Whitest Kids U' Know - 50 Cal Bar (HQ)

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Luke William : Isn't that actually a Maxim machine gun from like World War 1? That shoots a .30 round I believe.

AirplaneRandy : that was a relief.

Pizza-Man : Who's calling my NAAAAME!!!

Ad Delirium : Comedy... to tragedy... to comedy. Classic.

LootFragg : Hey, that's an AK machinegun, not a .50cal like the Desert Eagle. It shoots 9mm FMJ hollowpoint rounds and has 200 ammo per clip. It uses a laser sight like the snipers have it. He can't fire that in there because the recoil would blow up the entire bar except if he uses a silencer but that reduces damage, gnillort fo tra eht.

Nick : Not remotely a .50 cal.

Blancharizard : Did I just get double plot twisted?

Brandon Johnson : I've had apple butter and it taste amazing.

RussianVids : Its actually a 30 cal

Joey Bonzo : hahaha people get mad about calling it a clip hahahaha

Tanner Abel : Plot twist.

azngangsta37 : tragically hilarious lululul

The Talking Penguin : Was that an indirect spoiler for The Sixth Sense?

The Raddest Chad : That's a 1917 Browning machine gun.  It's a .30 cal.  I'm assuming that no one else at all has pointed this out.  Hell, I didn't even bother to check the commen-...oh....okay.

The Modern Hermeticist : incel murderers

E.O.N. : EVERY time something goes wrong in Fallout 4. just shoot whatever caused it. in fact it could probably work in real life too, just not as long.

Mr. Meeseeks : This video was posted so that people could show off their gun knowledge desperate for validity over the internet to help boost their deflated egos.

Git Man : That's a 30 cal

Stu H : The best yet

MsGreenGables1 : anyone notice that is the same gun as the sound effect played at the start of every episode...hmm..

Sasa : Thank god. I thought that was just an art piece.

nathan palumbo : one of my personal favorite wkuk sketches

TacoTuesdayProduct : This skit is so underrated

C. J. : Twisted the shit outta that plot

Worm Driver : I hate when this happens.

Bulby : Lol that's not a .50 cal or a BAR

Joe Vanerp : But....it's a .30 cal

BeepBoppingCherries : Thats Link isnt it....

F3ynman1um : Good twist at the end

Pizza Rat : Daaaamn, he did her like a school.

Mr_Camouflage : That’s not a .50cal that’s a .30 cal

Tommy Donahue : That’s quite the modern day gun

Justin McVicker : It doesn't matter if it's a 50 Cal or not. Shits still funny. No need to look deep into comedy people

T Mac : In the second half of the sketch, towards the right, you can see Sam's anchor tattoo.

James : Little dark, a little real. But still funny

elektro3000 : Who plays the blonde?

fishtankfreak : Who's callin' my name?! - 2:07

ChaoYun : What movie is that Timmy was talking about at the beginning?

Katelyn Pringle : Wow. A lot of gun nuts watch WKUK.

JakeandElwoodBlues : I make apple butter myself and it is kind of like an art.

Marcella Rastaban : Well, it's actually a 30-06. A .50 cal is WAY bigger.

NC Libertarians : Ron Paul has spoken. And correctly, as usual.

Waffen Sturmfuhrer : not a .50 cal

SamIAm : shit

Edgeflys : So brave

MisterPinhead : guns shoot bullets bullets come out of holes theres no hole in this gun :3

HairyHorux : This reminds me of my apple butter farm...

Nick Panoutsos : Favorite WKUK skit!

Rock FX : gallon of pcp anyone?

theNasirCorporation : I'm a total gun expert, like, for instance, that gun shoots bullets.