't look at me, you did not see a dog playing by it self huh!!

Ismayil vk : very..nice.. &..cute.. lam wathc this..v...3 time..